Gavin Jones Chief Executive Officer Essex County Council

He’s the one in charge of all of the officers at Essex County Council, he is the boss man.

He is paid £195,000 per year, as well as a hefty contribution to his pension.

He is in the 1% of richest people.

He is so out of touch with most of the people in Essex, he hasn’t got a clue.

Here is a recent twitter post of his:

If music is your thing, go for it. What I have issue with, and what shows how out of touch he is, is the photo of thousands of pounds worth of electronic equipment. I imagine a top of the range Apple Macintosh is also involved.

A rather expensive way to bring balance to your life, and way out of the budget of most of the residents of Essex.

For the most vulnerable, like myself, what i’m thinking is how much that could be sold for to buy food, clothes, and heat for my children.

For a lot of people in Essex, bringing balance to our lives means keeping our children warm and fed, with the increase in energy prices it’s not always possible to do both, so you have to pick one. It’s a good day when they go to bed with full stomachs and warm.

Yet the CEO of Essex County Council finds his balance by playing with thousands of pounds worth of electronic equipment.

I’m shocked his tag line isn’t “Let them eat cake”.

As per usual you have a rich white man pretending to empathise with those of us living in poverty while displaying a sickening array of wealth, just to get balance in his life.

I bet he’s never gone without heat, if he has it will be because his boiler has broken, and then he would have gone and bought some electric heaters to keep him and his family warm until it can be fixed. He wouldn’t have had to worry about the cost of buying them, more importantly, he wouldn’t have had to worry about the cost of running them. Electric heaters are so expensive to run, most people cannot afford to run them.

As one of the one percent, he has absolutely no idea, and as the above post shows, he’s completely clueless.

Worrying about finding balance in your life is a luxury that many in Essex cannot have. When your life consists of no free time, it’s not something you even think about.

This is only one of the things he uses to get balance in his life, I wonder if one of the others is turning his nose up at residents living in poverty and blaming us for our situation because we don’t seek out balance.

This is the difference between rich white men and those of us living in poverty. The rich white man makes the decisions, the rich white man says poor ickle poor people, the rich white man then makes sickening displays of wealth.

He tries to act like he is the same as the rest of us for show, but he’s not. He’s a rich white man with a ton of privilege who never has to worry about being cold or hungry, but then pretends to emphasise with those of us who do.

He has no insight as to how families such as mine live, how much we struggle.

He is more than happy that my child attempted suicide while on a child in need plan, and not only was it not investigated, it was brushed under the carpet as if my child is a piece of trash, he doesn’t care if my child lives or dies.

Everything single thing that Gavin Jones says or does is just for show. The guitars on the wall in his office, trying to make out he’s a cool leader, it’s all absolute rubbish.

At the end of the day he’s a rich white man who is absolutely drowning in privilege.

He doesn’t care about my families experiences, he doesn’t care my child could have died. All he cares about is coming across as some kind of weird cool leader, and bragging about having the time and resources to find balance in his life which is so far out of the reach of most of us.

He doesn’t care when things go wrong, he doesn’t care that as a direct result of social care intervention we are living in poverty, one of my children almost died, one of my children missed 4 years of school, another has missed 2 years, and two of them have such severe mental illness caused by social care intervention that they cannot access education or work.

While he’s sitting in front of thousands of pounds worth of electronic equipment finding balance in his already very privileged existence, i’m sitting her in poverty, absolutely exhausted and wondering how i’m going to afford food for my children while coping with all of their complex needs.

It’s basically another rich white male in a position of power, Gavin Jones likes to pretend he’s just like those beneath him, but then he decorates his office with his guitars, it’s possible the value of his office decorations are equal or exceed the amount of some of the people who work at Chelmsford.

He put some of his guitar collection on Twitter to show off, definitely more than a years worth of benefits. One of those guitars would keep my children warm and fed for a while.