Social Work England

They are the social worker regulator, if a social worker isn’t registered with them, they aren’t allowed to practise as a social worker.

They also deal with the fitness to practise of registered social workers.

I have mentioned them on this blog, and also on the other blog.

As i’m bringing posts over from the other blogs they will be mentioned more.

The experiences with them that will be mentioned in this blog are now over a year old.

I have had a fair bit of contact with them regarding my experiences, hence why i’m writing this post as a kind of update.

They had to deal with me at my worse, when I was going through a mental breakdown

Throughout the involvement over the past year they have acted with integrity and have treated me with compassion and respect.

They have listened to me, not just as a tick box exercise, but really listened to me.

They did all of the tick box things they say they will do, and then they listened some more.

Throughout it all I have been treated compassionately and as a human being. They haven’t been condescending, they haven’t treated me like i’m stupid or less than they are because I hold no power.

The opposite is true, they gave me power, they made me feel like my lived experiences were of value.

That they listened, actually listened, has been amazing.

That is how service users and members of the public should feel.

I’m not going to divulge any details of anything regarding my dealings with SWE over the past year or so because it’s not necessary.

It’s between myself and them, I spoke, at great length, and they listened, that’s enough for me.

I then spoke some more, at even greater length, they listened some more, I then wrote the equivalent of the works of Shakespeare, and they still listened.

If there was anything i’d missed out during attempting to write emails that are longer than War and Peace, i’d direct that at them, because they would listen.

I am talking about various people from various departments, all treating me with the utmost respect and listening to me.

Anything i’ve ever felt i’ve wanted to say i’ve said to them, and as i’ve already said repeatedly, they have listened.

To them I am important, I am valued, and worthy of their time, I am incredibly grateful for that.

They do employ some truly amazing, kind, compassionate people who are passionate about making sure that everybody’s voice is heard.

It has been incredibly helpful, and powerful, to be shown how I should be treated as a service user.

I see absolutely no need, and I have absolutely no desire, to share anything here that i’ve already directed to SWE.

I will be amending some of the posts when I transfer them, I deleted some a year ago because I wanted to.

So that is the reason they aren’t mentioned here, they listened, and made me feel valued.