Helen Lincoln is not fit to be the Executive Director of Children’s and Families in Essex.

She earns £150,000 a year and all she does is public relations.

Essex Children’s Services apparently put children at the heart of everything they do.

That’s laughable.

They put their reputation at the heart of everything they do, along with showing off their Outstanding OFSTED like it’s more than a tick box exercise.

That outstanding OFSTED isn’t helping my child who has just been put under the psychosis team because of the severe trauma child experienced at the hands of Essex Children’s Services.

I don’t think telling my child that Essex Children’s Services puts children at the heart of everything they do is going to go any way to undoing the damage that has been done to that child.

Likewise my other child who has just been put under a mental health team, again for the severe trauma they endured at the hands of Essex Children’s Services.

It’s not going to help my child who missed 4 years of education because they have autism and they could not attend a mainstream school so Helen Lincoln left them to rot.

It’s not going to help my child who has now missed 18 months of school and Helen Lincoln is now leaving that child to rot.

As soon as either Helen Lincoln saying they put children at the heart of everything they do and showing off her precious Outstanding OFSTED cures psychosis caused by severe trauma which was caused by her employees, i’ll obviously make a blog post about it, because Helen Lincoln seems to think that’s all that matters.

One of my children has stated that Helen Lincoln can shove her Outstanding OFSTED somewhere, it doesn’t need any imagination to guess where. That is what one of the children who apparently is at the heart of everything they do said.

Helen Lincoln’s precious Outstanding OFSTED is more precious to her than the children of Essex, I speak from bitter experience.

I have sent a few emails to Helen Lincoln regarding both what happened with Children’s Services, and also regarding my children’s education.

What is really weird is after I sent the emails what I was begging for was refused.

The same with regards to children’s services issues.

She honestly does not care about the children and families of Essex, we are so very far beneath her as she sits in her ivory tower, doing her public relations bit and telling the world how wonderful both her, and her children’s services is, while polishing the frame her Outstanding OFSTED is in. To her, that is what is important.

That her children’s services has significantly harmed my family, wrecked education, almost killed one of my children, might still do so, is of absolutely no concern to her.

At any point she could have insisted on helping my children. When my child attempted suicide she could have insisted that it was investigated.

She knows my child attempted suicide because it was in one of the emails I sent her. Helen Lincoln, Executive Director of children’s and families at Essex County Council knows that a child attempted suicide, that a child said, to anyone who would listen, that it was Essex children’s services that caused them to attempt suicide. Helen Lincoln knows this, she also knows that the incidents that caused my child to attempt suicide, and that may cause them to try again, have not been investigated.

Helen Lincoln knows all of this because i’ve told her.

What part of being happy to ignore a child who has attempted suicide and may attempt again is putting the child at the heart of everything they do?

What part of being involved in making sure no investigation was done into the incidents directly named by the child as the cause of their attempt is putting the child at the heart of everything they do?

She promotes a culture amongst her employees that they can do what they want as long as it looks good on paper, and if things do go wrong, then whatever you do make it impossible for children’s services to ever hold themselves accountable.

Bragging about how awesome she is will not save my child from attempting suicide again.

Helen Lincoln does not care that a child who was then on a child in need plan attempted suicide. In my childs medical notes attached to that suicide attempt are what amounts to quite a few blog posts i’ve made on here. What my child told the medical professionals at the hospital, and after the hospital, are present in both the complaint I made, and some blog posts on this blog and my previous blog.

Helen Lincoln knows about this, she knows that not only my child attempted suicide but that my child may try again due to the actions of her employees. She just doesn’t care, she honestly does not care.

She doesn’t care my child may make another attempt, she doesn’t care if it happens to another child. She does not care about the children of Essex, she cares only about herself and getting pats on the back for looking good on paper.

I’m certain that our case counts as a success on paper due to the amount of effort that has gone into Helen Lincoln making sure nothing is investigated and sabotaging all efforts regarding that.

She cares about that, she cares about looking good, not so much on whether or not a child dies.

We are the little people, we don’t count. My children don’t count, the crap she spews about putting children at the heart of everything they do is just something that sounds good as a tag line, there is no truth to it.

A child out of education for 4 years doesn’t bother her at all, that’s not important. She knows I cannot make a complaint about that after what the complaints department have done to me.

A child out of education now for 18 months. All professionals involve agree child needs a certain service from Essex County Council. Essex County Council think I should be taken to court.

This is the child who Gabriel Lowrie and Billie Faulkner brainwashed, among other things that social workers did to my child. The amount off emotional harm they have done to my child is horrendous, yet Helen Lincoln’s view is that I should be taken to court. It didn’t happen because Helen Lincoln made sure there was no investigation and so nothing official that says my child has been through all of that.

So despite my child telling people what child has been through, how it has affected child, what difficulties this has caused for child, despite all professionals who have met and talked to child knowing this, and it being obvious that child would have these difficulties after that level of emotional harm, Helen Lincoln thinks taking me to court is the way to go.

Not helping my child access education, definitely not on Helen Lincolns list of priorities in between polishing her Outstanding OFSTED, telling everyone how wonderful she is, and accepting praise from anyone who gives it to her.

I’ve even considered moving to a different county to access the help my child needs to access education because child isn’t going to get that help in Essex, no matter how many professionals agree on the exact help child needs. When ECC have the final say on whether or not my child can access a statutory education or not, it’s never going to work out in favour of one of my children, just because i’ve spoken out regarding what they have done.

I now just direct professionals to the relevant posts on my blogs so they can understand what my children have been through.

So just to make it crystal clear, Helen Lincoln knows that my child attempted suicide because of the actions of her employees, Helen Lincoln knows that there is a real risk of my child attempting suicide again for the same reasons.

Helen Lincoln does not care. There has been no investigation, there has been nothing, except suddenly a couple of weeks after the suicide attempt and after my child detailed why they attempted suicide to social workers working with the family they suddenly pulled out, and along with that all the help they had promised us as a family went with it.

Helen Lincoln’s answer to a child attempting suicide and being vocal that Essex Children’s Services were the cause of the attempt was to remove all support from the family.

Since my child’s suicide attempt there has been a death of a baby boy who was on a child protection plan. This was something I stated multiple times to children’s services would happen, that a child would die due to their total disregard for children.

I also believe that a child on a child in need has committed suicide since my child made their attempt.

There will be more as long as Helen Lincoln’s plan for greatness involves covering up anything that goes wrong, totally ignoring a child who attempted suicide, making things much worse for that child in doing so, and basically a complete disregard for anything that isn’t going to get her the praise she craves.

Helen Lincoln is an utter disgrace.

Happily sitting there telling everyone how wonderful both she is and Essex Children’s services is, while my child who has suffered significant emotional abuse which led to a suicide attempt, and whose mental health has continued to get worse is just treated as collateral damage in Helen Lincoln’s quest for greatness.

I do wonder how many children a year attempt suicide while on some kind of Essex children’s services plan and Helen Lincoln covers it up and does absolutely nothing about it like she has done with regards to my child.

I bet her first thought when she hears about a child dying or attempting suicide is not for the child, but for how it could possibly make her look bad and what she and her employees can do to cover it up as best they can so as not to hold themselves accountable as they did with my child.

Essex Children’s Services are rotten all the way from the top to the bottom.

That’s all down to Helen Lincoln.

How many more children have to attempt suicide or die before someone does something?

I predicted the death of that baby boy, i’m certain that Helen Lincoln will already have her cover up story in place like they have done with my child’s suicide attempt.

This is one of the reasons i’m being so vocal. So many emails I wrote saying that a child would die, and it is also my fault, I knew it would happen, I said so many times, and I did nothing. It was clear to me by then that Essex Children’s Services didn’t care that a death was likely to happen if west quadrant carried on like it was. I have proof of this in the many many emails I sent stating this.

Again, I did nothing, I should have screamed about it, started a blog then, gone to the papers, anything, but I remained silent. That baby boys death is partly on me and I am ashamed of my lack of inaction.

He is one of the reasons i’m doing all of this.

As soon as his name and other details have been officially released I will post using his name, he was failed so bad by me and Essex Children’s Services, all he has left is his name which I will shout from the rooftops when able to.

If Helen Lincoln ever reads this post, which I doubt, children in Essex who have suffered significant harm are so far beneath her and reading a blog post will take away her precious time where she could be busy telling everyone how wonderful she is, her first thought will be regarding what can be done to shut me up.

Given that what i’ve said here is true, apart from when it’s obviously my opinion, all she can do is ignore it and hope it all goes away.

I have proof that my child told everyone the cause of their suicide attempt, even two social workers, although i’m going to take a wild guess that they were instructed not to include what my child said in their notes.

I have proof that I have made Helen Lincoln aware by email regarding my child’s suicide attempt and regarding the refusal to investigate it on more than one occasion.

It also wouldn’t surprise me if Paul Turner, the monitoring officer, was acting under orders from Helen Lincoln when he found that the last but one false excuse I was given as to why the reasons why my child attempted suicide couldn’t be investigated was in fact false and when the last excuse, that my complaint was submitted late, of which there is at least 20 pieces of written evidence to prove that is also false exists, Paul Turner decided the best course of action instead of being honest and truthful, was to ghost me.

Given Helen Lincoln’s lack of caring that a child who was on a chid in need plan attempted suicide because of the actions of her employees, I strongly suspect that it was her who has been instrumental in ensuring my complaint hasn’t been investigated.

What should have happened was as soon as possible after my child’s suicide attempt, the LADO should have been informed by social care and a full investigation carried out immediately.

What did Helen Lincoln do? She has made sure at every single turn to make sure absolutely nothing happens. The social workers involved at the time had to stand there, listen to what my child said, and not react at all.

That is what Helen Lincoln is proud about, that she can cover things up, just that one thing, not investigating and making sure that nobody associated with Essex County Council can even acknowledge to my child that what caused them enough emotional harm to cause a suicide attempt happened.

Not to mention the amount of emails I sent to high up employees of Helen Lincoln before my child attempted suicide stating quite clearly that my child was at risk of suicide, why, and why it so desperately needed to be investigated, someone held accountable and my child to at the very least be told they are not making things up and that what they have been telling everyone for the last three years actually happened to them. All I got in response is that it can’t be investigated, 5 different false excuses, and now the 6th which was that the complaint was submitted late, which was a totally new one, despite dozens of emails stating it couldn’t be investigated for various other reasons and never ever mentioning it was late.

Nobody at Essex Children’s services has listened, they won’t, this is not the purpose of this post.

I gave up on that months ago, nobody cares about my children, nobody cares a child may die, Helen Lincoln certainly doesn’t care my child may die.

This post is solely as the title of this blog says, it’s to expose Essex County Council, it’s officers, and it’s members, away from the corruption that is Essex County Council, where they can’t make up whatever they please and harm my children even more, which is what they spent 15 months doing without caring who they were hurting.

My hope is that people will read this post and the fake façade that Helen Lincoln uses about putting children at the heart of everything they do will be removed and she will be seen for the cold hearted uncaring praise seeking person that she is.