Joanna Prosser – Safeguarding Referral

I have written much on here regarding the abuse of my children by Heidi Hibbett.

I believe it was the 25th February 2019 that my children disclosed this abuse to other professionals. My children were crying, I didn’t even know about some of the abuse. The professionals involved made a safeguarding referral regarding Heidi Hibbett due to the disclosure by my children.

Joanna Prosser received the safeguarding referrral, and did nothing about it. It should have been referred to the LADO and a full investigation should have taken place, including someone talking to my children about the abuse they had accused Heidi of.

Nothing happened. That it was received by Joanna Prosser is mentioned in our notes, she just didn’t do anything about it. Heidi would either have been told, or read that the referral had happened in our notes.

Which caused her to increase the emotional abuse of my children causing them even more damage.

My guess is that like with the complaint my child submitted two weeks later, Joanna Prosser felt that someone in her team abusing children would not reflect well on her. So she allowed that abuse to continue to make herself look good. Where she had an opportunity where she could have saved my children from further abuse, she did nothing, didn’t even talk to my children about it, nobody did.

She just sat back, and let it continue, because it was in her best interests to do so.

This is obviously one of the things that Louise McKinlay stated was untrue, and that she may take action if I continued to post untrue things.

The reality of the situation is that Joanna Prosser cannot do anything, because what i’ve written is true, Louise McKinlay cannot take action against me because what i’ve written is true.

Louise McKinlay would just have to present the investigation into this, and Joanna Prosser would just need to present the indepth investigation that was done into the disclosures of abuse by my children.

Neither of which can happen.

Link to my childs complaint, this will shortly be rewritten and posted on this blog.