Gabriel Lowrie – Yeast Infection

One of the things that Gabriel Lowrie used as ‘evidence’ of sexual abuse was that he read the children’s GP record and noticed that one of the children had discharge at a 3 years old.

Which is true, they did, at 3 years old.

There were 3 GP appointments in the space of about 3 weeks, all emergency appointments.

The first one was for a very sore throat where the child was spitting their saliva out rather than swallowing it as their throat was too sore. The GP examined the child’s throat and diagnosed it as strep throat and prescribed antibiotics. The first time child had ever had antibiotics.

Two weeks later and I took the child back for a white discharge in their underwear.

GP examined child, GP prescribed Clotrimazole cream and more antibiotics as childs throat still had infection.

Clotrimazole cream is more commonly known under it’s trade name of Canesten Cream.

Gabriel Lowrie

You would be hard pushed to find a woman, or a man who has ever been in a relationship with a woman, who doesn’t know what Canesten is, and what it is for.

It is used for a vaginal yeast infection, more commonly known in the UK as thrush.

One of the most common causes of thrush is antibiotics, as most women know, in fact the GP if asked will give a prescription for Canesten out at the same time as a prescription for antibiotics if a woman asks for one.

My child had antibiotic induced thrush which was absolutely clear from their GP notes.

The third appointment was because thrush is insanely itchy and it takes everything you have not to itch it, if you itch it you get incredibly sore. A lot easier not to itch it if you are a grown woman who understands you will be in a world of pain if you itch it, not so much a three year old child who only does what feels good to do, and itching it makes it feel better while you are itching it, not so much after.

The third GP appointment was because child excessively itched themselves, very very common in young girls with thrush, so the GP provided a mixture of anti-thrush cream and something to heal the area.

During this time, as wiping hurt, child was using wet wipes to sooth the area.

Given that child was only three years old and couldn’t read, child grabbed an anti-bacterial wipe and used that as well, and consequently screamed the place down for obvious reasons.

Not only did Gabriel Lowrie used the fact that my child had an antibiotic induced case of thrush as evidence of child abuse, he used the fact that my three year old child had used an antibacterial wipe mistakenly, when they couldn’t read, instead of a wet wipe to wipe themselves as evidence of sexual abuse.

He is a misogynist as his facebook posts which I will post here soon show, but even with his level of misogyny it’s rather impressive.

Of course his word, both in writing on the Section 47 report was gospel, and in person wherever he spoke it, was taken as gospel.

I tried to tell the truth in the ICPC and Kiran Box didn’t want to hear the truth.

I wrote it down and a copy was given to Kiran Box before the RCPC with enough chance for her to read it, she tossed it aside with a smug look on her face with glee while telling me she didn’t read it.

All I can say to the residents of Essex is to be careful if your children get a case of antibiotic induced thrush, it is probably better you don’t have it recorded anywhere and to go to the pharmacy and treat it yourself as Essex County Council Children’s Services will use antibiotic induced thrush as evidence of sexual abuse.

When I told our GP she was stunned and asked me to repeat what i’d said, then she looked it up in the notes, then was even more stunned. This was only possible after it was over as I was instructed not to seek out medical treatment for my children, which meant no GP appointments for them, which meant no telling the GP things like this.

Any inference between the irritation and annoyance of thrush and Gabriel Lowrie is purely coincidental.