Kiran Box *not her real name.

I have spoken at length on here about Kiran Box, i’ll put links at the end of this post.

She has been the Assessment and Intervention Service Manager in Harlow since September 2021, as per her Linkedin page:

She was definitely still in that role on January 19th 2022 as the following link proves:

Basically they are struggling to find social workers, so have been doing those blog posts, and open recruitment days, to get more social workers to work in Harlow. A couple of screenshots:

Kiran says that Harlow has decent affordable housing, Kiran does not live in Harlow but somewhere more expensive, in a detached house worth about £700,00o, so she has no idea.

Unfortunately for me she lives in a town I did used to visit, I’d like to say if I went there and saw her then i’d just walk right past with my head held high, in reality, given what she did to me, I feel there is too much of a chance that i’d just burst into tears or have a panic attack, either way it would negatively affect my mental health so I just don’t go to her town anymore to protect myself from her. She does also scare me.

Social Workers almost never live in the town where they work, so whether Harlow has decent affordable housing or not is neither here nor there, spoiler alert, it doesn’t.

On a Social Workers salary you would struggle as a single person, would just about manage renting as a couple if the other partner was a good earner.

Another screenshot:

All social workers have to be registered with Social Work England and there is a publicly searchable database for the public to check if a social worker is registered or not. It displays the social workers name, social worker number, and date they began being a social worker. It also displays the town of current employment.

Every year social workers have to renew their registration and this involves them confirming all of the information held by SWE is correct and changing anything that is out of date.

The registration renewing period lasts from September 1st to November 30th every year, so every single social worker in England has to confirm their information is correct and according to the rules set by SWE by November 30th each year. This includes their town of employment.

If the social worker is not currently employed, the town of employment is left blank by the social worker.

There are certain rules set down by Social Work England as to what the social worker has to put down, this is to safeguard the public, so we can check on any social worker to make sure they are registered. This is also to enable the public to raise a concern regarding a social workers fitness to practise, we have the social workers name, and we look them up. I will go into about those rules further down this post.

If someone was to do that with Kiran Box, they would not be able to find her. Kiran Box is the name she uses to practise as a social worker, it’s the name she gives to families, it’s the name on all of her social media, it’s the name she is under with everything regarding Essex Children’s Services, yet if you are looking for Kiran Box, a social worker who has been employed by Essex County Council in Harlow, Essex, continuously in the same role since September 2020, you wouldn’t be able to find her on the social work register.

Kiran Box is not her real name, or it may be, but it is vastly different to the name she has registered under on the social work register. Here is her entry on the social work register:

If you went to the Social Work England site and to the registered social worker search and searched for Kiran Box, you would not have a clue that was her. There are other people with the surname Box on there, and she isn’t even in the first ones that come up. Given that if you were searching for her you would know she is currently employed in Harlow, you would be looking for someone employed in Harlow.

As you can see her town of employment is empty, which means, well should mean, that she is currently not employed as a social worker.

The only reason I know it is her is because I didn’t know whether a child protection chair is a registered social worker or not, it wasn’t something that was mentioned, so I checked the register., couldn’t find Kiran Box, but at that point Kirnvir Kaur Box had their place of employment set to Harlow, so I then googled and confirmed that Kirnvir Kaur Box is actually Kiran Box. I have no idea which name, if either, is her legal name.

Her legal name may be Kiran Box, or it may be Kirnvir Box, I believe Kaur was her maiden name, but it’s possible she never legally changed her name after marriage.

So in the period from November 2020 to November 2021, Kiran Box was registered as a social worker under the name Kirnvir Kaur Box with her place of employment set to Harlow.

In November 2021 she deleted her place of employment on the register despite her place of employment still being Harlow, making herself virtually unfindable on the social workers register.

If a member of the public wanted to check she is registered, they can’t, if a member of the public want to raise a fitness to practise concern against her, they can’t as they won’t be able to find her.

This isn’t an oversight, Social Work England have strict rules on what social workers have to put on the register, Kiran Box has just broken them all so nobody can find her.

It may be because i’ve posted enough evidence on her for a fitness to practise concern to be raised against her at SWE, I considered doing so, but for many reasons that is a no, dealing with my complaints publicly is the way to go.

Given her attitude to service users, my guess is that there may be others she is worried may raise a concern against her and her way of getting out of that is to be undetectable on the register.

Not to mention her boss and the most senior social worker in West Essex is joining in as well.

What is the point? They are just all too crooked.

Here are the relevant rules for social workers renewing their registration:

States very clearly that the name you use professionally, so the one that everyone who comes into contact with you in your role as a registered social knows you as, must be the one entered into the register.

So if Kirnvir Kaur Box is her official name and she wants her professional name to be Kiran Box, then she has to be listed in the register as Kiran Box as that is her professional name. Given that the names won’t match she would have to give documents to SWE to prove this.

There is no room for doubt at all, she should be registered as Kiran Box as that is the name she uses professionally. There is no excuse for her not knowing the rules required for registration, they will be right there telling her what she has to do when she renewed back in November. She purposefully chose to break the rules by registering with a different name to her professional name so she cannot be found on the register.

There is a section for if you want to use a pseudonym, which using the name Kiran Box would come under as it’s not her official name and therefore a pseudonym.

So the same thing, she is using a pseudonym and that pseudonym has to be listed on the searchable register so she can be found. Her official name could be kept secret if she wished and gave the relevant information to her employer and SWE, but people have to be able to find her on the register, which they cannot do at present.

Now onto the place of employment:

In November 2021 when she removed her place of employment, going from it stating she was currently employed in Harlow to being removed totally to give the impression she is not currently employed, she would have read that before choosing to delete her place of employment, she really doesn’t want to be found on the register.

She also will have read that and quite clearly felt that if she removed her place of employment, that means nobody can raise a concern about her or find her.

I’m not shocked by her being this level of devious, the links below show why.

If I hadn’t searched for her before November 2021, I never would have found her and just assumed that child protection chair’s and service managers didn’t have to be registered social workers.

This is the level of social workers that Essex County Council employs, she’s a service manager and has to be trusted implicitly, yet there she is not only making sure she can’t be found on the social workers register, but she actually went as far as to delete her place of employment to make certain nobody would think that Kirnvir Kaur Box is Kiran Box. That isn’t an oversight, that is a deliberate act committed while knowingly going against the rules of her registration.

She would have hit the “I can confirm everything i’ve entered is true” button with absolutely no qualms as she has absolutely no integrity.