Gavin Jones – CEO Essex County Council and Slough Borough Council

Here is a timeline of how Gavin Jones used his position of power to bully me and reduce me to an absolute wreck. I was having flashbacks, nightmares, couldn’t sleep, and was just a mess. I had thoughts of suicide.

I am just writing the facts, the conclusions that people come to based on those facts are their conclusions.

On the 4th May 2022 I posted the following on Twitter:

Gavin Jones CEO Essex County Council

It is regarding a social worker forcing me to disclose sexual abuse in intimate detail over the phone with a child present, it was as horrific and damaging as it sounds. ECC have refused to investigate which means they condone what she happen.

I tagged Gavin Jones in the Tweet as you can see.

This is what happened:

Gavin Jones CEO Essex County Council

That was incredibly damaging and I spiralled into mental illness because of it. Things were pretty grim. Gavin Jones then blocked me on Twitter and then disabled his Twitter account on the 5th May, he only recently reactivated it on the 4th September 2022.

What happened next was myself spiralling into mental illness. I still don’t know why Gavin Jones liked my Tweet, I believe he thought it was by one of his employees and either on a private account or in a private group.

By liking my tweet he mocked me and everything I went through. I had also asked him for help when ECC were refusing to investigate, he ignored me. The only conclusion that I can draw from his actions is that he gets off on watching vulnerable women suffer instead of using his power to intervene and help, he uses it to bully and likes to stand back and watch as women spiral into the depths of mental illness.

I needed an explanation for mental health reasons, went as far as to put a telephone number out there. Nothing, he was enjoying watching me suffer too much. I’ve made multiple posts which clearly show how ill he made me, he will have either read them himself, or someone will have made him aware of the content.

He did nothing, he enjoyed watching me suffer.

That is what Gavin Jones does with the power that his role as CEO of Essex County Council affords him.

He harms instead of helps and sits back and revels in the damage and trauma he causes without an ounce of compassion or empathy.

I can only speak for myself, but in my opinion there are so many red flags that I would never let my children anywhere near him, and I wouldn’t feel safe myself being near him.

My mental health is okay now but the story of who Gavin Jones really is needs to be told, read, and shared.

I will now link to the posts I made as I was going through all of this.

I was in a bad way and would rather delete them as they make me cringe. In part I guess that is because of how Essex County Council treat victims of sexual abuse, we are treated as if we are something disgusting, and that has affected me a great deal.

I have made a new category for all of the blog posts i’ve made regarding Gavin Jones and childhood sexual abuse since he liked my tweet.

There are rather a few and when you click on the link they go from the newest to the oldest, so it may be better to read them from the oldest first.

That said, there is a lot to read and some are distressing and may be triggering for some. I had to go to each post and add the new category and I couldn’t read them because i’m too ashamed. I’d like to delete them but they are a great example of what type of person Gavin Jones is as you can see my mental health getting worse and worse as a result of what he did.

I am absolutely certain that reading my posts gave Gavin Jones a warm smug feeling that can only be gotten by someone with no morals who enjoys wielding their power over vulnerable people.

The link to the category is here:

These are all the posts that involve Gavin Jones and him watching me have a mental health breakdown when he had the power to intervene, contact me, and give me an explanation. He had a choice, he chose to watch me suffer instead.

I’m only publishing the facts, how others interpret his actions and inactions is up to them, he has definitely read the posts i’ve written or at the very least has been told about the content of them. He’s made his choices accordingly.

I have been incredibly lucky in my life, my Dad absolutely worshipped the ground I walked on, if he’d known what happened to me then he would have killed both of them. I know some men say that, my Dad would actually have done it, I have no doubt in my mind.

I went to a party with my parents when I was about 10, it was in someones home, so the adults were drinking a lot, there was music and just party stuff going on. There was this grown man who insisted on dancing with me, I guess how you would dance with a 10 year old girl. I can remember I just didn’t feel right, and then he was trying to kiss me and I felt not good.

But luckily he then left. I went to my Mum and asked where my Dad was, and he’d popped out for a little while.

I just remember feeling incredibly uncomfortable when that man was near me, every single warning sign in my body was going off. He left, I never saw him again.

What actually happened was that the man in question had already been in trouble for something involving children and a swimming pool. Someone at the party recognised him, and my Dad and his friends decided to have a nice friendly chat with the man regarding being near me.

They must have all been so disappointed because apparently they didn’t finish their chat because the man in question had an accident, fell over a kerb or something, and ended up in hospital for a number of weeks.

I didn’t find this out until I was an adult and my Dad had passed. My Mum was shocked that i’d remembered the man, I guess they all saw he was inappropriate, was then told of his past, and spoke to him outside politely, but it had never occurred to them that I had felt he was inappropriate.

That was the type of man who brought me up, he protected and loved me. His friends were the same. I was told repeatedly, years before I could even get a license, that I should never ever get a motorbike, they had lost a friend to a motorbike accident. I was also told repeatedly that if I couldn’t see a lorries mirrors that they can’t see me, again, years before I was old enough to drive.

Those are the men who were in a position of power over me while I was growing up.

Then you have men like Gavin Jones, he is devoid of compassion, he has absolutely no conscience. He caused me significant emotional pain and he was able to read the details as it was happening. He was also in a position where he could have helped me at any time, at any time he could have contacted me, given me an explanation, and stopped me spiralling into how I ended up. I did think about suicide because of what he did.

I cant think of any man that I have met, either in a personal or professional capacity who is anything like I experienced with Gavin Jones.

We are talking about a victim of childhood sexual abuse, yet Gavin Jones just had absolutely no compassion regarding what I went through then, and what I then went through at the hands of one of his employees. He already knew about that because I asked him for help to have it investigated, he ignored me then.

No compassion whatsoever, I have never in my life experienced anything quite like it, to have someone so cold and callous that they would happily watch that person spiral downwards into mental illness to the point where they were considering suicide.

Not to mention his actions caused the downwards spiral.

How could he like my tweet? How could he like the fact that not only was I sexually abused as a child, but then I was further traumatised by one of his employees and then himself when he refused to help me get it investigated.

How could he then spend the next 4 months watching me suffer as I described my suffering in graphic detail?

That can only be described as sick and twisted.

Gavin Jones has absolutely no conscience, he has no compassion, and he’s sick and twisted.

His immediate family are all females, his wife, two daughters, and a grandaughter.

We know how he treats women, many many people have seen how he treated me, and he was happy treating me like that with an audience watching.

His family are having to deal with someone who has no compassion, no conscience and who is sick and twisted.

Gavin Jones has no remorse, absolutely none, his actions made me have a mental breakdown, I begged him to contact me to give me an explanation, I even put down my phone number. I was so ill and he could have made things so much better for me. Instead he watched and revelled in what he’d done to me.

I’m not a psychiatrist, but google tells me that no conscience and lack of remorse are telling signs of a sociopath, which would actually fit in with what I experienced from him.

I want to tell the world what he did, to warn absolutely everyone, especially women, what he is capable of.

To warn people that he sat back and watched me have a breakdown knowing full well that contacting me would have helped me but wasn’t as much fun as seeing me suffer.

I imagine he’s upset that I didn’t kill myself and upset that I have managed to get myself well.

My sympathy is entirely with his family, i’ve suffered at his hands in public, it gives me chills to think what he is capable of behind closed doors while maintaining this false image of an amazing caring leader.