Jody Wheeler Social Worker Text Messages

I’d forgotten I had these.

Her name appears as Jodie Wheeler which is not the correct spelling of her name. I initially spelled it wrong because I only got her name verbally, as soon as I saw her name in writing I was going to change it in my phone but she repeatedly spelled my name wrong, despite her having seen my name in writing repeatedly so I decided to be a bit childish, if she couldn’t bother to even get my name correct, i’d do the same to her. She wouldn’t have seen I spelled her name wrong, but it made me feel better. Completely and utterly childish of me as I said.

I will comment on as much of the text messages as I am able to.

I may have to black out more than I usually would like which is frustrating but absolutely necessary at this time. I will be covering up the name of the children’s mental health provider with just MH for mental health.

These text messages are between myself and Jody Wheeler at the end of June 2019. This would be approxiamately 3 months after my children sat down with Leanne Grant and went into detail regarding the abuse they had been subjected to, the effect it had on them, and it was during that sit down with Leanne Grant that one of them referred to Heidi Hibbett by using the ‘C’ word.

These text messages were also sent less than two weeks after a child in need meeting where I went into detail regarding the abuse my children had suffered, and the help they needed. Despite Leanne Grant having written notes throughout this meeting, nothing was officially recorded in the notes. The whole meeting never existed.

First text is regarding Jody Wheeler visiting the home.

Jody Wheeler Social Worker Essex County Council

Next one must have been after she left. As i’ve previously discussed in this blog one of my children had been referred for autism testing by our GP.

She didn’t even read my text message properly

Next text message is again chasing the Dr

I’ll post the next text messages and their expansions and then comment

Where the children’s mental health provider is mentioned i’ve used read to block it out. At the time these text messages were written none of my children were under mental health, something that Jody should have known.

The text messages start of talking about one of my children who has autism, they had been referred by the GP, as I was not allowed to even hint that I felt my child had autism under the threat social care would put my child in care, so the GP pulled rank and referred her. In the end the referral ended up with GOSH and my child was seen within 9 months. If it had gone to the CDC we would still be waiting. Jody Wheeler should have known about the waiting times given her position.

My child at this point had been out of school for two years. Jody saying that the school should help is quite frankly absolutely ridiculous. School hadn’t seen my child for two years, more to the point, my child would not go in as their disability prevents them from being able to be in a mainstream setting, they just couldn’t cope with mainstream.

These text messages were also written about 3 months after social care had refused a tutor’s request for an educational psychologist to assess my child to see what extra help they needed. Social care had stated there is absolutely nothing wrong with the child so no educational psychologist is needed.

The tutor had finished with my child, they only had a set period with my child and had requested the educational psychologist while they were still working with my child so the assessment could be done.

Jody also suggested calling mental health, despite the fact child has absolutely no mental health problems and was not receiving any help from mental health.

I also spoke about how the children refused to engage with professionals due to what they had been through where they felt they had no voice.

Jody’s reply is utterly disgraceful, she states they engaged well with her and Leanne. The first time they met Leanne they spent 2 hours telling her all of the details of what they had been through, how it had affected them, talking about how nobody would listen to them, called Heidi Hibbett the ‘C’ word.

Then Jody has the utter cheek to say they have asked the children if they want to talk about more than their day to day lives and they said they were fine.

They started out the first time they met either of them detailing the abuse they had been through, how awful it had been, the devastating effect it had on their lives, and were totally and utterly ignored. Leanne just recorded what they said and there was something about how they were concerned the children were saying these things, not because they were true, but because it must be something to do with the children, or i’d made them say it, anything but that the children had described their lived experiences and in effect had been called liars.

Why would they expect the children to talk to them about anything more than the very basics when they wouldn’t even listen to them. The children knew they had to talk to them, so literally just said as little as they could. They hated both Leanne Grant and Jody Wheeler because they didn’t listen to what they had said.

Notice also how Jody asks me what I think they should do. Given the fact that neither of them actually did a thing. You’ll notice in those texts that I had to organise everything, I had to make all the phonecalls, Jody didn’t care that my child was out of education, had been for two years and that there was absolutely no plan to get my child back into education. She didn’t care at all.

What they should have done is believed my children. Their manager, Jo Prosser, was protecting herself and Heidi Hibbett, i’ve seen the notes and have evidence that carried on when Jody and Leanne were involved. What Jody and Leanne should have done is gone above Jo Prosser’s head, whistleblown that 4 children had been abused and were severely traumatised by the actions of social care and that their manager was actively covering this up. They didn’t, in the case of Leanne both her and Jo Prosser conspired to cover up what i’d said in the CIN meeting of the 7th June by making sure there was record of what was said because what was said would have been a record of how badly my children had been harmed.

There is a lot there. Firstly I tell her, again, how much the children have suffered and how they are still suffering.

Notice how she puts the blame on me. I need to continue to try and engage with the CDC. That is absolutely in the top ten most bizarre things i’ve ever heard from a social worker and i’ve heard a lot. My child was not under the CDC, my child had been referred to the CDC, as it turns out they ended up refusing the referral in favour of referring GOSH. If my child had been accepted by the CDC i’d still be waiting now. Subtly blaming me for not engaging in a service my child wasn’t even under.

Then you have the three children starting fresh education. Those three children were suffering from extensive trauma, which doesn’t actually disappear just because the local authority ignores it. All three tried, and I am so incredibly proud of all three of them. One of them has psychosis from the trauma they suffered from social care, another attempted suicide, and the third lasted 5 months before having a complete breakdown, hasn’t been back in school since.

The other two, one lasted a year, the other lasted 3 months, it was absolutely horrific for them, and starting new education afresh, away from any support from those who knew them, was not the answer. Not to mention their disabilities which when they were being registered for further education was not allowed to be mentioned at all because during registration they were still on a child protection plan and being told at every single visit that how they felt in their own bodies wasn’t true and they were liars. I wasn’t allowed to say they had disabilities to anyone under threat of them going into care. So in effect they had to start further education with no additional help in place because social care would not let us do that.

It is clear from those text messages that Jody Wheeler is trying to protect herself, Leanne Grant, Heidi Hibbett, Jo Prosser, and essex children’s services. It is clear I was desperate for help, desperately worried about what my children had been through, desperately worried about their futures.

All Jody Wheeler did was tell me I should engage with a service that my child wasn’t under, and get a school, which being a mainstream school was not suitable for my child to attend, they couldn’t even get her through the door, and they tried, to sort her out.

My children had already told them what their problems were, they were ignored and nothing was put in place to help them.

I’d told them quite clearly what their problems were, I was ignored, and you can see that Jody Wheeler is doing absolutely nothing to help. Surely a social worker has the skills to work with traumatised children who have suffered abuse and been vocal about it?

That is what they needed at that time, they needed to be treated as children who had been through abuse and trauma, but were instead treated as liars.

It is absolutely disgusting behaviour. I presume Jody Wheeler has been promoted by now, Jo Prosser would have given her a glowing write up. She would have done the same for Leanne Grant for not recording that child in need meeting and protecting Jo Prosser and Heidi Hibbett.