Kiran Box and Gabriel Lowrie, Consultant Paediatric Urologists.

These two are the dream team, their talents are never ending, I would not be shocked if at weekends they spend their time performing ground breaking heart surgery on paediatric patients, they both know more that paediatric specialists. Essex County Council need to pay them more, they have already noticed Kiran Box’s talents by giving her a promotion, i’m guessing they have done the same with Gabriel Lowrie.

Two of my children have urology problems, the two that have an upper motor neuron disorder, very common, upper motor neuron disorders commonly affect the bladder.

Not according to Dr Gabriel Lowrie, Consultant Paediatrician employed by Essex County Council. The children have urology problems because they were sexually abused.

Clinic letters from urologists at GOSH, clinic letters from the neurologist at GOSH, clinic letters from enuresis specialists and details of medication given mean nothing when Dr Gabriel Lowrie is involved. They become meaningless, those doctors know nothing.

To the point that in October 2018, so a month after the ICPC, one of my children had an appointment with the urologist at GOSH, they had one every year, always consists of scans etc. Gabriel had ensured we had no money, more on that in another post. I was telling him how I could not afford to take my child to the urologist at GOSH. They do refund your money but you have to pay it out first and I could not do that.

I told Gabriel Lowrie this, his response “It doesn’t matter, child doesn’t need to go anyway”.

Dr Kiran Box, who is also a bit of a psychic doctor, refused to let me show her, or anyone the clinic letters from the urologist which was in the bundle of medical proof I brought with me to the ICPC. Obviously, Kiran Box knows more than a paediatric neurologist, paediatric urologist, enuresis specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dating from when the children in question were 3.

So i’m sitting in the ICPC where Gabriel Lowrie is spouting all of the rubbish he has made up, with the paperwork that would exonerate us literally in my hand, and Kiran Box refuses to even let me get it out.

This post may have been written in an amusing way, but it does deal with an incredibly serious subject. A parent goes to an ICPC with medical paperwork which can prove that the hypothesis being put forward by a social worker is absolutely wrong with 100% certainty, and is not allowed to show it by the so called ‘Independent’ Child protection coordinator. Gabriel Lowrie had already refused to look at the paperwork, or contact GOSH, or do anything other than play footsie with Billie Faulkner in a child protection conference.

I had rock solid evidence that social cares ‘hypothesis’ was wrong in my hand, it was in a carrier bag in my hand, I reached into that bag to get out the evidence that would have proven everything they were saying was wrong. Kiran Box not only wouldn’t allow it, she was incredibly rude about it.

She is a disgusting human being, I stated I had medical evidence that disproved what they were saying, she cared so little about my children and their safety and wellbeing that she would not let me show it. She is a danger to children. She got a promotion though, so that’s all good I suppose, more power, more children to be a danger to by not even contemplating anything other than one scenario.

Humour aside though and being serious, I wouldn’t use Dr Kiran Box and Dr Gabriel Lowrie’s paediatric heart surgery services, they are both so incompetent they probably think the heart is in the left earlobe.

This is the problem faced by many families in Essex when it comes to child protection. If they don’t look it at, or if they don’t contact specialists, then they can maintain the information doesn’t exist.

It’s also why I can write posts like this and publish them publicly. If they took me to court then ECC’s narrative would be that Gabriel Lowrie was right to not contact the neurologist and urologist or look at any of the paperwork I tried to give him, there narrative would also be that Kiran Box was right not to look at a decades worth of clinic letters from a consultant paediatric neurologist and paediatric urologist, and all the others as they don’t exist, or whatever both Gabriel and Kiran’s motives were. I guess ECC would carry on with their narrative that those letters don’t exist.

All Gabriel Lowrie and Kiran Box would need to do in court is to prove that the decade worth of care from various specialists never happened and those letters don’t exist.

All i’d have to do is present the letters..

The way that Helen Lincoln et al on behalf of Gabriel Lowrie and Kiran Box have decided to deal with the matter is to lie repeatedly so as not to investigate so that both Gabriel Lowrie, Kiran Box, and any other employee who feels like doing it, can harm more children.

It’s that simple and is why they won’t investigate. I have letters that prove my children should never have been on a child protection plan because Gabriel Lowrie was too busy getting busy with Billie Faulkner to care about anything else, or he may just be naturally incompetent, and Kiran Box get’s her jollies from having power over parents and children.