Simon Harris calls out Essex County Labour Group

I was perusing a certain social media app and found this:

If Simon’s so called ‘career’ wasn’t already over, this Facebook post would make him unemployable by anyone with regards to social media. for so many reasons.

Here is the post he is ranting about, this is his screenshot of the post from a private Facebook group.

While the actual post is public, that Essex Labour group posted it in the private group with a view to Facebook admins sharing it.

I have expressed my anger at Essex County Council for allowing all of this to happen many times, I have stated that Simon Harris was not a suitable person to be employed by ECC to run the Facebook Groups. I have stated that I have severe misgivings that Facebook admins were running Facebook groups that hold a lot of personal information about Essex residents under the guise that they were owned by Essex County Council so information would be protected.

Here we have Simon Harris publicly sharing screenshots from a private group. Thus proving that he was never a suitable person to run those Facebook groups, and he is more than happy to share private information when he feels it is in his best interests to do so.

Every single time someone has stated that Simon Harris was not a suitable person to run the Facebook groups has now been proven right by Simon Harris sharing that image from a private Facebook group.

This is the group in question:

Simon is an admin of the group, and the screenshot of the private group he shared showed he screenshotted the post by the Essex Labour Group only 10 minutes after it was posted. So he saw the post and instantly screenshotted it thinking of all those precious internet points he could score on social media to make himself look better. That failed miserably.

Simon Harris has just done the very thing that many people were concerned about happening when they found out about the Facebook groups, and that Essex County Council did not own them so had no overall control over them.

Essex Labour group posted something regarding buses and the environment on a private Facebook group set up for that purpose, I am guessing that the idea is then that Facebook admins can choose to share the post publicly if they so wish.

Though what is clear is that people should now steer clear of doing so, or posting in any of the groups under the Essex is United banner because if Simon Harris has a bone to pick with you he will take a post you made in a private group and mock you for it publicly.

Simon Harris rambles in his facebook post about how they are still angry about his working arrangement with ECC over the pandemic, and uses a post the Essex Labour group made on the 1st July as evidence. Simon lays into the Essex Labour group about utilising a Facebook group that was created under that arrangement he had with Essex County Council.

I am guilty of using ten words when 1 will do, but Simon Harris has me beat, this is the post made by The Essex Labour Group on the 1st July:

I don’t think Simon understands that the real problem people are having is the sheer amount of money that was paid to him. I haven’t read anything that is against Simon for being paid the £150k or whatever to give to other people, the backlash about that is solely at ECC and employees of ECC at that time. Simon describes it as an error of judgement on his part. I disagree, he would have known that the vast amount of money he was getting paid was way above what the work was worth, especially when he would have known how much the other admins, who were doing exactly the same as him, or in some cases more, were getting paid. He did whatever employees at ECC told him to do because he wanted to keep on getting that extortionate amount of money.

He screwed over the other admins, they had no idea he was being paid over £100k a year when they were not. The research done into the Essex is United thing is also suspect as it was ECC who chose the parameters of the research and were in charge of handing over all of the figures. ECA was not a success because of the admins, it was a success because Facebook ads meant it reached a wide audience, the ads were all it took. I’m a member of the group, the page, and some of the other groups I think, yet I never receive any posts in my newsfeed. Most of Essex would have during the pandemic because of the ads.

Nothing that has ever been posted anywhere within the Essex is United family of groups/pages is safe. If Simon feels it may benefit him in anyway he will take things off a private page he is an admin of and publish it publicly, he’s already proven that.

He made £350k from being an admin of Facebook groups and he cannot even do the basics when it comes to confidentiality. He has a right to not agree with the actions of the Essex Labour Group by sharing their post on that group, but especially as an admin of said private group he has a responsibility to deal with that within the confines of that group, or privately with the Essex Labour group.

I have a disability, I cannot use the bus, I have a motability car. That said, the amount of posts I see from people who are having problems because bus routes keep getting cut. Important bus routes in Harlow have been cut, cutting those who use them from reaching the centre of Harlow because getting a taxi is too expensive. Buses do work out better for the environment.

I myself recently took a solo journey of a couple of hundred miles each way. I had a choice of car or train. The car has 5 times the carbon footprint than the train, but the train would cost 4 times as much as my petrol did. Likewise, it’s cheaper to travel by car than it is by bus for most journeys, despite the carbon footprint of the car being greater. Cheaper bus travel and more routes is greener.

So Essex Labour group decided to post that in an Essex is Green group. All of this after the Essex is United family of groups clearly stated they still wish any groups to contact them with posts.

Simon really hasn’t got a clue, he has zero professionalism. The impression was given that Essex is United would continue to serve the people of Essex, except for anyone who Simon has a problem with, then he will happily publicly mock them.

You did this to yourself Simon, you were greedy, you knew you were getting paid much much more than the others because you were paying the others on behalf of ECC, that does not make you special. It’s not so much the project that everyone has a problem with, it’s how much public money was spent on it, especially the £350k that was handed to you.

I imagine that everyone who knows about this situation has a problem with how much you were paid, including everyone else who shares posts in that group. Essex County Council have had posts shared by Essex is Green yet you have not made a post on your personal Facebook profile asking why they are utilising one of the Essex is United pages when they have been so vocal about how much you were paid. The Tories of Essex County Council have been just as vocal as Labour about how much you were paid.

He’s happy enough to support the Tories posts who have publicly stated they aren’t happy regarding what he was paid, it’s clearly just Labour he has a problem with.

If Simon does not want Essex Labour to post in the group why did he not remove them from the group? He owns the groups, why not make it clear Labour aren’t welcome?