Why Essex County Council cannot challenge me.

It’s because they refused to investigate.

At no point can they state regarding the things that I write about that they have been fully investigated, because they refused to.

Adamantly refused to.

They could have investigated, they actually still could investigate, mine was counted as a corporate complaint, so there are no rules surrounding it, they can make up their own rules, they could even investigate in 20 times, it’s up to them, their rules, they can do what they like.

They chose to refuse to investigate, i’ll go indepth as to what they said and who is responsible for that.

Even Social Work England contacted Robbie Watson-Levey, the Compliance and Complaints manager, to urge them to investigate, he refused.

I tried absolutely everything, I was desperate to get justice for my children and to stop what happened to my children happening to others.

None of that matters now, an investigation, if one took place, would not be done fairly, they protect themselves, it is what it is.

An apology at this stage would be utterly meaningless.

It’s been two years since they first refused to investigate serious concerns, it’s far too late for them to suddenly put the safety and wellbeing of my children above their own protection. My child attempting suicide didn’t cause them to think about what they could do to help my child, at that stage an investigation and an apology would have been invaluable, so nothing ever will.

I don’t want an investigation.

I’m the only one with a voice, Essex County Council do not have one, they cannot have one. They cannot say the things I am posting didn’t happen, they know they did, hence why they refused to investigate, and also because they didn’t even bother to investigate.

I have only told the truth in these posts, I type too much to lie, the posts I made in December 2020 are consistent with the ones I am making almost 18 months later. I write solely from memory.

Everything i’ve written, and that I will be writing, happened, there is also a great deal of evidence to back up what i’m saying.

I can state that Gabriel Lowrie, a social worker employed by Essex County Council, lied to Social Work England, i’ve provided proof to back that up.

It’s not defamation, it’s not a lie, it’s a fact, a fact that I feel the public needs to know about.

Social Workers are supposed to be trustworthy and honest, Gabriel Lowrie went so far as to lie to the regulator, he is not trustworthy and honest.

Yet there he is, working for Essex County Council, making decisions about children when he hasn’t got an ounce of integrity or honesty.

Any other job, maybe even another social work employer, and they would have dismissed him for gross misconduct for lying so blatantly to the regulator, thus bringing himself, and Essex County Council into disrepute.

If i’d read something like that about him while he was my children’s social worker, I would have insisted he was nowhere near my children due to his utter lack of honesty.

Essex County Council are more than happy letting a social worker who lies to Social Work England to continue being around vulnerable children and being trusted enough to be believed when he says things.

Nothing he says is to be believed.

No wonder they were voted social work employer of the year, they protect their employees, even if their employees are entirely untrustworthy. I strongly suspect that Gabriel Lowrie is now a manager.

He’s just bought a house and is renting out his flat, though making sure it doesn’t get rented to those on benefits as we are scum, so sounds like he’s had a payrise. That said, despite being a two bed flat, it’s tiny and not really suitable for those with children.

He has also noped out of his marriage, he’s still married and playing the part, but in his subconscious he is not an ‘us’ he’s a ‘me’.

Went on a bit of tangent there.

So bottom line is that this blog is the truth, i’ve written down what happened, the only changes being not giving out my children’s ages or genders. I have actually had to leave some things out due to them being too identifying.

Some of what i’ve written is opinion, where that occurs it will be obvious.

Anything else is publicly available information. If someone has put it out there in the public domain, it is free to be used and commented on.

For instance, Heidi Hibbett has stopped being a social worker and is now a sales attendant at NASA in Surrey. As we all know Surrey is well known for having a strong NASA presence and people flock from all over the UK to see rocket launches in Surrey.

I have absolutely no idea why she has decided to say that and put that out there publicly, but she did, and it’s hilarious and under her real name. It’s not where she was living when she posted her postcode publicly, but I guess she could have moved, although given the NASA thing is obviously not true the location might not be either.

Edited to add: It’s gone, it was a Linkedin profile page, it was there 10 hours ago when I wrote this blog post, it’s now been deleted. She has one from where she was still at uni, but she made another one stating she works at NASA for some reason.

Guess that means she is reading this blog. which I don’t really understand. She knows what is on here due to the fact she was there at the time and all i’ve done is written what happened.

The only thing I have chosen not to do is to give out usernames, the names that social workers use online or where they live when I know that information. Everything I know is still public and online, but none of that is relevant to the blog in my view.

It’s all so easily found, i’m not very tech savvy, I found out last week that you can actually delete contacts in your phone after one of my children asked why someone who worked with them last year is still in my phone contacts and I felt that reason was obvious.

Though this was also the reason why i’ve been able to post so many text messages, though I did find out last year you can delete some text messages by pressing your finger for on it.

So i’m technologically impaired, so the things i have gleamed through the internet are really easy for anyone to find, as they say at Essex County Council, there’s no magic to it. If you don’t want anything found, don’t post it, or at least make it private at the very least.

So Essex County Council have protected themselves and their employees by refusing to investigate.

Which means my blog posts cannot be challenged by them.

They cannot say they have now done an internal investigation into the serious allegations they refused to investigate and have not upheld any of them, as it’s now too late.

I’m not going to engage with them, my children will not engage with them, they said what had happened to many people on many occasions and that should have sparked a serious investigation without a complaint being made.

They can try legal action, but i’m telling the truth and have evidence to back up what i’m saying in the majority of cases.

They got Cllr Louise McKinlay to try to bully me by threatening me with legal action, didn’t work, and of course she knew it was only a threat and she couldn’t follow through on that threat, it’s been almost a year.

I haven’t harassed anyone or threatened anyone, in fact i’ve not posted everything to actually protect some people. When I know where someone lives, for example Heidi’s postcode, i’ve not even alluded to the general area.

I’ve not posted the names they use on social media. Something i’ve always found strange about that is that Cllr McKinlay stated my blog posts were not true, therefore she’s saying i’m untrustworthy. I’m rather certain the social workers mentioned here are saying that what i’ve stated is untrue, therefore i’m untrustworthy. However, they know I know their social media names, yet me saying that I will not post them is enough for them not to change them, or even tighten up their privacy on social media.

The effect on what happened, and then the total lack of investigation by Essex County Council has been devastating for my family, truly devastating.

I battle every single day to try and get my children back to where they were before I asked Essex County Council for help, we are still very far from that point.

It’s an uphill battle every single day, and for my children to not even receive an acknowledgement that what they say happened actually happened is something that I cannot let happen.

I need to get this out to as many people as I possibly can, social media will help with that, i’m also beginning to realise the people who I should be contacting with what happened, those who can also spread the word, along with connecting with those who have also dealt with Essex Social Care.

The public read my blog and they know it’s true, that said i’m sure Essex County Council have probably read some of it and know it’s true, it’s not them i’m trying to reach.

It’s the public, and professionals with an interest in social work I want to read my blog. It’s them i’m reaching out to for acknowledgement.

Would I be shocked if Essex County Council tried to threaten me again? No, I would not, however given that any emails from them will be deleted unread, I won’t even know if they do.

They have already said enough and they hold absolutely no power over me. They can continue to high five each other for managing to not investigate, I honestly do not care, it has nothing to do with me.

All that matters is the truth and getting justice for my children.

Everything i’ve written is the truth, the justice part will happen eventually, i’m prepared to put the work in, spend the time, and put a whole lot of effort into getting there.