Open Letter to The Essex Safeguarding Children Board

They tweeted the following:

So I shared it on my twitter and begged people not to contact them if they are worried about a child.

I would literally get down on my knees and beg someone not to report a child to them.

Given they refused to investigate anything I complained about, it stands to reason that they are happy with how they do things.

No child should ever be subjected to the abuse mine were put through, no child deserves that, and once it happens there is nothing you can do, and there is no help for that child.

There are very few reasons I can think of where it may be in the childs best interests to report.

Definitely not with sexual abuse, no child should go through what I went I through when I was forced to disclose, i’m an adult and it broke me, so many children wouldn’t survive that.

It sounds horrendous, but i’ve been through sexual abuse and disclosing the sexual abuse to Essex Social Care.

Disclosing the abuse was much worse, it’s something I have to live with every single day. It would damage a child so badly they would never recover, and there is not help for children.

I speak from experience, Essex Social Care offer absolutely no help to children whatsoever. They offered my children absolutely no help, they were never shown any kindness, never listened to, never believed, just subjected to emotional abuse, poverty, and having their lives wrecked.

Every single thing myself and my children said at the beginning of the child protection plan was true, yet my children were still put on a highly damaging child protection plan where every single time they spoke the truth they were told it wasn’t the truth. Literally that is what happened.

Of course when Essex Social Care could no longer keep on with things and it was more than obvious that everything we’d all said from the start was true, and that there was no child protection issues and never had been, there is no accountability.

There were no apologies to my children for being told over and over again they were lying and that things they remembered happening didn’t happen.

There was no help for my children for the trauma they had been put through, there was absolutely nothing, just Essex Social Care withdrawing as fast as they could when they realised they had gotten literally everything wrong.

There was absolutely no duty of care to my children.

Absolutely nobody cares that they left three of my children wanting to kill themselves, two of them are still at risk of doing so.

The tweets I made a couple of days ago about it being a bad day was because I thought one of my children may try and kill themselves.

My children received no help while on the child protection plan, there was nothing, I still have no idea what direct work is, neither do the children. All they got were social workers telling them how their lives have been and they telling my children they were lying when they said no and then told the social workers how their lives had actually been.

No duty of care to my children.

My children’s outlooks would have been better if they had actually been abused, that way they could have gotten some help of some kind, or even an acknowledgement they had suffered trauma.

They suffered trauma from social care, enough to attempt suicide, no acknowledgement whatsoever, in fact, even worse, social workers standing around not saying a word while a severely traumatised child describes why they attempted to take their own life and describing how they were tortured by a social worker.

A social worker who was reported as a safeguarding risk as other professionals have a duty to do so when a child discloses abuse, which my children did, they disclosed serious emotional abuse by a social worker.

Totally ignored by social care, to the point that after that, the social worker made things even worse for the children, leading one of my children to barricade themselves in their room, wet themselves through fear, almost jumped out of the window to get away but settled on seriously self harming themselves.

It took me 30 minutes to get into their room afterwards because they were so traumatised and scared that the social worker may still be there that they didn’t feel safe enough to open the door,

Another child took a scalpel to their face and wrist, showed a social worker who did not even record it, that was a serious attempt to end the childs life, it’s not even recording.

I don’t know if the other childs suicide attempt is even recorded even though an ambulance and a couple of nights in hospital recovering from the attempt was needed.

How can the essex safeguarding children’s board expect anyone to take them seriously when they say to call them to safeguard children after what happened to mine?

Mistakes happen and things go wrong, but that isn’t what happened with my family, because there has been no accountability. An apology would have been all that was needed, but they have gone over and above to avoid even investigating.

They got things so very wrong that i’m in a position where I can do what i’m doing without fear.

Every single member of my family is worse off than before I asked social care for help, all four of my children has have a significant interruption to their education, one child missed 4 years of secondary education.

I was forced by social care to miss important medical appointments for my children because I was told they were unnecessary and there was nothing wrong with my children. So they have had no help or treatment for years now as I cannot get them back on the lists.

The trauma we have suffered is very real and very damaging and long lasting.

The local authority doesn’t care, at all, not one little bit.

A safeguarding referral was made by two professionals after a disclosure by children of emotional abuse and Essex Social Care did nothing.

A child in need meeting where I desperately asked for help, listed things that had gone wrong and what would help my children, this was agreed upon by professionals in the meeting.

So Essex Social Care wiped the meeting from existence, no minutes, no record, anything that was said, the help that was agreed upon by other professionals, it doesn’t exist because there is no record of that meeting.

We were dropped shortly afterwards with no ongoing help.

The Essex Safeguarding Children’s Board is a joke, though not a funny one.

Saying all the right things as if they actually care about safeguarding children, but when it comes down to it, a childs safety will always come second to what makes the local authority look good.

They wrecked my children’s lives, they don’t care, they can cover that up, it doesn’t matter if that causes further harm to my children, as long as they come out of it looking good, that is ALL that matters.

If one of my children dies, there won’t be any kind of investigation, the local authority will just deny all knowledge and involvement, even though i’ve told them repeatedly.

I told them repeatedly my child was at risk of suicide beforehand, they still decided that a social worker who’d had a safeguarding referral made against them for emotionally abusing my children should continue to be allowed to emotionally abuse them.

Here is one occasion where there are text messages between myself and one of my other children while the social worker in question is torturing one of my children:

Some more links:

There is so much more.

So for the Essex Safeguarding Children’s Board to somehow think that it’s a good idea for anyone to call them if they feel a child needs help is laughable.

Maybe call them if you want a child to get so traumatised they try and kill themselves, or if you want to wreck a child’s life, but helping them? They don’t even know what that means.

I’d still love to know what direct work is.

I’d also like to know what help essex social care give to traumatised children who have been through severe emotional abuse?

I asked for that kind of help, nothing more was mentioned, because of course as there was no investigation, it didn’t happen, so despite my children being severely traumatised, and still are, it doesn’t matter because Essex social care wouldn’t acknowledge it so no help.

If anyone has found this because they are thinking of calling them, I beg you, please do not, it will cause the child more harm than whatever situation they are currently in.

Long term harm, and then afterwards there is nowhere to turn, nowhere to get help as without those with the ultimate power holding themselves accountable, it is incredibly hard, actually nigh on impossible, to get any help to try and help children with the trauma.

Until the Essex Safeguarding Board and Essex Social Care, start holding themselves accountable and acting in the best interests of children, please do not call them.

If it is regarding sexual abuse, as a survivor of both sexual abuse and disclosing sexual abuse to essex social care, the sexual abuse itself was not as traumatising.

I am still struggling to cope with the trauma of being forced to disclose with my children present.

It’s damaging, until Essex Social Care can realise that and change the way they do things, you must never ever make a report to essex social care regarding sexual abuse.

If you wish to talk to me about it I can be reached here via the comments, at, on twitter and facebook.

I can supply you with a telephone number you can call me on so that you can keep the number withheld.

I fully understand that it is hard to know if someone is telling the truth via the written word, hence why i’m happy for people to talk to me via phone.

I just want to save any more children, and women, from going through what my children have been through.

Just found this, this is what should have happened when a safeguarding referral was made against Heidi Hibbett by two professionals when my children made a disclosure of emotional abuse by Heidi Hibbett

That is Essex Social Care all over, on paper they do all the good things, in reality they do bugger all.

The referral went to Heidi’s manager, who told Heidi but did nothing else about it, leaving Heidi to take it out on my children.

Processes are worthless if they are never used.

They are so pathetically inept it’s almost laughable.