Gabriel Lowrie lying to Social Work England

After you have read this post, please read the following link regarding Gabriel Lowrie’s dishonesty.

Social Work England are the regulator of social workers in England.

Lying to them is huge, I have absolute proof that Gabriel Lowrie lied to them.

In about December 2019, one of my children found Gabriel’s facebook profile by googling him using the facebook search feature.

His actual facebook name is not his real name, but at that time he had a few public posts asking for sponsership for the London Marathon that had his real name on it, so that is what came up in facebook search.

Posts are here although I will be making another post on her with the same content:

Pretty disgusting, so I reported him to ECC and also to Social Work England.

Gabriel Lowrie was born in July 1990, which currently makes him 31 years old.

The posts in question cover mostly the time between 2010 and 2011, which means Gabriel Lowrie was between 20 and 21 years old and at that point in his last year of University.

He was doing a university course at Leeds University, I believe it may have been criminology, but I can’t be sure.

He started the course in 2008, when he was 18, and finished in June 2011 when he was 21.

During his last year at university he was sharing a house with some friends of his, typical university house situation.

Here are the posts that show that Gabriel Lowrie left Leeds University in June 2011 when he was a month shy of his 21st Birthday.

He moved back to the family home in Newmarket.

When he left university is the standard time that people do. He started university at 18 and left 3 years later. The term ends in June which would have been after his exams. The house would have been rented from September to June, and all of his housemates left at roughly the same time.

He went back to the family home and got himself a job, I believe it was in insurance.

The post I want to concentrate on is this one:

At the time that was written Gabriel Lowrie was 21 years and 5 months old, he was living in the family home and working.

So at 21 years old, living in the family home, and working, Gabriel Lowrie wrote the above post.

Tranny is a transphobic slur. That Gabriel Lowrie wrote that makes him transphobic at the time he wrote it.

So I reported the facebook posts to Social Work England, who asked Gabriel for a statement regarding them. This was all put together in the case examiners decision.

When faced with either having to hold his hands up and admit things, or lie, Gabriel chose lying.

By the very nature of being a social worker, it is expected that Gabriel Lowrie is honest and trustworthy, i’m guessing that is why Social Work England missed his blatant lies.

Here is what Gabriel Lowrie said regarding the posts, these are his own words:

He just lied his way through the whole thing. Should his career have been ended solely on the basis of the facebook posts? In my opinion, no. That would be provided that he had reflected upon the transphobic, homophobic, and sexist comments he made in the past and explained why he now knows why saying those things are unacceptable.

He said he was trying to fit in, from everything publicly available regarding his family life, it would appear it was dysfunctional, alcoholism for example, it’s possible he had a terrible childhood and that is why he was, and in my opinion, still is, desperate for everyone to like him and will lie through his teeth to make himself look good.

He states his housemates would post things to humiliate him, yet he never deleted those posts, which is a sign that he’s grown up with that kind of behaviour towards him accepted as normal.

He states that he was 18/19 when the posts were made and he was in his first year of university and it was his first year away from home and he was all vulnerable.

That is a lie, he was in fact 20/21 and in his last year of university, having lived away from the family home for 3 years including taking at least 3 foreign holidays without his parents during that time. He was NOT vulnerable, he was NOT missing home, he was NOT a child. He’s just a liar.

He didn’t make a mistake, he would have known it was the last year of university that he did the house share, he would have known how old he was. He deliberately set out to lie to the regulator to avoid the repercussions of his actions.

He would have known that he was at the family home in November 2011 when the ‘Tranny’ post was made, he would have known he was 21, he would have known that he was the only one with access to his facebook account at that time. He knew he made a post with a transphobic slur.

Instead of reflecting and explaining why he posted that, and saying that he knows that kind of language is wrong, he blamed that specific post on his housemates despite knowing he had finished university and was living in the family home at the time.

Given that he sought to lie about a transphobic comment that he made, instead of reflecting and explaining it and why he would never use that word now, he stated he didn’t make it.

The only conclusion I can come to is that Gabriel Lowire is transphobic.

He lied instead of reflecting because he cannot give a genuine answer as he is transphobic, so the easy way out was to blame the comment on someone else.

Some of the sexist and sexual comments were made by him. He sees women as little more than sexual objects.

He chose to portray himself as a vulnerable little boy who was missing his parents and could barely cope being away from them, when he was an adult, more than capable of making multiple trips abroad, going to nightclubs and festivals.

He also states that he asked all of his friends to take down their posts about him.

He is either lying about that, or his friends aren’t really his friends as absolutely nothing has been taken down.

The following photo is still public:

He just lied through the whole thing.

This post contains irrefutable proof that Gabriel Lowrie extensively lied to Social Work England.

Social Workers should at all times be open and honest.

Would any member of the public reading this trust anything Gabriel Lowrie said as being the truth?

Would any member of the public reading this want Gabriel Lowrie to be their children’s social worker after seeing proof that he was more than happy to lie to Social Work England?

Here is another example of a post he definitely made:

Those were written by Gabriel when he was 20 years old. They were written in August 2010, before he moved into the house share, and during the summer holidays, so he was posting them from the family home. It was definitely him.

Notice how 20 year old adult Gabriel Lowrie made a post about children getting their GCSE results as a “Big Weasaling Opportunity”.

The children getting their results would be 16, and in some cases, only 15. Gabriel Lowrie at 20 felt that 15 and 16 year olds was where his sexual advances for that day should be made.

Given that children are too young to go to pubs or clubs, i’m wondering where he was planning to meet these children.

What is also bad is that at time Gabriel Lowrie was dating his future wife, the following is from one of the articles posted about their wedding on the internet:

So they met when Gabe was 19, yet there he is at 20 chasing after children who have just received their GCSE results.

At least he is consistent with both his cheating, and his disrespect towards women. He planned to cheat on his future wife within a year of them meeting, lusting after schoolgirls during the first year of their relationship.

Just this one incident, Gabriel lying to Social Work England, discredits himself, discredits Essex County Council, and discredits the profession.