Reading about the death of Sarah Everard at the hands of Wayne Couzen’s is truly awful. That he was accused of indecent exposure days before her death and nothing was done about it, leaving him with badge and handcuffs to abduct and murder Sarah, is truly awful.

It may not have stopped him, but it would have made it harder to get a woman into the position where she was as helpless as someone who is handcuffed would be.

We will never know, but what we do know is that the indecent exposure incident should have been investigated, and during that investigation he should have been suspended. A serving police officer was accused of a sexual offence and nothing was done, he been accused years ago and nothing was done then.

That is hindsight, it should have been done but wasn’t, I guess at the time they didn’t feel an indecent exposure allegation was that severe or whatever the excuse was for not investigating.

I had foresight, I told Essex children’s services many many times that a child would end up dying due to the way they do things, I said this many times, I also stated that I was terrified one of my children would kill themselves due to what they were put through. If you read just the last two posts you will understand why, what my children were put through still badly affects them today.

Any right minded person would say that if I could prove what i’ve stated in just my last two posts than my children deserve an apology for the absolute horror they were put through by children’s services, one of my children did end up attempting suicide, a right minded person would expect Essex Children’s Services to do anything and everything to stop my child trying again.

I am so confident writing this blog and saying the things i’m saying because I have the evidence to prove what i’m saying, which isn’t actually worth anything if those who can do something about it aren’t interested. They know I have evidence to back up absolutely everything I have said, and will say in this blog, which means i’m safe from legal action as they know they would get demolished in court.

I’ve got a Consultant Paediatric Neurologist on my side saying my children have an upper motor neuron disorder, Essex County Council have Gabriel Lowrie stating I fabricated it. I’m not a lawyer, but I strongly suspect a judge, once they had spent a couple of weeks getting over the shock of ECC thinking that Gabriel Lowrie knows more than a Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, would laugh ECC out of court.

Given the things that everyone i’ve mentioned here have called me and done to me and my family, what i’ve said about them, especially as it’s the truth, is light in comparison and will not cause any children to attempt suicide.

So I spent months telling children’s services a child would end up dying if they didn’t change the way they did things in children’s services. My experience was with west quadrant, this is pertinent. I knew a child would die and was helpless to stop it. At the time they were actively making up false excuses as to why they couldn’t investigate my complaint and I was literally begging them to investigate, to no avail.

So many times I spoke of my fear of one of my children attempting suicide. Then it happened. They didn’t care, not at all, they even carried on making false excuses as to why they couldn’t investigate the direct cause of my child’s attempted suicide.

Essex Children’s Services made up an excuse as to why they could not investigate my childs attempted suicide, I have proof of this.

That is cruel, I have it in writing, I have proof they did this, or more to the point, didn’t do it. At a time when an investigation and apologising to my children may have made a difference, they didn’t do nothing, they actively used excuses they knew to be false to not investigate my child’s suicide attempt.

A month later a baby boy on a child protection plan who was under west quadrant died. His parents are currently on bail under suspicion of murder, they have not yet been charged. They have to wait for the outcome of tests and I think the inquest, which has been opened and adjourned.

I cannot put all of the blame onto Essex Children’s Services as some of the blame is on me. I not only knew it would happen, I stated it in writing many many times that a child would die. I should have gone to the papers with our case back then, maybe the publicity would have forced them to change the way they do things, I didn’t for my own selfish reasons which were that my mental health was terrible and I was struggling, that is not a good enough reason when I knew that a child would die if nothing was done, and Essex Children’s Services were clear they were going to do nothing. I’ve learned to live with the guilt, but it’s always there.

Essex Children’s Services, like the Met Police, had a heads up that something was very very wrong, the Met Police failed to take Wayne Couzen’s off duty, and Essex Children’s Services failed to investigate not only what went wrong, but also were totally uninterested when a child, who at that point was on a child in need plan, attempted suicide. It was hurtful the utter lack of sympathy or caring that Essex Children’s Services showed after my child attempted suicide. The message they sent, and the message they are still sending, is that they don’t care.

My child was very vocal in the cause of their suicide attempt, a year later and Essex Children’s Services have done nothing, nothing with regards to my child, and absolutely nothing to prevent it happening to another child, as they have refused to accept it even happened the first time. I’d be really shocked if there is actually a record of my child’s suicide attempt and the reason’s that my child gave for their attempt on record.

With the baby that died they don’t care, they care it may make them look bad when it hits the press that the child was on a child protection plan, but as for the child losing his life, I can assure you, they don’t care. They will be doing damage control, they will lie through their teeth and say rubbish like they are open, honest, and accountable and devastated, but that won’t be the truth. The truth will be they are angry that the death of that baby boy has the ability to tarnish their reputation and they wish they could just brush it under the carpet like they did my child’s suicide attempt.

They didn’t care that my child could have died, they don’t care that my child could make another attempt, they don’t care that another child could be put through the exact same thing with the same outcome.

Another child will die because they will not hold themselves accountable when things go wrong, and without doing that they cannot make sure things don’t go wrong again.

There is nobody at Essex County Council who cares that my child attempted suicide, there is nobody at Essex County Council who cares my child may attempt suicide again for the same reason. This covers the whole of children’s services, Helen Lincoln, Cabinet Members, the whole complaints department all the way up to Shamsun Noor the head of regulated and statutory customer services, and even the Monitoring Officer, Paul Turner.

Essex Children’s Services will cause more deaths of children, whether it’s through not protecting them, or whether it’s through causing them significant harm, as they did in the case of my children.

That isn’t a prediction, that is fact, nothing has changed since I told them last year that a child would die, and nothing will change, hence why more children will die.

I’m sure at some point that Essex County Council, either the officers or the members, will put something out there regarding the Met Police failing to take action over the allegations that Wayne Couzen’s indecently exposed himself and about how that needs to change, while a baby boy who was under their partial care is dead, and my child is still a suicide risk.

I will be publicly calling them out if they do because given how ECC has, and continue to handle things, it would be disgusting for them to comment on another organisations behaviour when theirs is not only worse, but unlike the Met Police they don’t even want to look into what they did or didn’t do and what they could do better.