Billie Faulkner

Billie ‘interviewed’ one of my children.

Billie was at this point not a registered social worker. Gabriel Lowrie was her supervisor. Gabriel Lowrie was not in the room with her when she did this, but as her supervisor and with her not being a registered social worker at that time he should have fact checked her work.

Too busy with other ‘things’ I guess.

Apparently my child stated to Billie that child’s three siblings were absolutely perfectly normal until 2011 and then they suddenly changed overnight to display the behaviours they display today.

The three siblings in question all have autism and funnily enough, they act like they have autism.

Usual autistic behaviours, see any list of autistic behaviours available on the internet for details.

So apparently my child stated that in 2011 their behaviour suddenly changed, that my child remembered the three of them being perfectly normal, and then suddenly, like almost overnight, there was a sudden devastating change in their behaviour.

This was relied on heavily by social care, to show that the three siblings were normal, and then suddenly changed, so it must have been the parents fault.

Just a small problem, in 2011 my child would have been between the ages of 2 and a half and 3 and a half.

So a child that age not only experienced their siblings being normal and can remember that, but can also remember a sudden change in their behaviour.

It’s actually developmentally impossible for a child that young to remember something like that.

I tried to bring that up in the ICPC, Kiran Box told me to shut up.

That is bad enough.

What is worse however is that Billie Faulkner put that idea into my child’s head, so my child believed it. I don’t know exactly how she did it, but she did it.

This led to my child having significant mental health problems, as soon as it was confirmed that siblings all have autism, child couldn’t even trust his own memories, which had been falsely implanted by Billie Faulkner, i’m guessing with the help of Gabriel Lowrie.

Child fell apart, really fell apart, hasn’t been to school in 18 months, Essex County Council are about as much use as a chocolate teapot when it comes to education, he needs specialist SEND help which they are refusing to provide.

It has messed my child up considerably.

So a warning to other parents, Essex Children’s Services will implant false memories into a child, without caring about the long term damage that will do to a child, just to get what they want.

When Billie Faulkner and Gabriel Lowrie were not getting the answers they wanted, they implanted false memories in the head of a then just turned 10 year old child.

That is pretty sick by anyone’s standards.

If Billie is the mother of Gabriel Lowrie’s son, that will be fun for the kid if they ever split up, or whoever is the mother of Gabriel Lowrie’s child. In the breakup phase and after, Gabriel Lowrie will just implant false memories into his son’s head to get whatever he wants, the same with Billie Faulkner.

This is what Helen Lincoln and Essex Children’s Services is all about, they don’t care how many children they have to hurt to get the information they want to suit their narrative, even if it means a child has to suffer the devastating consequences of that.

As for doing anything to help that child?

Absolutely nothing, nothing at all. It’s obvious from the dates that my child did not come up with that and that it was put into my child’s head by Billie Faulkner, likely acting on instructions from Gabriel Lowrie.

They are absolutely happy to brush it all under the carpet, pretend it didn’t happen, and leave a very vulnerable child dealing with the consequences of their actions.

Helen Lincoln’s SEND education department has already refused my child the help they need to get back into school. My child has not had any form of education for the past 18 months, it is at this point looking increasingly likely that my child will not get a secondary education. Essex County Council don’t care, they did the damage, then just walk away and shrug their shoulders.

You cannot trust anything a child says with regards to Essex Children’s Services as social workers will implant false memories into their heads, they will get them to say whatever they want, Helen Lincoln doesn’t care if it’s not true, nobody cares about the devastating impact something like that has on a child, how it can literally ruin that childs childhood and education.

They brainwash adults to get what they want, and do the same with children.

It’s not about helping, it’s about being right, where evidence doesn’t exist because it didn’t happen, they will just make it up and force children to go through what amounts to mental torture because at no point must Helen Lincoln’s precious Children’s Services ever be proven wrong.