Jody Wheeler and Leanne Grant

They were the social workers after Heidi Hibbett left after I asked on behalf of the children for a new social worker.

The children were extremely vocal to them about what had happened, they actually used the C word to describe Heidi. They detailed the abuse they had sufferered, exactly the same as i’ve written in this blog. Initially with Leanne and then With Jody.

With Leanne they were telling her what happened for almost two hours, it all came spilling out. This was shortly after one of my children barricaded themselves in their bedroom through fear of Heidi Hibbett coming anyway near them.

This is after a safeguarding referral was made about Heidi’s behaviour towards my children by another organisation based on what my children had said.

Four children all saying the same things over the course of two hours, letting out a lot of anger, pain and hurt regarding abuse they had suffered.

Of course nothing was said to them about being believed, no acknowledgement, nothing. Their view and the view of their manager, Jo Prosser, was I believe a mixture of that the children were making it up, or they are so traumatised from other things they are having difficulty with what is real. I probably got the blame as well. I said what the children had said in a CIN meeting on the 7th June, that meeting wasn’t recorded, because then the abuse of my children and what help they needed would be recorded.

There was a lot of child blaming going on, it was the children’s fault because they wouldn’t engage, a hell of a lot of child blaming. My children knew they weren’t believed, so everything was a bit pointless. Not that from April to September 2019 social care actually did anything.

They ignored my children when they detailed what had happened, they ignored me when I detailed what had happened, they went so far as to not record a child in need meeting so that the abuse of my children wouldn’t be recorded.

Then when I complained, they went to great lengths to shut me up. Even when my child attempted suicide as a result of all of this they did not want to know.

They have had the evidence from my children of what happened to them for over 2 years. It’s probably been deleted off the system by now, what isn’t on there doesn’t exist,

Then they go on and on about listening to the childs voice.

Nobody needs to actually listen to anything I say because my children were able to express themselves, what happened to them, and the effect it had on them, really well. It’s just that it was ignored, negative things were said about my children for saying that, negative things were said about myself for my children telling the truth.

There was even something regarding needing two social workers ‘to prevent splitting’? No idea what that means, but it was in context of the kids being a bit rubbish, so they needed two social workers to stop them saying the things they were saying.