Helen Lincoln – No Magic

Almost deleted this blog multiple times over the past week because it feels like a weight around my neck at the moment.

I need to finish it, especially the timeline, and send it, but I don’t have the time.

I have four children with complex needs, I can be woken up at 6am one morning and then not get to sleep until 4am the next.

This is the first time in a few days i’ve been able to sit down and blog.

I’m too tired to write anything with any substance.

There is no rush though, there is no time limit on this.

It will still be just as newsworthy in a couple of months time, and I do think it’s a story the public will be interested in hearing, I already know it’s a story the press are interested in.

I really do need to do the timeline and add in all the evidence around it.

Helen Lincoln needs to be shown for the type of person she is. She is ultimately responsible for the emotional abuse of my children, she is ultimately responsible for my child’s suicide attempt. She allows social workers in Essex to shout at children who are telling the social worker that they are pain and that there is something wrong with them because they remember being told by doctors.

It happened, it’s in black and white that it happened, a social worker on behalf of Helen Lincoln telling a crying child over and over again there is nothing wrong with them, for at least 40 minutes, to the point that their sibling had to leave the house as they couldn’t cope with hearing the child so distressed for so long.

Then, when you mention it in meetings, Helen Lincoln is fine with the meeting just not being recorded at all, because the professionals in that meeting agreed it was awful what my children had gone through.

Helen Lincoln has no accountable, no compassion.

She will go on record soon with regards to a serious case review and say all the ‘right’ things. How sorry she is that the baby died, how lessons will be learnt, acting like it was a terrible thing that happened.

That will be all it will be, an act, she honestly does not care about the children in Essex, she doesn’t care that my child tried to kill themselves because one of her social workers emotionally abused my child.

What she does care about however is winning awards, that is what Helen Lincoln likes, she likes praise and adoration, she wants the outstanding ofsted, she wants the awards, she wants the power. Any children who get harmed by anyone acting on her behalf are meaningless and to her, they are just collateral damage.

Jo Prosser and Leanne Grant actively covered up what one of my children told them about the emotional abuse, failed to investigate what my child said, then when all of it was mentioned in a meeting, just didn’t record the meeting because professionals agreed my children had been harmed by social care.

No record of what was said then they can say it didn’t happen.

So a baby boy who was on a child protection plan died in Essex last year. I expect there are missing meetings, wrongdoing by social workers and their managers, and it will all be covered up.

Helen Lincoln doesn’t care about what happened to that baby, her reaction when she found out will have been about how it will affect her, that will still be all she thinks about with regards to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is angry at him for dying because he is going to make her look bad.

She is cold and uncaring.

I know, i’ve been there. I’ve been there when I realised what my child had done, it’s like it was in slow motion, grabbing my phone and dialling 999, and then the ambulance.

Then telling anyone who would listen why my child did what they did, and it was always the same, it was what social care did to my child, with an emphasis on what Heidi Hibbett did to my child.

Helen Lincoln happily sacrifices children’s welfare for the sake of popularity and vanity.

The following video is more important to Helen Lincoln than my children:

More important to Helen Lincoln than my children.

It’s won four awards! Helen Lincoln is over the moon!

ECC won social work employer of the year at the social work awards! Helen Lincoln is thrilled!

It has come to my attention that some social workers don’t agree with ECC being a wonderful employer.

So Helen Lincoln has put in more effort, time, and money, into making herself look good, and on vanity projects, than she has ever put into the safety and wellbeing of my children.

She doesn’t care that my child attempted suicide,

She cares that a video received four awards.

She doesn’t care that as a family we were treated so terribly, leaving 5 out of 6 of us with PTSD.

She cares that ECC got social work employer of the year.

She doesn’t care that life for all of my children is considerably worse than it was three years ago, solely because of social care intervention.

She cares about her precious outstanding Ofsted though.

Helen Lincoln does not care if my child dies.

My child is nothing to her, absolutely nothing.

What happened to my children is meaningless to her.

The things that are important to her are in direct conflict with the job she should be doing.

Celebrating that a video has received four awards while my child may still die as a direct result of how she runs children’s social care in Essex.

I have sent her a couple of emails regarding what happened, so she knows, she just doesn’t care.

Helen Lincoln does not care that a child who was on a child in need plan at the time tried to kill themselves.

She doesn’t care about children at all, she only cares about herself, how many awards she can get, how she looks to others.

She doesn’t care about this:

She doesn’t care that the next time my child had any contact with Heidi Hibbett my child barricaded themselves in their room while screaming their head off, wet themselves due to fear that Heidi would get in, and was considering jumping out of the window to get away from Heidi Hibbett, instead opting to self harm.

Helen Lincoln has made sure that hasn’t even been investigated.

Helen Lincoln knows it happened, Helen Lincoln condones it happening.

It looks bad for Helen if a child is emotionally abused so badly by one of her employees that they end up attempting suicide, Helen doesn’t want to look bad, so with a combination of her employees not investigating things and destroying meeting minutes, Helen can pretend it didn’t happen.

Helen doesn’t care that it happened, she only cares about things reflecting poorly on here, hence condoning a whole child in need meeting not being recorded. She knows that other professionals stating that my children had been through a lot of trauma because of the actions of social care, and that social care had got things wrong, would look bad, hence why her employees are trained to not record the minutes in such cases.

Helen Lincoln won’t ever read this, anything written by service users, or their experiences, is so far beneath her. It’s not us she cares about, it’s herself and her image. The impression that she gives is of being unreachable, not being connected to any of the service users, including the children. She’s so far removed from us little people that we are merely an irritation.

I’d like her to care, i’d like her to show even a smidgen of compassion towards my child who attempted suicide, but she doesn’t, and following on from her lead, none of her employees acting on her behalf show compassion to a child who was so harmed by social care that they felt being dead was better than living.

She doesn’t concern herself with those who don’t matter to her, like the children of Essex.

She comes across as cold and uncaring, unless someone is praising her, that is the only time i’ve ever read anything from her that shows even an ounce of warmth.

So I have to carry on. As soon as things progress with regards to the baby boy who died, and Helen Lincoln starts with the utter rubbish by saying how sad it is that he died and how they will do whatever it takes to work with everyone during the serious case review and how much children’s lives matter to her, my children’s lived experiences need to be out there.

That Helen Lincoln not only didn’t care about one of my children attempting suicide, she made sure the circumstances weren’t investigated, allowed her employees to not record a child in need meeting where i’d stated how harmed my child was by social care, where professionals present agreed, where I detailed what help they needed, and basically has decided that my children are utterly worthless because they don’t make her look good.

Helen Lincoln’s sole focus is Helen Lincoln. She has screwed over my children, 3 of my children have PTSD, one of them has psychosis, three of them have suicidal thoughts. She’s wrecked their educations, their peace of mind, one of them says often “they ruined my childhood”. Then she made it worse by not even investigating.

Helen Lincoln has allowed an attempted suicide by a child who was under children’s services at the time to go uninvestigated.

That is how little she cares about a child’s life, in refusing to investigate she took away my childs chance of an apology, of things being put right, and has made the likelihood of my child making another attempt so much greater.

This is what people need to know, especially know with the public focus on children’s services and their failures with regards to children. Helen Lincoln knows my child attempted suicide, Helen Lincoln knows it was because my child was emotionally abused by social workers.

Helen Lincoln is too engrossed in what award she will win next.

Helen Lincoln would probably spit on my child if she met them. Actually would be better than what Helen Lincoln has done to my child, which is to take away any kind of acknowledgement or apology from my child for what they went through and make it more likely my child will try again.

Helen Lincoln has no problems with what she has done to my children.

There’s no magic to it.