Kiran Box hates disabled people.

Don’t need that money now. though it would be useful,

Money aside, I still want to go to the media, now i’m not under a time limit, i’m thinking November, as that will make our story more powerful.

To be honest, i’m so busy and overwhelmed at the moment, as well as struggling with my mental health because of Gavin Jones, that it’s nice not to have to be in a rush.

I’ve actually got so much going on at the moment that i’m struggling to cope.

I actually don’t know what I want and change my mind so often. I feel the need to be heard, I need that, to be acknowledged, that is a definite need.

Getting things changed was a need but no longer is, i’ve come to terms that ECC is absolutely resistant to change when how they work currently suits those high up, it harms the residents, but nobody actually cares about us. Changing things is futile, battling to do so is futile.

I don’t want any correspondence from ECC, what’s the point in that? They lie, make things up, and have shown a complete disregard to the safety of my children. They wouldn’t anyway, mostly because their story is they have done nothing wrong, actually, that isn’t their story, their story is that they might have done something wrong but they aren’t going to investigate it.

They would not correspond with me as they would think I would publish anything they sent me on this blog. They would be right, I would because it would be a load of utter rubbish.

I don’t want to sue, already been over that one.

Not sure about legal action, surely if they were going to do that they would have done it already? Probably haven’t because they know i’d post everything they did.

I am going to raise a concern regarding Kiran Box, part disability discrimination for making me walk up two flights of stairs when it was dangerous for me to do so, and not letting me have a break when I needed to due to my disability, and also for how she treated me with regards to the timeline/medical evidence.

Nothing says you hate service users more than throwing actual evidence away right in front of their face while you have an evil smug grin on your face.

That’s a public protection issue, all of it, including the disability discrimination stuff, the way she treats disabled people is disgusting, and it’s actually against the law, that would fall on ECC as they did not abide by the law, but can’t be bothered doing that, so i’ll just highlight how Kiran Box treats disabled people like they are a piece of shit.

That definitely needs to be done, and quickly actually.

I actually took more morphine and diazepam than I should have in that meeting because Kiran Box would not let me take a break, the pain in my legs and the spasms were intolerable. It was either sit there crying from the pain, or take too much medication, if i’d started crying Kiran would only have shouted at me.

Kiran Box putting disabled people through physical agony because she can. As i’ve already stated, her actions towards all of us were evil, and ECC hates disabled people. She is a terrible person through and through, I very much doubt there is even a tiny bit of her that has any good in it, she is completely and utterly a bad person.

When faced with a complaint that asked why she threw away medical evidence in front of me, she just answered with one line that she already knew all of the medical evidence. If that is true then she committed disability discrimination on a massive scale, and hates disabled children the same as she hates disabled adults.

I think she may just hate everyone and doesn’t have an ounce of love for anyone but herself in her whole body.

And a concern against Alison Barnes for the same reasons I raised one against Laurette Robertson.

I feel empowered at the moment, this may change, so i’m going with newspaper in November, or earlier, and then everything else after.

Except the concerns, i’ll do those asap.

Why should we not have a voice?

Why are they allowed to get away with it? Why is Kiran Box allowed to get away with it?

Act like they adhere to disability laws, and then break them at every opportunity for their own amusement.

This is why I want our story known and our voices heard.

I am happy in this little corner of the internet doing my thing, but it does need to end up as a big thing, being talked about, being publicised. We deserve that, we deserve to be acknowledged, to be heard, instead of being threatened, abused, and belittled, as well as lied to.

I’m getting stronger.