Heidi Hibbett working at NASA

I’m posting this because I cannot work out anything to do with this, it is totally baffling.

Heidi made the following profile on Linkedin

I mentioned this in the following post:

I then checked on Linkedin again and the profile has been deleted, although still on google, as it takes a while for google to catch up.

I cannot understand why? Why would a registered social worker create a Linkedin profile stating they work at NASA?

I have no need for a Linkedin profile to use the site properly, although I do have one, which was set up many many years ago as I wanted to send a message to someone whose only presence on the internet was via Linkedin, they also own their own company, but I didn’t want to interfere with that.

There was some very important information I was after, it was to do with adoption, so it was a message where I stated that he may be shocked at what i’m saying. as I had no idea if he even knew about the child who was adopted. Turns out he did, and could fill in the blanks and also give me the information I needed. It was a child who was willingly placed for adoption many many years ago.

My profile still has me listed as no job.

It’s been over a decade now but i’m certain you can still do that if you want a Linkedin profile.

So why did she choose NASA?

Given that I now know she reads this blog as the profile was deleted the same day I posted, why?

I also don’t know why she would read here, it’s for information, she was there, she knows it all., she’s not sorry for any of it, so is she just reading to gloat at the damage done to my children?

I have no idea, but then again I cannot fathom why she would say she works at NASA.

I blocked out the location just in case she has moved, I doubt it as given how much she lies, she is likely lying about that as well, she lied about working for NASA.

She is truly a prolific liar, to the point where I do not think that the “3 year old daughter” she told my mum she has actually exists. That child would be 6 now, I believe that Heidi just made her up, some of that may be just because I want that to be true, i’ve seen how Heidi treated my children, she shouldn’t be around children in any capacity in my opinion.

I am still shocked she is reading here.