I’m not turning this into a Social Worker of the Year Awards Exposed blog

I just keep finding more things.

Also annoyed at the amount of public money involved.

Absolutely furious regarding the ESCA repeatedly trying to get special treatment from the organisers, and possibly getting what she was begging for.

I haven’t seen anyone that desperate for something since I was contacting everyone and anyone at Essex County Council to try and get my complaint investigated.

I have got another post to do about this subject and there will be more tweets and I’ll start on Facebook as well as there is a lot of public money being wasted here, and it’s in the public interest to know that.

Then I’m doing roughly three posts on all the other awards ECC have entered the past year and a rough estimate of how much that has cost the public.

i think that almost £20k I’ve estimated for the social work awards may pale into insignificance amongst the risk for all awards.

The top people at ESCA all go to the social work awards, so that is about £1000 in itself.

Why don’t ECC just send the finalists?

Helen Lincoln goes, directors of local delivery go. Service managers, managers, everyone.

I think there will be at least 40 EEC employees there, if not then 50.

After I’ve finished all the awards posts I’ll add up a rough total of how much this is costing the public, and start a petition.

I can do it under a fake name at change.org

I’ll share some of the menus that ECC will be, and have been eating at awards, paid by the public, along with why they are all meaningless and purely for ego.

Hopefully people will sign it, I’ll post it to local Facebook groups in every area and town I can think of in Essex.

Then I’ll ask for it be considered by councillors or whatever you do with a petition.

Who will then refuse it because I’ll use a fake name and as I’ve already found out, they don’t care about the public.

I’m interested that Gavin Jones states how the local authority is under financial pressure, and things have to be cut, then lets what could easily amount to £100.000 a year be spent on employees attending award shows.

The same with the members, allow that kind of money to be spent on nothing of value, then say how they want to help those who are cold and hungry.

I have never felt this way before but I wish I could be someone in a position of power at ECC. Either be Gavin Jones, or one of the cabinet, just for an hour would do me.

I’d let the 8 who are nominated go to the awards as that was agreed when nominations were done, and have all other tickets refunded.

Stop all employees using public money to enter and attend awards.

That would instantly save the local authority tens of thousands of pounds a year.

Apart from the ticket refund from the social work awards, that money is being donated to the foodbank. I’ve been thinking about how many families that would help feed for days.

Then I’d get someone, probably some kind of investigator who doesn’t work for ECC and get them to investigate the reasons behind my child’s suicide attempt, as that could save a child’s life.

Then I’d step down with my £12,000 wage for an hours work, and my £500,000 golden handshake, safe in the knowledge that there may be enough money saved that the pothole near my home that I refer to as my nemesis may get fixed.

Then go back to not wanting to be in a position of power, as either only those without a social conscience end up in those rules, or to get, there you have lack a social conscience in the first place.

Also, before the hour was up, I’d be telling the world and its wife that the most important people employed by the LA aren’t those in power.

They are the real backbone of the la, roadworkers, teachers, care staff, librarians, all of those who actually keep this county together.

Where is the award for best pothole filler? It doesn’t exist as awards only exist to make the organisers money and those who fill potholes don’t have awards money.

I’m absolutely exhausted and have been up for 21 hours, yet I’ve just laid out how Essex County Council could save up to £100,000 a year and it will also save employees weeks of time.

Double bonus.