Cllr Louise McKinlay, Deputy Leader of Essex County Council should resign.

My first contact with Cllr Louise McKinlay was in early 2021 when she was the cabinet member for children’s and families at Essex County Council.

At that point I was absolutely desperate for what happened to my children to be investigated, at that point an apology might even have helped, I was incredibly vulnerable, in the midst of a mental breakdown, and dealing with so many things.

I got told by both Cllr Louise McKinlay and the then leader of Essex County Council, David Finch, that my complaints had all been fully investigated and not upheld, and words to the effect that my blog was lies. Cllr Louise McKinlay and David Finch threatened action against me if I continued with my blog.

Obviously didn’t happen despite that email being received just under a year ago. I haven’t defamed anyone, i’ve just told the truth. This post is not defamation either as i’m telling the truth.

Cllr Louise McKinlay stated that when it was not the truth.

So Cllr McKinlay, while she was the cabinet member for children’s and families at Essex County Council, refused to get involved when I desperately wanted my childs suicide attempt investigated. My child was on a child in need plan when the suicide attempt happened, and my child was, and still is, very vocal regarding it being caused by children’s social care, with an emphasis on the emotional abuse by Heidi Hibbett.

I raised a complaint about them both, which I later withdrew because the complaints system at Essex County Council is not fit for purpose and I knew that as a vulnerable service user I would not get a fair hearing, it’s pointless, at that point I was suicidal so it was too much risk to my safety to carry on with the complaint.

So you have the then Cabinet Member for Children’s and Families not only not caring that a child who was under a child in need plan could have died, but she also threatened the mother of that child with legal action if she kept on posting about it.

She doesn’t care. All you see all over her social media is fake, she doesn’t actually care about anyone in Essex, she only cares about herself and her political career.

She is now in charge of levelling up. Which is basically meant to improve things for the most vulnerable in Essex. So someone who couldn’t care less if my child lives or dies, or if the same happens to another child, is now in charge of improving things for the most vulnerable in Essex.

That is a terrible idea.

We are talking about a councillor who is so cold hearted towards vulnerable children in Essex that she lied and stated that all of my complaints have been fully investigated and not upheld, and then threatened me with legal action for posting the truth.

That above statement is absolutely true, and shows the type of person she is.

With that in mind, Cllr Louise Mckinlay isn’t fit to represent the needs of anyone in Essex, let alone the most vulnerable. She will be acting at all times in her best interests and not the best interests of vulnerable residents.

She will do what looks best to those who will vote for her, which are unlikely to be the most vulnerable in society so we don’t matter to her.

She was recently in Harlow and was spouting rubbish about levelling up giving those who are deprived the same oppurtunities as everyone else. This is from the same person who when asked to help my extremely vulnerable children, responded with the threat of legal action.

My child who attempted suicide dropped out of education because their mental health is so bad due to what happened to them, which Essex County Council have not investigated. When I approached her for help she could have used her powers to get them to investigate what happened, she didn’t, she used her powers to threaten me with legal action over the untrue content of my blog.

She never followed up with any legal action though, as if she knew it wouldn’t work because i’m telling the truth and they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

She can’t say she didn’t threaten me, I have it in writing, written by David Finch on behalf of both of them, so the words, and the threat, was from both of them.

She’s also in charge of the library’s. Does she actually care about the libraries? I doubt it.

She was part of the council who wanted to close many of them. That only didn’t happen because the residents of Essex fought back against the closures, petitions, letter writing, lot’s of things.

She knows that residents are now thrilled they are staying open, and as such she knows that showing herself to be all about the libraries will win her votes. She doesn’t actually care.

Her goal is clearly to become the leader of Essex County Council at some point.

There are plans to devolve county councils and have unitary authorities the power to provide the services that the county council’s currently provide. Which would mean there would be no Essex County Council, and Cllr McKinlay would be out of a job, this would be a good thing.

Although in my view, Cllr Louise McKinlay will be at some point looking to become an MP. She’s gone from local council to county council, and the next logical step for a career politician is MP.

So, to anyone reading this, next time you see anything from Cllr Louise McKinlay where she is saying she cares about any resident of Essex, please remember that she is the woman who not only stated that all of my complaints have been investigated and not upheld, despite that being a lie, she is also the woman who then went on to threaten me with legal action for telling the truth.

That’s the real Cllr Louise McKinlay, not the caring deputy leader of Essex County Council you will see on her social media, the real Cllr Louise McKinlay threatened an extremely vulnerable woman with legal action when all that woman wanted was for the local authority to investigate what had happened to my children, including investigating my child’s suicide attempt.

She likely didn’t want it investigated as it would have made children’s and families look bad if they had to admit to harming my children, so she did everything in her power, and she has a lot of power, to not only make sure that didn’t happen, but attempted to shut me up by threatening me.

So just to make it crystal clear what type of person Cllr Louise McKinlay is, she lied and stated she would not get involved as all of my complaints had been fully investigated and upheld, even though that wasn’t true and she was lying through her teeth, and just to make things that little bit worse, she then threatened me with legal action for writing the truth on my blog.

That is the true Cllr Louise McKinlay, lying to someone who was at that time extremely vulnerable and who was concerned for her 4 extremely vulnerable children, and then threatening that extremely vulnerable person with legal action for telling the truth.

She was using her power as a then cabinet member and an elected member of the council to threaten me.

So she lies and threatens vulnerable women in an attempt to shut them up from saying things that may make her look bad.

That’s the real Cllr McKinlay, the real person behind the fake fa├žade she portrays to get votes.

She is not a good person, she is a terrible representative of the residents of Essex, and she should resign.

The following post contains the email that both her and David Finch sent to me:

She won’t though, well not until she gets a chance to stand as an MP, which is her plan. It is really clear that is her gameplan, she is full of self interest and is all about the power that being a politician gives her.

Some politicians use that power to help their constituents, some, like Cllr McKinlay, use that power for their own self interest and to advance their political career.

I would just like all those who read this post to keep what i’ve written in mind when Cllr Louise McKinlay acts like she cares, I can assure you she does not.

Ignoring a child who attempted suicide, lying that my complaints had been fully investigated and not upheld, and then threatening me with legal action, all while I was extremely vulnerable and had mental health problems.

I cannot state it enough, i’ve had dealings with the real Cllr Louise McKinlay where she felt she could bully a vulnerable woman into shutting up, she is not a nice person.

She has now had a year to follow up on her threat of legal action. She stated that all of my complaints had been fully investigated and not upheld, all she’d need to do is provide proof of that, which would show she is telling the truth.

She wasn’t telling the truth though, hence why no legal action was forthcoming, she must have felt that lying and threatening me would be enough.

Here is a link to another post I made regarding Louise McKinlay and the safety advisory group:

While that is an open letter, along with anything else i’ve written to her, including when I was begging for help, she won’t have read any of them. She is so far above the public that she just doesn’t care.