Pam Parkes, allows employees to lie during disciplinary procedures.

Essex County Council won the social work employer of the year award in 2021, not shocking, their employees must love them.

Pam Parkes has a fancy title, but in effect her job is that she is head of human resources, which means she is ultimately in charge of hiring’s and firings.

She is in charge of all disciplinary procedures and it’s ultimately her who instructs everyone on how these must be carried out, badly I may say.

On the 19th December 2019, one of my children found Gabriel Lowrie’s facebook page and it was pretty disgusting. I complained about it, and heard the outcome in January, obviously there was a delay due to Christmas.

I do not have a copy of the correspondence regarding that matter, cleverly, Essex County Council use a system called Egress to send sensitive emails, and that is how correspondence between us was done except for one email which I will post here.

I did the complaint, basically saying that my children saw it and were distressed and that Gabriel Lowrie is disgusting.

I got a response saying that he had been disciplined and had taken the offending thing down.

Alongside this was what Gabriel Lowrie had quite obviously written down for the disciplinary process, so what he had said to his bosses acting on behalf of Helen Lincoln, and Human Resources, acting on behalf of Pam Parkes.

It was either identical, or close to identical, as what he wrote to Social Work England, so what is in this post:

I actually responded to what they sent me because I was not happy with their response.

His facebook page had caused harm to one of my children, quite bad harm.

You have to remember it’s Essex County Council.

So they said he’d taken it down, which I already knew, but that is what I initially submitted the complaint for.

They said he’d been disciplined for it, though they couldn’t tell me the outcome, not something I cared about as it’s nothing at all to do with me, that is solely between him and his employer.

What I wanted was an apology, that was missing.

So I contacted them after I got the response asking for an apology, I also detailed how he was lying in what he was saying in the same way i’ve detailed it on the blog post i’ve linked.

There was absolutely no way that anyone who saw what I read could possible say he hadn’t lied during the disciplinary process at Essex County Council.

You can tell from the response email I got from asking for an apology, that me detailing his lying had been read, and that obviously it could not be challenged because that he was lying was so clear.

When Social Work England requested everything from ECC to do with that, it’s clear that the email from myself detailing how much he was lying was not passed on to SWE. Funny that.

This is Essex County Council’s response to me asking for an actual apology and me giving them solid proof that he lied extensively to Essex County Council, which by extension they lied to me when they gave me that as it was them, not him, telling me that is what happened, his whole disciplinary was a farce.

I did go to the LGO, not with the fact he’d lied, that was nothing to do with me or my children, I was just annoyed they thought I was stupid enough to fall for that rubbish, all I asked the LGO for was an apology.

It didn’t get investigated because ECC told the LGO that they had decided to finally actually apologise and gave us £150.

They are that resistant to saying sorry that even when that is literally all I wanted for something they had already admitted was true, they told me i’d have to go to the LGO.

Not saying sorry is why i’m writing this blog in the first place.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t worth it, the apology was meaningless given that i’d had to fight for it, nobody was actually sorry otherwise that would have been the first thing they said, instead of a few months wait and getting the LGO involved, together with £150 of wasted taxpayers money.

It was wasted money because it didn’t make anyone feel any better, neither did the apology as it was clearly forced,

So all they were interested in was protecting Gabriel Lowrie, even if they can’t spell his name right.

Notice how ECC state that a post on someone’s Facebook cannot be assumed to be from that person and that none of what was written on there was his views. Despite the fact i’d already pointed out that a transphobic post had to have been him because he’d left university even though he’d lied about it.

He also admitted to saying words to the effect that he wished someone would give him a gun as there were noisy students on the train. So many other posts which were clearly by him where he uses derogatory language towards women, yet ECC had whitewashed him when I pointed out his lies.

Still none of my business, but what is my business is showing others who have had poor experiences with social services proof that social workers lie. It’s actually something they do fairly frequently.

The funny thing is that in my response to the LGO when I said i’d accept the apology to close the case, because basically that is what i’d asked for so job done, I said thank you to the LGO for making sure that little to no detail regarding the Facebook page was printed, LGO decisions are printed, even those they don’t investigate.

I said that it wouldn’t be fair on Gabriel for his Facebook to be all over the internet, I actually said words to that effect. That was before he lied again to SWE though, and I just thought that someone has got to fight this level of dishonesty.

So Pam Parkes, and those working on her behalf, will know that Gabriel Lowrie lied during his disciplinary proceedings.

What i’ve said was written to me and what I wrote back via the egress system can be confirmed by ECC. While they took away my access to those emails, they have to keep things like that for a set number of years, so they will still be able to access them.

Wouldn’t be shocked if emails went ‘missing’, hence why I posted that last one as while I cannot produce the email before it, it proves there was an email before it and ECC would need to produce one that would fit to what the reply says.

So that is a good example of what kind of leader Pam Parkes is, how she runs the department she is Executive Director of.

She prioritises making ECC look good over the protection of the public. She yaps on about working for the public, but she does care at all about the public, as evidenced by her allowing Gabriel Lowrie to lie during his disciplinary procedure.

What kind of leader does that? What kind of person thinks that the best interests of an organisation is more important than the protection of the public?

Oh yeah, that person would be Pam Parkes.

Shall I tell you what I would like to see at Essex County Council?

A woman in power who is strong. Someone who is prepared to do what is right rather than what will make them look good and will impress the bosses.

Was Pam Parkes directly or indirectly responsible for those lies that Gabriel told? Did he actually come up with them himself or did someone from ECC help him come up with something? They are so blatant that not one single person who saw them, especially after I wrote about how they were lies and used the evidence from his facebook, which both Pam Parkes department and Helen Lincolns department would have, would actually believe that what was written was the truth.

They knew it wasn’t the truth, they either knew he was lying, or they helped him to come up with the lies in the first place. I have no idea whether that is true or not, but given that the lies were so clearly lies there is no way that anyone would have taken them as the truth.

They just think that the public is stupid enough to believe complete rubbish.

So yeah, i’d like to see some strong women leaders at ECC, those who will stand up and make noise when something isn’t right, instead of those who we have now who will tell the world how wonderful they are, while actively hiding things that may make ECC look bad.

So that email that i’ve posted above was sent to me on behalf of Pam Parkes as she was, and still is, the executive director of human resources, who decided that after Gabriel’s disciplinary process that those posts cannot be assumed to have emanated from him directly and they do not in any way represent his views.

I think the link to the post i’ve posted above will prove that actually the worst ones did emanate from him directly as the only person who had control of his facebook at the time, and if they don’t represent his views, why did ECC allow him to lie about it instead of making sure that he accepted he wrote those posts, and reflected on what he’d written, and written something about why he wrote them and why his views have now changed.

Pam Parkes couldn’t have an employee who had written a transphobic slur, so either she totally ignored his blatant lies, or even helped him come up with those lies, to cover up the fact that an employee had posted a transphobic slur on facebook and has never reflected or remediated this.

In comparison to women like Pam Parkes, i’m stronger, much stronger. My mental health may be not so great, I may have people laughing at me in my head, but i’m still standing up and shouting about what went wrong, and how terrible Essex County Council are.

Pam Parkes knows this as she is a part of what makes it terrible, and she is a part of it. She has given the green light for social workers to lie. Whether she was the one directly involved, or indirectly involved, she is ultimately the leader who makes it okay for social workers to lie during disciplinary proceedings to protect the local authority.

A social worker caught lying reflects poorly on the whole of children’s social services, it would reflect badly on his managers and all the way up to Helen Lincoln. The same with human resources who are involved in making employees act properly, including equality training etc, so a social worker saying a slur and then lying about it reflects poorly on human resources as well.

The last time any woman in a position of power at ECC stood up for anything they believed in was probably at the last time pay was being discussed, or when they wanted to impress Gavin Jones and the members with the latest pointless award they have won.

The disciplinary process at Essex County Council is totally useless and fails so bad, lies are preferable to the truth, being caught having said a slur, no matter when, is covered up with lies so ECC don’t even have to accept an employee said it, and therefore the employee doesn’t have to prove they no longer think like that.

It’s utterly disgraceful

They are weak, they go with what is easy and will be best for them, they refuse to do what is best for the public and what is morally the right thing to do in case it makes waves.

Absolutely pathetic.

The following was added on 30/08/2022:

Then people like Pam Parkes, all over social media, going on about women this, women that, but she doesn’t lift up other women, she just wants praise because she climbed the corporate ladder. She’s done nothing else of any note, she just climbed the corporate ladder.

I asked her for help, she said she would look into it and then never replied. I was after my child’s suicide attempt being investigated and getting her help to disprove the excuse they were giving as to why they couldn’t.

Did Pam Parkes stand up and do the right thing?

No, she did not.

She did the easy thing, which after saying she would look into it, ghosted me. Anything else would have meant actually standing up for something instead of just trotting out the same old utter rubbish about supporting women and every other piece of crap that comes out of that woman’s mouth.

If you are a woman, or a child, and you want someone to stand up for you, if you want someone to not just tow the line but actually think to themselves “Maybe I can use my position as a woman in power to help” don’t bother with Pam Parkes, the only woman she cares about is herself.

Everything she puts on social media always comes back to her, how brilliant she is, how all the women she’s met in business have helped her. All the stupid awards that have been won.

She is completely self serving. She is in a position of power where she could have helped get my childs suicide attempt investigated by saying that what was being said regarding the excuses given was rubbish, which it’s now been proven it was.

She could have done that for a child, she didn’t, it would have rocked the boat, she didn’t do what was right, she did what was easy and self serving.

The same with Gabriel Lowrie’s disciplinary. When I found out what he’d said as his excuse for what was in his facebook, it was crystal clear he was lying. It was clear to anyone, there is no way that ECC didn’t know. They would have known after I told them, I told them repeatedly, and just got the same back all of the time.

Pam Parkes would rather let a dishonest Social Worker go unchallenged than risk making ECC look bad.

I am angry about her behaviour because she spends a lot of time perfecting her public persona as someone who cares, someone who lifts other women up, someone who is kind and has strength.

In reality she is just a weak corporate drone who runs at the thought of challenging the status quo and who will only help others if she thinks it will benefit herself.

I would never ever hold her up to be a role model for any woman, she is a terrible role model.

I’ve raised a concern with SWE that Gabriel Lowrie was dishonest when he lied to them regarding his Facebook page.

Pam Parkes, if she was all she says she is, would have referred him herself for dishonesty as soon as they were aware that what he’d told them was lies.

She didn’t, nobody did. I have a number of emails that prove they knew and that they stood by the lies he told. Over and over again they gave me the same response which was basically that what he said was the truth.

It clearly isn’t, and if ECC can prove anything I’ve used to prove he’s lying is wrong, I’ll take everything I’ve written about it down and cancel the concern I’ve raised.

Not going to happen because he is dishonest to the core and ECC have covered up for him, telling me repeatedly words to the effect that he was telling the truth for a start.