Gavin Jones – Actions speak louder than words, the last word.

It’s been a few days since Gavin Jones reactivated his Twitter account.

It shook me a bit when he did.

It’s not actually a me problem though, I did nothing wrong, it’s a him problem.

I blamed myself for what happened, but it wasn’t me, it was him. I tagged him in that post, which I had every right to do, and then he did what he did. He didn’t have to, he chose to do what he did to me.

He then had months in which to offer up an explanation, I made post after post begging him to do so, even putting my phone number on one of them. He chose not to.

I’m out the other side and it’s made me stronger and it’s made me see what a weak person Gavin Jones actually is.

He tells people how he cares about whatever, he talks the talk, but when it comes to actions, he just runs away like a coward.

I would rather have a CEO who was prepared to stand up for what is right, not for what is in his own best self interest. Especially when said CEO is all about how he wants to help the public and that is why he entered public service.

Absolute load of rubbish.

I’ve seen how he treats women, and it’s absolutely disgusting,

I was venting about the way his employees treated myself, a child sexual abuse victim, giving me PTSD and long term mental health problems, and complaining that the way they take disclosures of sexual abuse from victims is dangerous to the extreme. I tagged him in it because I had previously approached him via email to get help to investigate what happened to me, and he ignored me, which is him saying he doesn’t have a problem with either how Heidi Hibbett treated me, or how social services treat sexual abuse victims in general.

I tagged him in that post on Twitter to warn others that he agrees that what happened to me was fine, he then liked that Tweet. I literally begged for an explanation, my mental health was spiralling, got ignored, mental health got worse and worse, still got ignored.

That is the real Gavin Jones, not the hero he portrays himself as, but as someone who treats women as pieces of crap. Myself and my family don’t matter to him, he also doesn’t care that my child attempted suicide, though i’m guessing he will be all about supporting world suicide week of whatever that is. He actually had a chance to prevent a child attempting suicide, he decided to ignore me both before the suicide attempt, and afterwards.

Gavin Jones will say whatever will get him the right response, what he says and how he acts are two entirely different things. He is untrustworthy, you cannot believe a thing he says.

He is entirely self serving, everything he does is for his own benefit, he doesn’t care who gets harmed by his actions, he will just pretend it never happened. He has the power to do so, there is literally nothing I can do about that, and neither would I want to.

It wasn’t a smart move begging for an explanation, but I was unwell and desperate. If he had offered up an explanation it would have been false, self serving, and he would put all of the blame on me. I know this because his employees have told me repeatedly that it’s my fault they didn’t investigate everything, including my child’s suicide attempt.

Yes, you read that right, Gavin Jones Essex County Council blamed me for them not investigating my childs suicide attempt.

That is how Gavin Jones operates, and it’s passed down to his employees.

They just blame the victim, constantly blame the victim. Gavin Jones refuses to take any responsibility for his actions, and neither does his staff. Gavin Jones encourages and protects his employees from having to take responsibility for their actions.

Gavin Jones is not a good person, he is an incredibly weak man who just does as he’s told by the members. He definitely says the right things, but that is just talk, he doesn’t act upon what he supposedly believes in.

I’ve just looked and Gavin Jones has indeed just liked a post regarding World Suicide Prevention Day, which I actually find amusing.

As i’ve already said, ignored me when I begged him for help when my children were suicidal, ignored after my child attempted suicide as well. My child, using their own voice has been very vocal about what caused their suicide attempt, Gavin Jones ensured that what my child said wasn’t even investigated.

Gavin Jones does not fully support suicide preventation, if he did he would have made sure that the cause of my childs suicide was immediately and fully investigated instead of allowing his staff to come up with excuse after excuse as to why they can’t.

They should have investigated solely because it’s the moral thing to do and to stop it happening to others. Have other children died for the same reasons since? That wouldn’t surprise me at all. Gavin Jones wouldn’t care if that has, or does happen because he puts the perceived success of the LA over the lives of children.

If Gavin Jones honestly supported suicide prevention, none of this blog would ever have been written as he would have insisted that what my child said regarding their suicide attempt was investigated fully and my child was supported. My child had social workers just standing there not able to say a thing as my child was pouring their heart out about what happened.

They couldn’t even soothe the child by telling them they believed them, because Gavin Jones refused to investigate the suicide attempt to save the LA’s reputation.

Gavin Jones is a nasty piece of work hiding behind a fa├žade of false narratives and false morals.

I’m waiting for him to write a song about me, probably titled “Ha Ha Ha”, he is that cold and callous he probably would.

He is just an incredibly weak man, he enjoys bullying women, look what he did to me, and his only loyalties lay with those who can do something for him, he cares about nothing else, or nobody else but himself.

How he treats women is especially heinous, the way he treated me was absolutely disgusting, he has failed my family completely and he doesn’t care. Instead of facing things head on, he ran, deleted Twitter and ran because he’d been caught out.

I’m stronger than him, much stronger, and i’ve found my voice.

I can’t do a lot, I have no power, but I have a voice, and i’m going to talk about this to as many people as possible because people need to know.

I’m not speaking for him, i’m letting his actions and inactions speak for him, he can be judged on what he’s done, not what he says. He’s said nothing, as a woman and only a resident, I don’t deserve his respect or time, but actions speak louder than words, and in this matter his actions are screaming very clearly about what type of person he is. My intention is to make sure that my voice gets heard in as many places as possible, especially places with vulnerable women, and sexual abuse victims, to show them what kind of person Gavin Jones is by showing them his actions towards me.

I’ve stated before that ECC has won, that actually isn’t true.

We’ve won, we are stronger than ever, things are going well, and my eyes, and anyone who reads this eyes, have been opened to the truly disturbing actions of a lot of people, including the CEO of Essex County Council.

What Gavin Jones has put me through in the last 5 months is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Gavin Jones may see women as weak and useless, but no, we are strong, really really strong. In my case i’ve always been strong and the past four years have made me stronger. They have made me into a person who i’m really happy to be.

I’m going up against one of the biggest local authorities in the country. I’m going up against some seriously powerful people. I’ve been doing this for two years and i’m never going to stop. Looking at it that way, it’s pretty impressive and I am rather proud of myself.

Not to mention the trauma i’ve been through, which i’ve now come out the other side and am ready and willing to actually discuss it all verbally as well as online, that was the last thing I needed to do. I’m strong and i’m not going to stop fighting.

I’m not scared of any of them.

Gavin Jones tried to destroy me with his actions, it’s made me stronger.

If I went by what he says about himself, and what all of those who suck up to him say about him, i’d conclude he is a really nice down to earth person, who is moral and willing to do anything he can to help anyone and always stands up for those who have no power to stand up for themselves.

If I go by his actions, he is an egotistical, morally bankrupt, power hungry, woman hating, poor excuse for a human being. who enjoys bullying those who he thinks can’t fight back against him.

He enjoys his job immensely except for the whole residents bit, he hates us, to him we are just numbers on a screen and not important.

He mocked me because I was sexually abused as a child, he mocked me because then his employees gave me PTSD by forcing me to disclose in front of my child, he then mocked me because I wanted it investigated, he then mocked me when I wanted an explanation as to why he was mocking me.

That is the real Gavin Jones, not what he says, but what he does.

His actions are what he should be judged on, not whatever rubbish he says that he thinks makes him look good.

I’m also going to tag him in this.

This is part of what he did, other posts can be found on his category, a lot of them show a timeline of me going deeper and deeper into a mental health breakdown, begging him for an explanation and the effect his actions had on me: