I’m heartbroken and devastated – Gavin Jones liked one of my tweets.

Here is the tweet, posted yesterday.

I actually wasn’t sure whether or not someone gets notified if you tag them, I guess they do.

You can see that I have a heart thing there, that is a like on twitter, it’s my first like. That is not surprising that I haven’t had any likes or followers. People do not want to be seen to be following a twitter account like mine. There are accounts on twitter that I read but would never like or comment or follow as I don’t want people to find out i’m following accounts like that, they are child protection related.

Same with facebook, there are a lot of fake names, a very high proportion of people who contact me via this blog use a fake name and a newly made email address. I’ve had 5427 twitter profile views in the last 28 days, no likes and the two followers I have are clearly trying to get me to use their businesses.

So Gavin Jones liked my tweet and in doing so he confirmed that everything i’ve said is true, which I knew, but it’s still heart breaking to have it confirmed. I am absolutely devastated, and really struggling.

Here is the proof he liked my tweet:

It also comes up on his Twitter page under his likes button:

I am absolutely devastated and just broken.

What do I do?

The Chief Executive Officer of Essex County Council just confirmed that what happened to me IS in like with their procedures.

What do I do?

It needs to change, doing it to adults is absolutely horrific, but doing it to children, I actually don’t have the words for that.

I need to do something to stop them doing this.

I just feel so helpless.