Laurette Robertson

I have already written about Laurette Robertson here:

I raised a concern with the social work regulator, SWE.

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Both those posts will end up being deleted and rewritten on here. At the time those were written I was going through a complete mental breakdown. I started my other blog because I felt so utterly devastated, helpless, and just awful, it was blog or suicide. I made the correct choice.

Anything negative I wrote at that time regarding SWE was unfair, unkind, and absolutely disgraceful behaviour on my part. I was going through a complete mental breakdown, however, that does not excuse what I did or said.

My actions towards the case examiners themselves, especially publishing their names on a public blog together with what I wrote about them when they were just doing their job, was quite frankly absolutely disgusting. The case examiners examined the case using the information they were given and made their decision accordingly.

The information they had to make that decision was wrong and incomplete, but that was not their fault.

At all times, SWE have acted beyond reproach, even when my behaviour towards them has been absolutely terrible.

The reason that there was never a chance of the concern I raised being able to be considered completely by the case examiners was due to Essex County Council purposefully sabotaging the process.

Legally ECC have to give SWE everything they ask for with regards to a fitness to practise investigation, which ECC complied with legally speaking, though totally without any ethics.

The concern I raised with SWE against Laurette Robertson as a member of the public was always going to fail. Essex Children’s Services would have known this. ECC would have known how the regulator works, what evidence they need, how important what is said to the regulator is, all of the important things.

The allegation I made against Laurette Robertson was that she, and another person, approached me after a 3 hour ICPC, after they had seen me take some seriously strong medication, stopped me from leaving, and then proceeded to spend the next 30 minutes brainwashing me into believing my husband had sexually abused my children.

My opinion is that this is routine behaviour by employees of Essex Children’s Services, and is encouraged by all, including Helen Lincoln.

So, as a bit of a naïve member of the public, I raised a concern regarding Laurette Robertson with SWE at roughly the same time I submitted a complaint to ECC.

There is absolutely nothing in ECC’s complaint policy that states that raising a concern with SWE means that ECC will refuse your complaint.

That is what happened though.

The first excuse from ECC was just because they aren’t allowed to by law I think was mentioned, although not the specific law. This then moved on to being because SWE are exactly like the LGO, including saying that SWE can make ECC apologise to a member of the public, and can tell ECC what to do to put things right, and stating that if SWE tell them to change the way they do things that ECC will comply.

I begged for paperwork for them to prove this to me many times, I just got blanked, because of course it’s something that ECC made up so there is nothing to prove it exists.

Then they switched to that they can’t investigate while SWE are investigating as it would undermine SWE’s investigation and SWE are the higher power so they can’t.

Then it switched to that they cannot by law because the children’s act says that ECC cannot investigate when disciplinary action may happen and they made it clear they knew that SWE was not disciplinary action but just that ECC may at some point take disciplinary action so they couldn’t investigate my complaint.

Then they added in that after a SWE investigation they wouldn’t investigate themselves as SWE exonerates social workers, despite the fact i’ve never asked SWE to investigate a social worker, i’ve only ever asked ECC to investigate themselves, as an organisation.

Now after Paul Turner decided that all of the above excuses were wrong, although i’m guessing he only looked at the last one, ECC then decided that my complaint had been late, i’d been told that at the time, so they couldn’t under any circumstance investigate it.

I provided proof to Paul Turner, Monitoring Officer at Essex County Council and Head of Legal, that it wasn’t true. Paul Turner’s answer to me yet again proving that they should have investigated was to ghost me.

The man entrusted with making sure that ECC and it’s officers and members act like anything resembling decent human beings was provided with proof they were once again lying and his response was to totally ghost me.

This behaviour has been condoned by all Executive Directors at ECC, including Helen Lincoln and Gavin Jones, it has been condoned by all Cabinet Members, including Louise McKinlay.

I just wrote out when I raised the concern what happened. I had no idea at that time how corrupt Essex County Council’s officers were, absolutely no idea.

I’d fallen for all the rubbish they put out there about being open, honest, and accountable.

I just assumed that when they were asked for information from SWE, they would help to fill in the gaps.

I also assumed there would be some kind of investigation by ECC for safeguarding reasons. I know that never happened as there were no investigations done by ECC that were sent by ECC to SWE. Given that by law ECC has to send them all they have when they ask, that means that ECC just sat back and did nothing when serious safeguarding allegations were made against an employee, in fact spending the past 15 months telling lie after lie to protect themselves from having to investigate, even going so far as to get Paul Turner, Monitoring Officer to end his investigation even though I sent him proof that their current narrative, that my complaint was late, was yet another lie.

I didn’t tell SWE that Laurette Robertson was someone I only met twice, 11 days apart. I didn’t tell SWE that Laurette had nothing to do with my family and made no decisions for my family, I didn’t tell SWE that even now, i’m unsure of what her role in the ICPC was, and what her job role actually entails. I did not tell SWE who the person with her was, I had no idea who she was, what her name was, what her role was, the only time I ever saw her was in that meeting room.

No member of the public would expect to have to give all of those details. If there had been any involvement with either of them and me and my family other than that incident I would have mentioned their involvement, I didn’t mention any involvement or what their role was regarding my family because they weren’t involved and I haven’t got a clue what they do aside from giving vulnerable women PTSD.

They probably go about their day being morally bankrupt, wrecking families lives and brainwashing other vulnerable women into making false accusations, go crying to Helen Lincoln to cover it up for them when someone complains, and then relax with a nice glass of wine when they get home.

SWE asked ECC for all investigations and the outcome of those investigations with regards to the incident. Knowing that i’d submitted a complaint and begged them repeatedly to investigate while them refusing to, they just told SWE there had been no investigations into the matter, and then handed them a copy of an LGO report with regards to ‘linked matters’. It was from a complaint made by my child, which ECC failed to investigate that as well, there is absolutely no record of that complaint anywhere at ECC.

So legally, ECC complied with SWE, morally, they didn’t. The case examiners would have taken the abscence of any investigation as a lack of a complaint being made by myself to ECC regarding the incident. ECC would have known this and chose to deliberately withhold the fact that I had submitted a complaint but they were refusing to investigate it.

I am also going to guess that it never would have occurred to them that a local authority would go to the lengths that ECC have gone to so they don’t have to investigate a complaint and they would have assumed that given the accusations were so serious and a serious safeguarding matter that a local authority would have investigated them thoroughly both for the victims sake, but also because it’s such a serious safeguarding risk.

There will be so many men who have been falsely accused of sexual abuse of their children because of the brainwashing methods used routinely by Essex County Council.

Men who have done absolutely nothing torn away from their children, labelled a paedophile, had their whole lives ripped away from them, in some cases their careers as well, because Essex County Council routinely approach vulnerable women after ICPC’s and brainwash them. I am certain that they also use the same brainwashing tactics outside of conferences, but after a conference is a good place to do it as the woman at that point will be especially vulnerable and much much easier to manipulate.

I would imagine that Essex Children’s Services also use the same tactics to brainwash women into making false allegations regarding domestic violence, whether that is physical or psychological.

My family were incredibly lucky in that my children cannot be manipulated. I know that when Gabriel Lowrie told them that “We think your Dad has been sexually abusing you”, an exact quote, and other leading statements, younger children, or children with less strong sense of self, may have just gone along with it, especially given Gabriel Lowrie’s propensity to interrupt children when they are saying what he doesn’t want to hear, and interjecting with what he does want to hear.

You read about men who have been accused of all sort of things after social care have gotten involved, accused of sexual abuse or domestic violence with absolutely no accusations happening before social care got involved. Then suddenly they are monsters after their female partner accuses them of things.

I’d stand up in court and give details of what Essex County Council did to me on behalf of anyone in that position. I would do the same for someone in a criminal court if the accusations came about after social care got involved.

It is even written in the ICPC minutes that I wasn’t believing what they were saying, at no point until after Laurette Robertson and Alison Barnes brainwashed me did I accuse my husband of sexually abusing my children. Then the first thing I did after they brainwashed me and instructed me to ‘call Gabe’ was say I was 100% sure he had. Laurette gave some garbage reason as to why she kept me behind, which I can’t remember what it was she told SWE her reasoning, but it wasn’t true whatever it was. Even the case examiners stated that she shouldn’t have kept me back after the meeting. Essex County Council disagree with that and count her as exonerated even though they have never investigated.

So the case examiners were in with no chance, Essex County Council was in effect mocking the social work regulator by deliberately withholding certain things. They withheld the fact that I had complained to ECC and that i’d begged and begged them to investigate and they had refused. They also should have sent them something to describe the situation and how Laurette and Alison fit into the picture, they also should have told them who the other person likely was, or made steps to find out. They didn’t and I suspect it wasn’t just Laurette who came up with saying there was nobody else there and it was just Laurette. I believe she had backup to help her with her story. Given the amount of covering up that ECC did to not investigate themselves, the amount of lies they have told, and are still telling as to why they cannot investigate, I would be shocked if those above Laurette didn’t have a hand in helping her get her story together.

So the case examiners basically had nothing, I gave them what I had, and i’d be surprised if they had ever encountered another case where a local authority was actively repeatedly lying to avoid investigating complaints, so they would have just assumed that I hadn’t complained to ECC, which would come across as really weird.

Again, ECC were determined to not assist SWE to perform their duties as regulator other than giving them the very basics they could get away with and still comply with the law. They have plenty of experience with dealing with the regulator, they know what is needed and what may be relevant, they sabotaged the concern I raised by failing to give details to SWE that they would know I wouldn’t be aware would be useful to SWE. Along with, as I suspect, giving Laurette Robertson as much support as possible. If the regulators had been able to perform their duties properly and the facts had been found proven at a hearing, then ECC would be under scrutiny and would have to stop brainwashing vulnerable women, which, quite clearly, they are not prepared to do under any circumstances.

Louise Mckinlay, who is aware of this but doesn’t care, is quite happy to drop £500,000 of public money on what looks like it is going to be completely useless, to make women feel safe.

They aren’t even safe from Essex County Council employees and neither are children.

This isn’t some huge conspiracy theory against me, i’m not special or anything, this is solely Essex County Council abusing their power to get the results they want. I wouldn’t have been the first woman they brainwashed, and I wouldn’t have been the last. Given this appears to be accepted and condoned, and even encouraged behaviour, and given that words have been put into one of my childs mouths, and head, that couldn’t possibly be true, and that I know my children were asked leading questions by Gabriel Lowrie, and were repeatedly interrupted by him when they were saying things that went against what he wanted to hear, I would not be shocked if children are brainwashed to make accusations against parents.

I’ll stop here because even thinking about this still has the ability to upset me greatly, it’s just horrible, and horrible to think they are still doing this to other women,

The impact of what Laurette Robertson and Alison Barnes did to me, and by extension, my whole family, has had long lasting effects. It sent me into a complete mental breakdown, i’ve suffered so many flashbacks, it’s been so horrible, really truly horrible.

That everyone from Essex County Council has also been part of covering this up, or condoning that this happened, and being part of making sure it is never investigated, from cabinet members, Louise McKinlay especially, the whole of the Executive Officer Team, especially Helen Lincoln who is happy both to show off an outstanding OFSTED while being equally happy to have her employees brainwash vulnerable women and utterly destroy their mental health and then cover that up, to the complaints team, and even Paul Turner, the monitoring officer.

This is why it needs to be exposed, those men who have been accused of these things because their female partner was brainwashed need to hear from someone who was brainwashed, the public have a right to know what the local authority is doing to people.

My family and myself have a right to have our voices heard.