Email to Gavin Jones

No, not an email i’m going to send to Gavin Jones, that would be pointless, there is no glory for him in even acknowledging myself or my family in any way.

This is regarding the following email I sent him in August 2021:

Which he ignored.

In fact the only acknowledgement i’ve ever had from Mr Jones that my children even exist is him blocking me on Twitter.

He states quite clearly during the this interview:

he has always had a sense of wanting to do public good

“Here, I’m very relaxed in doing it, and it’s part of who I am – because I believe in the humanity of leadership, so I’m able to express myself as a human being with all the failings that human beings have got as well. I think therefore that has empowered me to be in some areas a bit non-conformist, but appropriately.”

Humanity in leadership? Erm, I believe he may be just a little bit of a liar. Given the content of the email I sent him last year, and the content of my twitter posts which explain how much my children have been harmed, and the tweet he liked which details how Essex Children’s Services forced me to disclose childhood sexual abuse over the phone with my children present, leaving me with PTSD, i’d have to say that Gavin Jones has lost any sense of humanity.

In my view he is chasing glory, his ego is way overblown and he thinks he is some kind of local authority saviour.

He glorifies the local authority, he glorifies the staff, because he knows they are the ones who will give him the praise he craves.

While totally forgetting that all of this is meant to be about the residents, and making life better for us, but there is no glory in that.

“I’m personally pragmatic about what the right structure is but I abhor tribalism… I know I’m paid by the county council, but as all my councillors know, we serve the residents and therefore I will work with anybody if it’s in their interests.”

Why wouldn’t he work with me when I sent that email? Why didn’t he act in the best interests of my children?

Did he even read that email? Did he just send it straight to the recycle bin because to him, i’m nothing, i’m not going to give him praise or glory, so i’m not worth his time.

When I sent that email I was incredibly unwell, my mental health was terrible, it was really bad, I was having frequent flashbacks, nightmares, couldn’t sleep, I was in a complete state. I was terrified over the safety and wellbeing of my children.

A resident in a desperate situation, and he didn’t even deem my family worthy enough to respond.

Actions speak louder than words, every single thing he says about being all about the residents is lies, all of it.

It’s about him, he treats the local authority as a business, we are merely part of the statistics.

I tagged him in that post on twitter partly in the hope that he would read it, after all this time i’m still desperate to stop anyone else going through what we went through.

I do also admit that I wasn’t sure whether or not if you tag someone on Twitter they get notified.

At least he read it, and liked it, even if he mistook it for one that was in a private group and written by an employee which is the only scenario I can come up with that sounds plausible.

That hurt, that was really really painful and i’ve been having flashbacks ever since.

The police, a sexual abuse charity, the samaritans, mental health professionals, and the general public all agree that the someone to disclose child sexual abuse over the phone with their children present is incredibly disgusting and harmful

Essex children’s services were relishing the fact that I was begging them to let me do it somewhere safe and private, I was begging to not have to do it.

That is what Gavin Jones liked.

Then as soon as he realised it hadn’t been an employees post he’d liked, he blocked me.

That was incredibly cruel, and he doesn’t even care. He doesn’t care that Essex Children’s Services did that to me in the first place, and he doesn’t care that he hurt me by liking the post and then blocking me.

He lies in that article when he talks about being a human being with failings, we do all fail, but part of being human actually means acknowledging those failings and apologising when you harm someone.

His reaction, which is the same reaction to the local authority he is in charge of, is to make it go away by pretending the problem doesn’t exist.

He has acted in a cold cruel way towards me, and my family. Initially by not even bothering to respond to the email I sent almost a year ago, no acknowledgment whatsoever, and now by liking my post and then blocking me.

I’m also guessing he deleted his account because I carried on posting about it and he’s worried that people who he actually cares about, those who will give him the praise and glory he craves, may see it.

I’d like him to read this post, i’d like him to see how much he’s harmed me, and how much he let my children down by not actioning the email I sent him last year.

I’d like an explanation, i’d like anything, i’d just like to be made to feel like my family matters.

I know we don’t though, hence why this is a post and i’m not emailing it to him.

Since deleting his Twitter account he’s been all over Linkedin getting the attention he craves, I considered posting it there and tagging him in it.

There is no point though, he’d ignore any email, he’d block me from linkedin, i’m guessing that is something you can do on Linkedin.

He has acted to protect himself without given a second thought to me or my children.

Given the fact that I am the epitome of calm and rational, having lost my temper only once, back in September 2006, and all I have ever wanted regarding any of this is for someone in a position to be able to do something to listen to me, it’s not as if I present any kind of threat.

Professionals love working with me because I always do what they say, I listen, and I do what i’m told. Mainly because I am intelligent and I know it would be ridiculous to ignore the advice of a professional who has years of experience working with hundreds of children with additional needs.

Professionals always describe as us one of their favourite families to work with.

Gavin Jones didn’t reply to my email because to admit my children were harmed is to admit that things aren’t as perfect as he makes out. He blocked me on Twitter because while what happened to me is acceptable to him, making myself, and anyone who saw it, know that it’s acceptable to him, makes him look bad.

He deleted his Twitter account to lessen the chance that anyone who he thinks is important may see what he did.

He will reinstate it shortly.

He cannot say that what happened to me in the Tweet and connected blog post that he liked didn’t happen. It hasn’t been investigated, obviously because while it’s a disgusting and harmful thing to do, the chief executive of Essex County Council thinks it’s absolutely fine, as does everyone else.

It’s this kind of thing that just makes me fight harder to get my voice heard, not by Essex County Council, they’ve heard me and chose to ignore me, but by the actual people who matter, the public, and organisations with an interest in the matters that I post about it.

If I had to sum Gavin Jones up in a paragraph i’d say the following:

Gavin Jones is a coward whose main objective in life is protecting Gavin Jones and his reputation. He doesn’t care who he harms to protect himself, vulnerable children and a vulnerable mother are fine to be subjected to further harm as long as Gavin Jones reputation is intact.