Gabriel Lowrie and his Wife

Yup, he’s married.

Has been since August 2019.

The previous post explains what I did.

His profile photo has changed to a photo of himself and his wife on their wedding day. His wife is absolutely not Billie, not even close.

His wife not only has her name and middle names as her facebook profile name, but she has her surname in her URL.

To say they like showing off would be an understatement.

Her first name is extremely common, like REALLY common, her surname is also not an unusual one. There are many many people with the same firstname surname as her, but the inclusion of her other names made it incredibly easy to find out absolutely everything about her.

All of it publicly accessible information.

I know more than I even wanted to know about both of them, when they met, where they met, where they got engaged, the names of their dogs, i’ve seen photos of their son, his name, his date of birth.

I know her full education and job history including where she is currently working, which is in Harlow.

Once I was done I went back to my facebook to block her, something I routinely do, Heidi’s boyfriend is blocked too. Only to find she doesn’t exist. She’s blocked me. Which means she not only knows who I am, she knows my full name, she’s had access to my facebook, as she would have needed to when she blocked me. I have absolutely no idea when this happened. I have no idea how much she knows about my family.

Given the only person who could possibly have told her I existed is Gabriel Lowrie, this means she knows that my children were under children’s services, and not in a good way.

Gabriel Lowrie actually bad mouthed his wife to Billie in front of me. She’s demanding and wants everything her own way or she will cry and scream about it. It was a private joke between two friends.

Something that pinged my brain as odd at the time, but made absolute sense the exact moment I saw her profile. A private joke between two people regarding using a characteristic that two separate people share. I’ve done the same slagging off of someone when someone someone is describing has the same characteristic as the person i’m slagging off, but only the person who is ‘in the know’ would understand. I had no idea his wife even existed, let alone the characteristic that is important and relevant here. It was only when I got that information I understood.

She has the same name as one of my children, who has autism, I was describing a meltdown. I was using my child’s name and Gabriel said something like “don’t I know it” after I described a childs behaviour. Odd at the time, and stuck in my brain but there was so much going on and it didn’t make sense.

As soon as I saw her name I realised hi was an even bigger dick than I gave him credit for.

While Gabe and Billie were ‘at it’ Gabe was sending out save the date cards for the wedding.

His wife has posted all over the internet.

They submitted their wedding to blogs, it’s absolutely everywhere, all over the internet and social media. Photo’s, detailed dating and engagement history, not to mention the write ups of the vendors involved in the wedding.

Her work history, up to and including quotes in her place of employment on their website during covid regarding her place of work.

It’s a school. Gabe’s wife, who knows who I am and has seen my facebook page, works in a school in Harlow.

I invented a few new swear words when I found out she’d blocked me.

Where she works might have been an option for one of my children depending on how things go. That is an absolutely terrifying thought that my child could have been a situation where some random knows all of this sensitive information about my child through her husband.

I can’t even begin to figure out how i’m going to explain all of this to other professionals in the future if her place of employment ever became an option.

Every professional who knows what happened know because they need to know, i’ve told them. They are bound by confidentially, not to mention the best interests of my child.

Some random in a school who has never met my child, and only knows my child exists through her husband because he is a social worker, is not going to be bound by the same rules as other professionals.

Me blindly and without knowing allowing that to happen, while she knows my child’s history, and that my child was on a child protection plan. Something I would never want anyone in her position to know about my child.

Yes, I can tell all that from her blocking me, her husband is a social worker in Harlow, my profile says I live in Harlow, my surname is rather unusual, she’s seen my facebook profile, a necessity for blocking purposes. She would know though that if Gabriel Lowrie knew me, that my children are in Harlow.

I had to blink at the date they got married though, on that day, Heidi Hibbett and her boyfriend were celebrating their second anniversary of being together. Thought that was a funny coincidence.

Boy did they like showing off about their wedding, i’ve never seen anything like it, I laughed out loud a few times at how pretentious they are.

Wedding is the correct term to use as opposed to marriage, as I read absolutely nothing that gave the impression that the day was about what marriage is really meant to be about.

When interviewed for the blogs, they honestly come across as so pretentious.

I am wondering if any of their friends had a similar type of wedding before theirs, the whole thing seems to me to be showing off.

Someone who was there has also described the day as a comedy? No idea why and I think that is a rather odd description.

I’ve written about Gabriel and Billie and their relationship on here, not knowing at that time that Gabriel was married, though actually at the point of my observation of Gabriel and Billie he wasn’t, though he was engaged.

Has any doubt crept into my mind that I was wrong in what I saw? Gabriel having an affair less that a year before he got married? Absolutely none. Gabriel and Billie were in a relationship during the period of time they had professional involvement with my family.

I had an affair with a man who was engaged, it started 6 months before the wedding, and ended 3 months after the wedding. I spent the night before the wedding with him and went home just before his best man picked him up for him to go and get married.

He called me during the day, and the day afterwards. There was a few days before their honeymoon, we met up during that time. He called me during his honeymoon every single day. He threw his wedding ring down a drain in front of me when I told him it was over to get me to stay with him.

I wasn’t the first he’d cheated on her with, and I wasn’t the last.

The marriage ended because of the last. She told a mutual friend she thought there was something going on him and another girl and mentioned she thought there had been something going on with him and me a while ago. I’d told this friend i’d never tell but would answer honestly if asked. He told her to call me. She did.

She thanked me and kept on repeating about how she’s not crazy, which she was told repeatedly that she was by him whenever she’d raise any suspicions. I went round and answered everything she asked me. When she was describing how he was manipulative and would mess with her head she caught me nodding, and was all about how I understood what he was like and what he does. Their marriage ended that night. We are still friends.

We had no clue that what gaslighting was or that there was even a name for what he’d done.

I was just out of a domestic violence relationship and vulnerable, which is a reason, not an excuse for what I did.

Gabriel Lowrie gaslighted me, so gaslighting his wife would be something he’d do.

With the man I had an affair with, their wedding was amazing, a perfect day, vows, promises by him, speeches about how much he loves her. All the usual photo’s, bride looked stunning, happy couple.

She is a model, the beauty on the outside only surpassed by her beauty on the inside., so the photos were amazing.

So finding out that Gabriel is married changed nothing, Him and Billie were having a relationship.

The hyper awareness when me and the man I was having an affair with when we were with others was unreal. Sitting next to each other was avoided at all costs, if it was totally unavoidable we’d move as far away as possible from each other so that nobody knew what was going on. Hence why when Billie and Gabriel were doing the same, I noticed. Most of the time we would be as far away from each other as space would allow. Someone who knew we were having an affair actually said to us about our behaviour and that he was surprised nobody had noticed. Our behaviour with each other was the total opposite of with other people. We were warm to others, but acted like each other didn’t exist unless we absolutely had to.

I had just assumed that when I stated that I felt Billie and Gabriel’s relationship was one of the reasons things had gone so wrong that those they worked with would have known they were together. It didn’t occur to me that they weren’t just keeping their relationship secret from professionals, but for affair purposes, from everyone.

A wedding and a marriage certificate is not proof of a happy couple. That they then sealed the deal with a baby is not proof of a happy couple. Cant’ remember if they have recently moved into a new home or if that is about to happen, either way, a new home is not proof of a happy couple.

They lied to the blog author about how old they were when they met, which given the timeline they gave when they were interviewed for the blog piece would make them younger than they were on their wedding day.

Not even going to form an opinion on why they lied, vanity? Gabe is definitely not looking like a man younger than he is in the photos. I’m not even going to think about it, as it’s something so stupid to lie about, and it’s a lie and not a mistake.

Together with the rest of the article and even the photo’s, leads me to a view that they are trying to paint a picture of something that isn’t real.

They are trying too hard in the blog article.

The photos of them together at the wedding have no real warmth to them, they have distance, and a clenched fist or three from Gabe when an open hand touching his brand new wife would have been more natural.

So I just googled, clenched fists in body language is a really negative sign, they are a sign of everything from unhappy feelings to feeling aggressive. On your wedding day that is not the best sign.

Body language will give you away every single time, your words, your actions, everything else can be saying one thing, but your body language will be telling the truth. Clenched fists was Gabriel Lowrie’s truth on his wedding day. I actually find that really fascinating that you can find out so much from jus one little thing

Three photo’s on a blog where he has his fist clenched on his wedding day, a huge sign he was was feeling negative emotions when those three photos were being taken.

Photos are here

So i’m not particularly happy because my facebook profile was blocked by his wife. Though i’m grateful I did go by what Essex County Council said regarding public available information being fair game and as such Heidi making a fake profile and looking at my public information was fine, so like a bratty child I went and did the same. If not, if her place of employment had become an option, that would have been very bad, I wouldn’t have had a clue.

I am actually gobsmacked regarding the whole wedding thing, that it is literally everywhere, social media, the internet, they described the day as intimate, so just their loved ones and anyone with an internet connection, and the readers of the blogs, and just wow.

So i’ve had an incredibly close call, which really shook me up at the time, but I can now move forward with that knowledge and avoid it.

A few days ago I never would have guessed that the last proper post i’d make would be one like this.

All there is to do now is to delete lot’s and lot’s of posts. Move some over from the old blog and delete that blog, and then sort this one out so it makes more sense.

Nothing more to write about.

I’m happy I started blogging.

The reason for that is because i’m happy, i’m happy for reasons totally unrelated to this blog, but it’s given me a place to process and be heard, and i’m glad for that, and glad for all those who read it.

So I started blogging while I was having a breakdown.

I’m finishing this blog happy. I’m loved and cherished and I love and cherish others.

I may post other bits regarding ECC, but regarding what happened, no, because I don’t need to.

I’ll do what needs to be done to the blog as i’ve already stated, then i’ll approach the press.