Malik Olaiya, 2 month old baby boy dead in Harlow, Essex

A baby boy, Malik Olaiya died on the 19th August 2020 after emergency services were called to his home in Harlow. Malik was only two months old at the time of his death.

Ellodie Goncalves, who is 31 years old has now been charged with murder and child neglect.

Muritala Olaiya-Imam, who is 36 and from Barking, has been charged with causing or allowing the death and child neglect.

My heart breaks for Malik who had his life cut so tragically short, he is constantly in my thoughts.

Helen Lincoln didn’t care about my child attempting suicide, shown by her refusal to investigate. I get the feeling she is laughing at me and my child.

She won’t feel an ounce of sorrow over Malik.

When a child dies or is seriously injured and abuse and/or neglect is confirmed or suspected, a serious case review is held with regards to what the local authority and partners could have done differently.

I know more with regards to Malik’s death and the time preceding it than I am posting here, solely as i’m just posting what has already been in the media as this is a murder case I will not do a thing to jeopardise justice. I also will not post anything regarding any other family members.

Helen Lincoln won’t be feeling anything with regards to Malik’s death, other than nervous for herself.

My child attempted suicide due to the actions of her children’s services, she refused to even investigate. I even contacted her personally, she never replied.

Helen Lincoln is a cold callous woman who is only interested in things going well and has a blind spot for things going wrong, choosing to concentrate and highlight what goes well.

You cannot do that when dealing with social care, things that go wrong can, and do, kill children. It nearly killed one of my children.

Helen Lincoln does not care, I cannot express this enough. I feel guilty over Malik’s death, I have correspondence preceding his death where I have warned the local authority that their actions and way of working and lack of caring, will end in a childs death.

I did nothing with that, I should have gone public and to the papers at that point with our story of how bad things are, I didn’t. I feel terribly guilty about doing nothing, and Malik’s death weighs heavily on me.

Malik was failed by those who were meant to keep him safe. He should still be here.

He was known to Essex Social Services and he should have been protected and wasn’t.

Essex Social Care are saying he is in their thoughts, only in as much as how much responsibility they can avoid.

Essex County Council will do anything they can to get out of any responsibility for his death, they will lie, they won’t investigate what needs to be investigated, favouring hiding things away rather than facing them head on and helping avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Malik will not get treated with respect by Essex County Council, he will just be a problem to him, not even thought as a real person.

I know this because that is what Helen Lincoln did with my children, turned them into meaningless nothings that don’t deserve any respect from Essex County Council.

He was, and still is, important and must absolutely be honoured and remembered.

He should still be alive, safe and warm with people who would have loved him.