Gabriel Lowrie’s and Billie Faulkner’s relationship

Gabriel Lowrie is 31 years old, he was 28 when I had the misfortune to meet him.

Billie Faulkner was likely only 21 years old when I met her, which would put her at 24 now.

Gabriel Lowrie was her supervisor, she was a newly qualified social worker and he was her supervisor, so in effect he held a position of power over her as her supervisor, he would obviously feedback as to how she was performing.

They were in a relationship, I have no idea what type of relationship or for how long, but it was sexual.

Gabriel Lowrie was punching above his weight. Billie was a solid 9, that was in work clothes, she would likely be a full ten wearing something that wasn’t for work.

That they had a sexual relationship of some kind is fact, everything else is my opinion.

I’m trying to be as fair and non-biased as possible, but Gabriel Lowrie has been described multiple times by my children as evil, so as a mother, it is hard to put that he is evil aside and be non-biased.

He would never let my children finish a sentence, he’d just talk over them, interrupt them, he didn’t care.

Obviously attractiveness is subjective, but Gabriel is one of those men who look better with a beard because it covers at least some of his face. He has sharks teeth which is really unnerving when he smiles and his eyes are cold and have no warmth.

He is really skinny, the skinny student look. I believe the look he is going for is hipster. I’ve seen his social media and I believe he is one of those people who moulds themselves on the basis of the company they keep, to fit in rather than develop their own style. Style wise he blends in with every other skinny hipster out there.

I believe his son must have been born by now and I would not be shocked if he’s been given a hipster name.

Yet his style was different before, hence my comment regarding changing himself to fit in rather than just being himself.

It’s clear he has low self esteem, he was visibly upset that one of my children stated to another professional that they didn’t like him, he appears to have no resilience.

He does want to build up his body, his pinterest is full of exercises to build muscle, along with ridiculous things, like blood group diets to build muscle, which is utter rubbish and would only appeal to the desperate.

They wouldn’t have known each other long when I met them, so their relationship would have been really new, which fits in with how they were acting.

It was so clear they were in a relationship. There was a mix between inappropriate closeness, and innaprorpriate distance. This is pre covid. Things like him putting his hand on her, which would be totally inappropriate in a professional relationship and something which would make the other person uncomfortable, Billie was totally comfortable with this.

Gabriel Lowrie was playing footsie with Billie during the ICPC, he was rubbing his foot against her leg,

Then they would put distance between themselves, I had a two seater sofa, they sat down next to each other on it and then purposefully moved apart as far as they could. It’s a common thing when people are trying to hid when they are a couple, because they are together they are hyperaware in thinking that others will think they are, so they try and put distance between themselves in an attempt to make people think that they can’t possibly be together because look how far apart they are.

Gabriel would walk in adjusting his clothes and looking like he’d been active, he was once in the process of tucking in his shirt as I opened the door. It’s all pretty gross, I dread to think what they were doing moments before they entered my home and spoke to my children.

While their relationship is their business, and whether it continues to this day and Billie is the mother of his child, is also their business, at the time it impacted on my family, so it is my business.

Gabriel would always be yawning, to the point I suspected at the time they might have a baby together already, I was not aware of Billie’s age or that she was new at the time. He was permanently exhausted, which makes sense if he was busy with Billie in all kind of ways.

Billie actually came across as the more confident of the two, utterly unaware of just how good she looks because she is confident in her own skin.

My children liked her, and children always have an inbuilt instinct as to who is good and who is bad.

With Gabriel i’d walk past him in the street because he looks exactly the same as so many other men as he has moulded his look on others instead of being unique.

I had a friend who moulded her style on mine. My style has always been just me. I very rarely wear makeup, I haven’t for many many years, probably the last time I went clubbing. I’ve never done anything with my eyebrows at all ever, i’d never have any kind of fillers or botox, I don’t want to look like anyone else but me. My clothes are usually bought by other people because I can never be bothered with things like that.

Yet people always seem to know me, they meet me once and i’m instantly recognisable because i’m me.

Gabriel looks like every other skinny hipster out there, beard and hairstyle included.

His ego as i’ve already stated, is very fragile. He wants people to like him and say nice things about him. I don’t think it’s even a want, I believe it’s a need, his self esteem is so low that he needs others to bolster it for him. This is why I think things went as bad as they did, he came up with something that appeared to be something everyone had missed regarding our family. This would get him praise from everyone he works with, which is something he needs. He refused to look at evidence which went against that in favour of getting praise for himself and being seen as a hero.

In my opinion, given what i’ve witnessed myself through his behaviour, and what i’ve seen online, Gabriel Lowrie is a bit of a mess. Poor self esteem that needs bolstering with praise. Moulds himself to look and act like other people to fit in.

I would also expect his opinions and beliefs to change dependent on the company he keeps.

He’s also a complete and utter wimp, too scared to even ask a so called close friend of many years to take down photos of him. Likely because he feels it’s embarrassing and may make him look negative in the eyes of said friend. He even lied to SWE saying he’d asked his friends to remove anything that isn’t great.

Which is telling as you can never look negative in the eyes of a real friend. They take you for who you are and will help you if screw up without judging you at all. To be that insecure around a friend is very very telling. You can rely on friends to always be on your side no matter what. He should have approached his friend and told him what happened and could he take all the photos down. His friend would then call me every single name under the sun and more, because that is what friends should do.

I’ve just looked and the photo of Gabriel Lowrie peeing into a bush is still live on facebook.

I don’t know if Gabriel and Billie are still together, and therefore I have no idea if she is the mother of his child or not.

For Billies sake I hope she isn’t, but then for the childs sake I hope she is as the kid is going to need at least one good role model in his life and it’s not going to be his father. Children need to have good self esteem, and they model that on their parents. I have no idea what Gabriel’s childhood was like or if that was where his low self esteem and need for continuous praise comes from, but it would be sad to pass that on to his son.

If Gabriel Lowrie was a girl he’d be one of those who post dozen’s of filtered duckface photos with exactly the same expression in every single one, just to get likes, acting like they are strong, but in reality they are so unsure of themselves and have such low self esteem that posting heavily filtered photos that bear no resemblance to how they look in reality because they view themselves in such a poor way in reality that they prefer that everyone sees a fake portrayal of themselves. I’m using the female equivalent because it’s well known that those who post heavily filtered photos have poor self esteem. Especially among those who have a lot of plastic surgery, fillers and botox to the point they look odd. That is how I believe Gabriel Lowrie would be if he was female.

It’s just there is not really a male online equivalent.

If Gabriel Lowrie is now with someone else, I hope they are strong and the opposite of what he is.

Gabriel and Billie’s relationship definitely impacted the mistakes that Gabriel made.

I have tried to be as non biased as possible in this post, it is written specifically as part of the main post i’ll be doing and linking other posts, including this one to. So I can just say on the main post that Gabriel and Billie were in a relationship and link to this post.

It’s just really hard to be non biased when it’s someone who has been called evil by your children and I cannot disagree with them on that view.

My plan to have this blog finished over Christmas and new year didn’t work out. I’ve got the posts in my head, each post takes 30 minutes to write and it’s rare I get that amount of time to myself.