Gavin Jones has reactivated his Twitter

I’m actually not feeling good about that.

Which makes no logical sense.

It is what it is and it’s making me feel how I feel, and there is nothing I can do about it.

All he’s posted is one of his songs which has a thumbnail as part of the link.

The picture in the thumbnail is of an anonymous/v for vendetta/guy fawkes mask.

The mask that has come to symbolise fighting against oppression, trying to find the truth, and trying to get ordinary peoples voices heard.

Which is the polar opposite to Gavin Jone’s principals, he ignored my plea for help in getting things investigated, then he decided that what Heidi Hibbett had done to me was acceptable and he liked that it happened.

Then I reached out to try and get an explanation as my mental health was failing badly and I desperately needed that explanation.

Absolute silence.

I haven’t listened to the song, I feel that would be unfair as I may say something unkind about his music because of who he is, I also don’t want to hear his voice.

Given the title of the song i’m guessing he thinks of himself as some kind of saviour, I don’t know..

If he thinks of himself in any way of actually helping the public and being on our side, he is very much mistaken.

It’s his fault my child attempted suicide because of the way he runs things. I even reached out to him and got ignored.

If they don’t investigate it, then it didn’t happen, that is the way that Gavin Jones runs things.

At the point I contacted him he could have helped, but suicidal children isn’t enough for him to step in and help.

He is the opposite of fighting for the people, the complete opposite.

His employees eat dinners that cost a couple of thousand pounds, all paid for by public money. I’ll link the post to that here when i’ve done it.

While the most vulnerable residents in Essex are literally going hungry because of the cost of living crisis. How can anyone with any social responsibility allow thousands to be spent on one meal, paid for by the public, while residents starve.

I’m absolutely furious at that, i’m going to guess I won’t be alone in that.

Gavin Jones seems to think he’s still in the private sector while wasting public money on expensive dinners for staff.

I thought i’d be okay if he reactivated his Twitter, turns out i’m not, but that is my problem and i’ll get over it.

He is not a good person, he inflicted a lot of trauma on me, and then refused to even offer an explanation when my mental health was terrible and an explanation would have helped.

All that power which he could use to help people and instead he uses it to harm.

He had the power to help my family, he chose not to because failing families would make him look bad to the members. Which is all he cares about, him keeping his job relies on him sucking up to them and doing everything he can to make them happy.

He is in effect a paid Tory.

I’m not going to tag him in things because i’m scared of what he will do to me,

So i’m not happy he’s reactivate his account whereas I thought i’d be fine, but at the end of the day that is my problem.