Gavin Jones CEO Essex County Council enjoys inflicting trauma on vulnerable service users who have been the victim of childhood sexual abuse

I keep typing out posts acting like i’m all tough and blah blah blah, then deleting them because I am still not okay.

I want to be. I want to sit here and proudly proclaim that what Gavin Jones has done, and what he hasn’t done, has had no impact on me whatsoever and that I don’t care.

That isn’t the truth though, everything he has done has been incredibly traumatic and my brain has broken from it all.

It’s now been over 3 months, it was the 4th May. This was the tweet:

This is the page the Tweet linked to, I’ve disabled twitter:

Notice the last line “@gibsongav agree it’s fine”. He then liked that tweet, so was agreeing with me that he thinks that what Heidi Hibbett did to me that was outlined in the blog post attached to the tweet was fine. Not to mention that I then added two tweets that outlined that I got PTSD from what happened, that is what he liked.

I think that is why I wanted an explanation so badly, because it’s tough to come to terms with the fact that someone could be so cold and callous regarding something so heartbreaking and traumatic.

I wanted an explanation, I wanted any form of comfort so badly. The initial incident was horrific and led to me phoning the samaritans and then a sexual abuse phone line.

I made a complaint about it to Essex County Council, given that Gavin Jones holds ultimate responsibility for all decisions and actions taken by officers, and especially given that I emailed him asking him for help to get it investigated a very long time ago, Gavin Jones is ultimately responsible for giving me 5 different reasons as to why it couldn’t be investigated, all of them wrong, and despite it being a corporate complaint and it is totally up to the local authority when and if and how many times they investigate something, and that it could still be investigated today, Gavin Jones has not only made sure that it never happened, but he is happy with the way that his officers take disclosures of sexual abuse.

As far as I can tell because her place of employment is listed as Chelmsford, Heidi Hibbett is still employed by ECC, probably has been promoted now.

Okay, this post was a good idea, now i’m feeling angry and fighty.

So three months with absolutely nothing, no explanation, no contact, absolutely nothing, I have made it incredibly clear in my posts and in my tweets how badly it affected me, how badly it affected my mental health and how traumatic I found his actions as well as it forcing me to be retraumatised from not only what Heidi Hibbett did on behalf of Gavin Jones, but from the initial sexual abuse.

All he did was block me when he realised that my tweet wasn’t a private one written by one of employees or in some kind of private twitter group where they discuss tactics like what Heidi Hibbett did to me.

Then he deleted his twitter when I was vocal about the harm he caused me and that it was clear I wanted an explanation and he realised that I wasn’t some employee who would do whatever his bidding is.

Then in the past three months i’ve made post after post, including some directed at him. I wrote him an open letter regarding how I was feeling, that post has had an enormous amount of views so there is no doubt in my mind that someone has told him about it’s existence and he’s either had the contents told to him, or read my post itself.

There are many ways he could have contacted me, via Twitter, Facebook, phone, via the contact details I have on my blog, even leaving a message on my blog. The local authority also know my real name and they have my current up to date contact details. Actually, the email I sent him pleading for help to get my complaint investigated has both my name and contact details on it so he could have found it and replied to it. Though as it was from a service user he probably deleted it unread.

He could have contacted me if he wanted to and given me an explanation. If for some stupid reason he’s scared of me or thinks i’d just scream at him, he is the CEO and has the ability to talk to anyone who has worked with our family since 2020. If anyone ever accused me of even raising my voice these who have worked with us would need to see video evidence or they wouldn’t believe it, same if anyone accused me of being rude to someone..

So not contacting me because i’ve got a reputation of someone who is prone to shouting and losing their temper is not going to work. I can give an exact date and a rough time of the only time I have lost my temper, that was almost 16 years ago. I am not difficult to work with, I am placid, easy going, and peaceful, I think people who raise their voices or shout aren’t worth listening to, I guess in the same way that Gavin Jones thinks that service users aren’t worth listening to.

So there is absolutely no valid reason Gavin Jones could give for not contacting me, other than he didn’t want to, that he didn’t think I deserved an explanation..

As for the incident regarding Heidi Hibbett, I am telling the truth. What Gavin Jones would know is that the incident hasn’t been investigated by anyone and that it happened and he condones it, that he liked my tweet with the post detailing what Heidi did is evidence of that.

Legally speaking as well, it hasn’t been investigated by anyone. It actually could still be dealt with by an organisation who isn’t ECC, but I didn’t go ahead after the first time because without backup or an investigation by ECC I would have no backup and it would be far too traumatic and my mental health wouldn’t cope. So i’ve opted for investigation and conclusion by general public.

I write down the facts, put the evidence there, and the general public can make their own minds up. So far from all those who have contacted me what I complained about regarding Heidi Hibbett has been upheld by the general public, considering they are the only ones who matter, and the ones I am trying to protect, i’d say that is a positive thing.

So Gavin Jones knows exactly how much damage he has caused me, he knows he caused me trauma, he knows he has caused me to relive past trauma. He condones the past trauma caused by Heidi Hibbett and in fact literally liked it. He knows that i’m currently suffering immensely as a result of his actions, he knows i’m having flashbacks and that i’m in a complete mess.

He is completely happy with all of this.

That alone should terrify anyone living in Essex given his position as CEO.

The CEO of Essex County Council, Gavin Jones, enjoys inflicting trauma on residents who have suffered childhood sexual abuse.

Given the evidence I have and my personal experience that I have detailed here, and that are all over the pages of this blog since the 5th May, as well as on Twitter, it is my belief that is a truthful statement.

Given the amount of trauma he has inflicted on me that has led to my current mental state and what he has done directly, as well as condoning what those working on behalf of him have done to me what I have said would be found to be a truthful statement, especially given that I did ask him for help quite a while ago to get the incident with Heidi Hibbett investigated and he ignored me, so he knew what she had done to me over a year ago, probably longer, i’m in no fit state to relive the desperation of trying to get Gavin Jones to investigate what happened to my family including what caused my child to try and kill themselves.

.Gavin Jones enjoys inflicting trauma on vulnerable service users who have been the victim of childhood sexual abuse

It doesn’t make me feel any better, in fact it makes things worse because I know he’s enjoying the trauma i’m going through right now, but it’s the truth.

I’m angry, more at myself for once again practically begging someone at ECC for help. It is my belief that Gavin Jones enjoys it when that happens, I don’t know if it makes him feel more powerful, or if he just enjoys knowing he has so much power over service users that he can do whatever he wants, no idea, but it is clear in my view that he enjoys inflicting trauma and allowing employees to inflict trauma and then absolutely ignoring the damage caused.

There are a lot of similarities between Heidi forcing me to disclose sexual abuse the way she did and the way Gavin Jones has acted.

I don’t actually care any more, all I know is that i’m hurting, i’m having flashbacks and i’m in a mess and I don’t want to feel like this any more I want it all to go away and it won’t.

I still need to process what he’s done, that will likely take time, i’ll publish this but there will be more posts, probably roughly the same, as I work through what he’s done. I spent three months desperately waiting for an explanation, the utter implosion when I realised that was going to happen and as such had nothing left to hold on to, has caused incredible damage, I guess a lot of that blame is on me for holding out hope for so long.