Gabriel Lowrie making sure I was kept vulnerable

Gabriel Lowrie decided that my best friend needed to undergo a criminal records check as she was coming round and helping me with things. I’m disabled and struggle with physical things.

This was on the 5th October.

Apparently record checks take days.

He didn’t action this, he did nothing. My mental health social worker asked Heidi Hibbett on my behalf 8 weeks later when it would be done as I was having no social contact with anyone and my mental health was suffering incredibly, She emailed Gabriel Lowrie, who then took a further two weeks to respond.

He stated he decided it didn’t need to be done.

So he engineered a situation where I would be totally isolated, away from any help whatsoever, for 10 weeks, which made me incredibly vulnerable which in my opinion was his plan.

He also told me that the child and family worker would sort out my benefits for me and I would lose out on nothing. I went three months without money, borrowing heavily, children going without food for the first time in their lives. It turns out that child and family workers know nothing about benefits. I actually almost lost the house, not to mention £3000 in benefit money, i’m still paying off debt incurred from that time.

Gabriel Lowrie clearly uses whatever he can to make both women and children vulnerable so they are in a better position to believe whatever they say, and to make sure that he, as the social worker, is the only person they have contact with so there is no outside interference from and loved ones.

He likes to control people, makes them vulnerable so he is the only contact they have. That is extremely worrying in a lot of ways.