Kiran Box and Gabriel Lowrie – a danger to children

So Gabriel’s ‘proof’ that my children had been sexually abused was for the following reasons:

Their behaviour was normal and suddenly changed in 2011, using their sibling’s testimony as evidence.

That one of my children had vaginal discharge listed in their notes

That they wet themselves when younger, and sometimes even then:

Then there was that the children had each had multiple urine infections. 2 of my children had had 1 urine infection each. Gabriel Lowrie told me that the type of infection one of my children had could only be gotten from sexual intercourse. My child was 10 when they got their one and only urine infection and were away on a school residential trip at the time.

Gabriel Lowrie was also lying through his teeth, I believe he was trying to impress Billie Faulkner by showing her how clever he is. The infection my child had is the most common type of bacteria and is mostly caused by a child wiping back to front instead of front to back, child has dyspraxia so it’s even more common among those with dyspraxia.

So that was the sexual abuse side.

There was also the fabricated illnesses, that i’d been telling them they had something physical wrong with them when they don’t. Gabriel didn’t want to look at 10 years of neurologist notes, too busy sticking it in Billie I imagine, so because he couldn’t be bothered, and didn’t look, the notes didn’t exist.

So then we get to Kiran Box.

I had evidence with me for all of the above, and she refused to look at it.

Three days before the child protection meeting, her son had left for university and Kiran Box was sad about that. It’s publicly available information, published by Kiran Box for the public to see, hence why i’m including it here because I think it’s relevant.

My feelings, given my dealings with Kiran Box is that because she was sad, and also because she had lost control of her son by him moving away, was that she set out that morning to make someone else suffer like she was.

I truly believe she was doing her best to get my children taken away from me. I have no doubt she has been successful with other children after refusing to look at evidence that can exonerate the parents. She does not care who she hurts, she is more than happy to cause significant harm to children if it means she get’s to be all in control and make parents suffer.

I will now post some excerpts of the paperwork I brought with me to the ICPC that Kiran Box refused to look at in favour of trying to get my children taken away. She really is that bad and her actions then, and at the RCPC when I wrote out all of the information, begged her to help my children, and told her I could supply her with the paperwork that i’d brought to the ICPC. It wouldn’t actually surprise me if she had read that document, laughed, and decided that throwing it away in front of me would make her feel good, and that if she acted on what was in it would have made her look bad for not looking at the proof in the first place.

Also that wouldn’t have given her the satisfaction of trying to take my children away and causing them extensive significant harm. Her son is so lucky to be away from her, so so lucky. Kiran Box should not be anywhere near any child, let alone in the very senior position she is in.

Kiran Box has had a chance to answer to all of this.

Kiran’s response was that she didn’t need to see any of my paperwork or read anything i’d written as she knew all of the medical evidence already. That isn’t true, Kiran Box is such a terrible person that she was just saving her own behind, because Kiran Box is the only person Kiran Box cares about. Someone who cares as little about children as she does should not be in a position where they can have any impact at all on a child’s safety and wellbeing. She admitted not looking at what I brought to the ICPC, she admitted to not looking at the document I wrote out. She just doesn’t care. So everything i’m writing about Kiran Box is not one sided, she had her chance and decided to lie through her teeth.

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That was at 4 years old. Things got a lot worse as my child got older. They did go to the enuresis clinic and received medication which helped, Gabriel Lowrie ‘accidentally’ must have missed that off his report.

That is just one letter, for one child.

Can you imagine being that child and being repeatedly tortured by different social workers into being told there is nothing wrong with them and that i’d made it all up and lied to them?

That was 4 years old, there were another 9 years of hospital visits, child isn’t stupid, of course child remembers, yet every single time child tried to speak up, a social worker, either Gabriel Lowrie or Heidi Hibbett would silence my child and keep on telling my child there is nothing wrong with them and i’d made it all up.

That would cause harm to anyone, let alone to a vulnerable child with autism. The social workers repeatedly doing that to my child, and the ban by Kiran Box on myself seeking medical help for anything to do with them physically, almost led to me child’s death, it still may do.

I am angry while writing this because at the same time they were doing this they decided that despite my child begging for individual mental health help, that they didn’t need it, and family therapy was what they needed.

The effects of this is still ongoing. Kiran Box doesn’t care, and given her position as service manager is likely still doing much the same with regards to not engaging in evidenced based practice, and not listening to either the parents or the childs voice.

Gabriel Lowrie is the same. It’s possible he is no longer with Billie Faulkner and went with the next newly qualified social worker who had the misfortune to be supervised by him, and so on and so on, until he got someone pregnant. It might be Billie, if it’s not i’d be surprised if it’s not another social worker he met while supervising them.

In that one letter i’ve posted it proves that what was found to be true in the ICPC was a load of utter rubbish, it proves there was proof that existed and that I had with me that would have exonerated us and that my children could have been helped instead of being tortured by children’s services.

That is one letter. I have so many more, some of which I will post here.

This is Essex County Council’s problem with this blog, it’s true, i’m telling the truth, I was telling the truth in the ICPC, and before, but nobody was listening. I made a complaint and got 6 different false excuses as to why it couldn’t be investigated.

The public and press will have a field day with a post like this. A service manager, who is only two positions below Helen Lincoln, the Executive Director of children’s services, refusing to look at rock solid evidence because it goes against what a social worker has said.

People don’t need to see proof of the significant long lasting harm this caused my children, or be surprised it almost killed one of my children and still might, just this post alone is enough for people to know that a child would obviously be harmed.

I’ve done everything I can, even contacting councillors, I even contacted Louise Mckinlay, the deputy leader of Essex County Council.

Absolutely nobody connected with Essex County Council, be that officers, members, or even the monitoring officer, cares about this.

What use is having proof like i’ve shown above if there is nobody who is willing to look at it?

When people like Kiran Box refuse to look at evidence and she’s a service manager, it’s no wonder that everyone else takes their lead from her.