Robbie Watson-Levey and Shamsun Noor just won!

I had a list of things that would ‘happen’ to my complaint.

The one they came up with wasn’t on my list, so they win.

If online forms can end up in junk folders under any circumstances whatsoever, then they need a new complaints handling system in it’s entirity.

If this is something that does sometimes occur, then the junk folder should be checked on a daily basis.

It’s really really weird that they found the missing form literally minutes before the ten days they have to respond was up, 13 minutes beforehand to be precise.

Notice how there was no apology,

This was purposeful and targeted.

My child missed out on 4 years of education, and this is how Essex County Council act when I complained about it.

I am really upset and close to tears about this.

I don’t care about anything to do with me and the complaints department, this complaint had to do with an extremely vulnerable child who missed four years of school and I feel like Robbie Watson-Levey and Shamsun Noor are just laughing at my child.