Kiran Box – West Essex Child Protection is in a mess.

I just feel so desperately sad at the state of Essex Social Care, especially West Essex Social Care.

It is the children that end up suffering.

The biggest problem we experienced is that they just don’t listen. They never even took a history of any of our lives, let alone the children’s lives.

I did write that out for Kiran Box, but she threw it away and said she wasn’t going to read it.

My next post will be about Kiran, while my experience was with Kiran, her behaviour is indicative of how West Essex behaves as a whole.

I will be writing it out as if I was raising a concern against her with the regulator. I will not be raising a concern with the regulator, my reasons for that are numerous, some of which are selfish, however I feel it’s the best way to get across how Kiran Box is not fit to practise.

There is evidence to back up everything I will be saying, and during the course of the blog post I will be stating what the evidence is.

I am unsure how much of the evidence I will post, if any, this is mostly because a lot of it would be impossible to redact and still make sense.

The post will not put Kiran in a good light, and i’m very conscious regarding how large ECC’s legal department is, and also their access to unlimited funds. So the blog post will also be written in a way where I basically tell them what evidence they would need if they wanted to take me to court.

An example is that one of the things they relied upon was that one of my children had an autism assessment which showed they didn’t have autism. That isn’t true, they hadn’t had an assessment, so basically they were saying my child couldn’t have autism because they had already been tested for autism and it was negative.

So they were saying that my child’s autistic behaviours had to come from abuse and neglect as they’d had a negative autism assessment when the truth was they had never been tested.

That was among what I handed to Kiran, and I also tried to raise that in the Initial Child Protection conference but Kiran told me to shut up.

That my child had a failed autism assessment is well recorded in our notes so there is plenty of evidence to show that is what Essex Social Care were saying.

I will be saying that I told Kiran Box this on the paperwork she tossed aside, to take action against me, ECC would have to prove that what they were saying is correct, that my child did have an autism assessment that showed they didn’t have autism.

I set out in the timeline of my children’s lives that I gave to Kiran Box that my child had never been assessed, she threw that away.

The harm caused to that child by continuely saying child definitely didn’t have autism because they had already been assessed is obvious. Child has now had an autism assessment and has autism. Education failed because of this as the child protection stated that my child had no additional needs when in fact they are autistic so I couldn’t get them the correct support.

The vaginal discharge and wiping themselves with an antibacterial wipe was as a result of antibiotic induced thrush when the child was 3 years old.

It was turned into something else and the age of the child at the time was totally omitted. This was written in detail in the timeline I gave to Kiran Box, I believe the medical record of the antibiotic induced thrush was included in that.

Did Kiran care enough about my children to read it? No she did not, and a piece of so called evidence they were using to place my children on child protection was completely twisted. There is vaginal discharge and then there is antibiotic induced thrush. Also being so concerned about my child wiping themselves with an antibacterial wipe when it was a result of child not being able to read and grabbing it instead of a wet wipe as they were sore from the thrush.

Just those two things in the child protection conference instead of the absolute rubbish they were using as evidence would have changed things a lot, but Kiran didn’t care about my children enough to read about their lives from someone who was actually there and who had the medical evidence to prove it.

She said I was fabricating medical conditions in my children yet refused to look at the medical evidence that proved otherwise, we are talking clinic letters from a paediatric neurologist.

This led to two of my children being tortured by social workers by repeatedly being told they had nothing wrong with them and i’d made it all up, the children were insisting it was true because they were there, social workers still insisting i’d made it all up.

Two of my children in pain and nobody taking any notice of how they feel in their own bodies.

I can remember one of them sobbing their heart out after yet another Heidi Hibbett torture incident just saying over and over again “Why won’t anyone believe me?”.

Another one, apparently I went as far as getting my child a lift pass at school for 6 months when there was no need for one as there was nothing wrong with that child.

They had decided i’d been fabricating illnesses so where there was no evidence they just made it up.

Medical records actually show that the physiotherapist gave my child foot splints to correct toe walking caused by a neurological problem.

Foot splints are metal things which go up to just below the knee with a metal rod at the back and a metal plate under the foot so the foot is constantly kept at a 90 degree angle, the ankle cannot be moved at all when they are worn. Google foot splints to see how horrible they are.

The physio asked if there was a lift at school otherwise child would have to take all lessons downstairs as it is not safe to go up and down stairs in foot splints, especially when you add a thousand other children using those stairs at the same time. We said that yes, there is a lift, the physiotherapist then called the school to request a lift pass for my child.

This is all recorded in detail in my childs medical record. So a child wearing foot splints, so metal all up their leg to their knee and not being able to move their ankle at all making stairs impossible, becomes me asking for a lift pass when there was nothing wrong with my child.

That’s West Essex Social Care for you.

That was in the timeline I gave to Kiran Box, who threw it away.

My child also told the social workers that they had to wear foot splints when they were 12, my child was told there was nothing wrong with them and that i’d made that all up, including them wearing the foot splints.

Cerebral Palsy was suspected for that child, google foot splints and cerebral palsy and toe walking. There were also some serious neurological signs that were found by the neurologist that also points to that, spasticity in the legs for instance.

Again, that was in the timeline that Kiran threw away in favour of keeping with the narrative that i’d made it all up.

My child had to miss medical appointments due to the child protection plan, I was too scared to take them as I was being threatened with having them taken away for fabricating illnesses.

One of the things Kiran Box had written on the Child Protection Plan was that I had to stop telling the children they had things wrong with them as there is nothing wrong with them.

Given that i’d never told them they had anything wrong with them, only the doctors are qualified to do that. my child can remember being told by the neurologist they may have cerebral palsy. The last appointment was when my child was 15 I believe, old enough to be gillick competent and the neurologist to explain these things to the child.

Child didn’t undergo the testing as it’s very invasive and painful, along with another reason that I can’t discuss for privacy reasons. I had many talks with the neurologist regarding not doing invasive testing and she was in agreement, they can tell so much just from the neurological signs they see, like they know if someone has spasticity that means there is something going on in the upper motor neurons.

That’s emotional abuse and neglect by West Essex Children’s Social Care. Extreme amounts of medical neglect, my child got discharged from the neurologist because they missed appointments because I was too scared my children would get taken away if I took them to the neurologist they had been seeing for 10 years.

Given my lived experience with Kiran Box, and the harm she caused to my children, as well as the evil grin she had on her face when she threw the timeline i’d given her away, it is my opinion that she is pure evil.

It is possible she read the timeline/evidence I gave her as she had it three days before the conference, saw that what social care were saying was a complete load of rubbish, but decided to keep on with it because she hates my children and wanted to cause them harm.

If she did read it or not, she caused them incredible harm, she neglected their medical/emotional/educational needs, she also caused emotional abuse against them. She caused three of my children to become suicidal and one of those three to actually attempt suicide.

To do that to children shows she hasn’t got a decent bone in her body..

The only reason I can think of as to why Kiran Box hates my children, and hated them the first time she saw their details on paper is because two of them are gay, the only possible reason I can think of for her treating my children the way she has done is because she may be homophobic.

Or she may just get a kick out of harming children, I don’t know, i’ll never know why she did what she did, I don’t want to know either.

I’ll do the proper full post, hopefully before Tuesday as I have an incredibly busy week next week. What is written above is only a small snippet of what happened.

She is the Service Manager for Assessment and Intervention for West Essex, so works in Harlow, that is a huge responsibility and requires someone who actually cares about children’s safety and wellbeing, not someone like Kiran who caused an incredible amount of proven harm and neglect to my children.

The post will be an incredibly important one for all families in West Essex who have any involvement with Children’s Social Care, especially those who end up under child protection.

She is now in charge of the whole of the part of children’s services in West Essex that deal with the initial child protection conferences, so the part that means children end up on child protection plans.

It’s clear to see how she caused emotional harm and neglect to my children when she was just a conference chair.

I would be shocked if my children were her only victims, i’d guess there are many more.

Now she is a service manager and in charge of assessments and the child protection process, I imagine that what happened to my children happens on a regular basis now.

Kiran Box went with what Gabriel Lowrie had fabricated on the assessment, it didn’t matter that some of it just didn’t make sense, for example that a 2 and a half year old child had witnessed a sudden change in their siblings and remembered it clearly 7 and a half years later when they were 10.

I tried to speak up in the conference and she told me to shut up, I tried to speak up before the conference, when we met with her before, and she told me to shut up. I then wrote the timeline of significant events in my children’s lives, she threw that away with an evil grin on her face.

She is cold and uncaring and controls the outcomes for so many children, and that is absolutely terrifying, Children in West Essex are not safe while she is in that role, in the same way that my children were put in danger by her when she was ‘only’ a conference chair.

Kiran Box won’t read this, she’s already proven she won’t read anything that doesn’t say what she wants it to say.

I’ve been harsh about her in this post because i’m telling the truth and the truth makes her look bad.

If i’d made up what i’ve said, it would more than meet the legal definition of defamation.

If it could be proven that what was on the S47 assessment about myself getting a lift pass for my child and my child not needing it, then an injunction could easily be gotten which means I have to take this post down.

All they would have to do is prove that my child did not have a lift pass because they had foot splints and their ankles were fixed into position by the foot splints and so they couldn’t walk up and down stairs. They would need to prove that I invented the whole thing.

Alternative they could just say it’s defamation and i’d have to prove it’s not, which I could only do by providing the notes from the physiotherapist detailing exactly what happened during the appointment where the foot splints were fitted.

They were ordered a couple of weeks earlier but we had no idea they would be like they were, we thought they would be insoles.

I have that proof, I gave that proof to Kiran, or at the very least detailed the proof. I know I supplied some of the medical evidence in the timeline, it was definitely more than enough to prove I was telling the truth.

Again, they would either have to supply proof i’m lying about the neurologist or i’d have to supply the court with the letters i’ve mentioned.

With the thrush, given that they used that entry to say it was a vaginal discharge with no reason, they would still have those records and it would be easy for them to prove i’m lying as there would not be three appointments within three weeks, the first one for strep throat where antibiotics were given, the second one for thrush, where canesten cream was prescribed and more antibiotics were given as the strep throat hadn’t gone, and then the third, after my child had scratched themselves and then wiped themselves with an antibac wipe where they were then prescribed another cream to treat both the thrush and the irritation from itching.

Or they could make me provide evidence in my defence, which would be the three appointments when my child was three detailing exactly what i’ve just said.

The post i’m going to write will be so important for the public to read.

They need to know what happens in West Essex Children’s Social Care, they need to know how Kiran Box acted with regards to my children,

I cannot do anything to stop her doing it to others, or causing any harm to others, but I can make the public aware.

The public need to know this happened, given it’s not been investigated as ECC wants to keep doing it, it will still be going on.

If i’ve made up anything, or everything, on this post, it would be really easy for ECC to get an injunction to make me take down this post, and the one I will be writing that goes into more depth.

Essex County Council actually have all of the evidence i’ve mentioned already, I sent it when I made my complaint, fairly sure it was deleted without even being looked at.

Regarding my complaint there is more to do with Kiran and that which I will go into more depth with in the next post.

Neither Essex County Council, nor Kiran Box, can get this post taken down as it’s not defamation as i’m telling the truth and I have evidence to prove that. It is also in the public interest that how they behave is made public so that other service users are warned.