Louise McKinlay threatening Legal Action

With regards to the following post:

I found the email, I addressed the email to both David Finch, the then leader of ECC, and to Louise McKinlay, who was then Cabinet Member for children’s and families.

The email response was on behalf of both of them, notice the ‘we’ in the line that states “we have to take action against you”

Given that the matters referred to in your emails have been investigated by the Children and Families service, our own complaints service and by independent external bodies and have not been upheld. I do not believe that the County Council is able to assist you further. Indeed, if you continue to post material online which is not true then it may be that we have to take action against you.   

I regret this is not a matter upon which I or Cllr McKinlay can assist you further.

Louise McKinlay was lying, what they said is not true, it still isn’t true to this day.

Everything i’d posted up until that point is the truth, everything i’ve posted since is the truth.

I reached out to Louise McKinlay, I was desperate for help, she lied and then threatened me.

The then leader of Essex County Council did the same.

My child attempted suicide, the causes of that have still not been investigated and it happened 18 months ago while my child was on a child in need plan.

Louise McKinlay is as cold as ice when it comes to the wellbeing of children in Essex. How can you threaten a mother who had watched her children go through so much, including a suicide attempt, as well as going through so much herself, and with all of the power she has that could have made such a difference to not only my children’s lives, but to prevent it happening again, she sought to protect her own interests above those of my children.

She lied, and then threatened me with legal action. Something she hasn’t followed up on because she knew she was lying and i’m telling the truth, so therefore knows that in court, when someone who is impartial would look at the evidence, she would lose.

Decided to use her power to intimidate me instead.

I am angry about this in particular.

Politicians should be beyond reproach, they should act at all times in the interests of the residents they serve.

My child attempted suicide because of the actions of Essex Children’s Services. They refused to investigate, it still hasn’t been investigated.

I reach out to Louise McKinlay, who actually has the power to tell them to investigate, and she tells me everything has been investigated and i’m not telling the truth.

I’m the one telling the truth, she is the one lying through her teeth. My guess is to protect herself foremost, but also the council.

She is only after votes, she isn’t actually about helping those voters.

It’s not as if it’s difficult to prove she is lying, it’s really easy, even Paul Turner, their monitoring officer, knows my complaints haven’t been investigated.

None of that suits Louise McKinlay though, that children’s services, while she was cabinet member that covers them, harmed my family enough that a child attempted suicide, is not what she wants investigated.

To her, my child is just nothing, all my children are absolutely worthless.

That is exactly how I feel, that Louise McKinlay thinks that my children are so worthless that they deserve nothing.

That’s why i’m angry, that’s why i’m writing about her.

I have a desperate overwhelming need to share with everyone what I know about her. Her Twitter account is incredibly painful to me, all those fake smiles and fake caring. I know it’s fake, i’ve unfortunately dealt with the real Louise McKinlay.

I even replied to her proving that my complaints hadn’t been investigated, it was clear from my messages I was desperate.

She ignored me.

Louise McKinlay ignored a mother whose child had attempted suicide on a child in need plan and what the child stated was the cause of the suicide attempt has not been investigated.

After she threatened that same mother with legal action as the things I had posted were not true. Which means that my child, telling everyone and anyone the reasons why they attempted suicide, which are solely due to children’s services, must also not be telling the truth.

Given my child has now told so many social workers and other employees of ECC about what happened, i’m wondering if their notes have been sanitised and it’s never been written down.

I need to get this all out there. When what happened with baby Malik, that he was on a child protection plan at the time of his death, i’m fairly certain that Louise McKinlay will post something about how devastating it is and how she’s fully supportive of the investigations that will be going on, the serious case review, to find out what can be done.

Yet with my children, when I wanted what happened to them investigated, when I wanted my child’s suicide attempt investigated, she told me I wasn’t telling the truth, lied that everything had been investigated, threatened me with legal action, and then ignored me when I emailed her with proof that what she had said wasn’t true.

I am crying as I write this as I find it deeply upsetting.

I did make a complaint against her which I then withdrew, the complaints system at ECC was never going to handle my complaint in an honest manner, and Paul Turner, the monitoring officer would have been involved, his job is to act in the best interests of the members and the officers, so the whole thing would have been a waste of time, energy, and emotion.

She can take legal action against me, she stated already that what I had already posted was untrue and threatened me with action if I continued. Which is amusing solely because she was the one saying untrue things. If she wants to take legal action, she can, she has access to the council’s money, their lawyers, and i’m on benefits. I’d represent myself, or attempt to crowdsource.

I know I keep repeating the same things, but Louise McKinlay should not be in a position of power, not because of what she did to my family, or more to the point, what she failed to do, and the lies she told, but because of her lack of compassion for 4 very vulnerable children.

With no compassion for 4 very vulnerable children, then it’s extremely unlikely she has any compassion for anyone, let alone the children and vulnerable residents of Essex.

Everything she does is for her, to gain votes.

Helping my children wouldn’t have won her any votes as nobody would have known, I would have stopped blogging if i’d gotten the complaints investigated. She just saw a situation where there was a very vulnerable woman, with very vulnerable children where if what had happened to them had been investigated it may have looked bad on the council, and decided to lie and threaten me instead.

That is Louise McKinlay

I can’t do anything about what she did, and what she didn’t do, but I can make the public aware of how she treats the most vulnerable in Essex.

My complaints haven’t all been investigated, she lied through her teeth.