This has been going through my mind over the past few days now that i’ve been blogging for over 18 months.

That time has actually passed really quickly.

Anyway, I was just musing how all we needed was an apology and something to say things had gone wrong all that time ago, and now it’s come to all of this.

Seriously, all of this just for want of an apology, Essex County Council saying they are sorry, they didn’t want to do that, they didn’t even want to investigate, so they get two blogs, their names blasted all over the internet and social media, and Gavin Jones, the CEO of Essex County Council gives up his Twitter privileges.

It would have cost them nothing and saved them so much time and effort, one single apology, it also might have stopped a suicide attempt.

They didn’t do that because they wanted to protect themselves, not allowing any record of anything going wrong, they have an Outstanding from OFSTED, that has to be protected at all costs, not service users, but a stupid OFSTED rating.

I find this hysterically funny and could be used as a case study on why you don’t let things escalate, a simple apology at the right time would have avoided all of this, it’s as simple as that.

A Doctor once made a mistake that could have killed one of my children, so a rather serious mistake on his part. I ignored what he said about child being absolutely fine and took child to the hospital where they then stayed for a week on an oxygen mask.

At a follow up with the Doctor two weeks later he just apologised and said that this is why if you are still worried to take a child to the hospital as parents know their kids the best. He was the best GP we have ever had because he was so straightforward, he made a mistake, he apologised, that was the end of it.

That’s how you resolve things, not by longwinded ways of getting out of even investigating, even now there is nothing stopping them from investigating, they can still do whatever they want, so they use things to protect their reputation at a cost of harming vulnerable children.

It is really funny, they couldn’t have handled it more badly if they had tried.

For the sake of an apology they now have all of this on the internet permanently, the internet always remembers. Even when I stop adding new material, everything will still be available. All I have to do is keep renewing the domain.

I’ve told the truth all the way throughout, so while I believe they will try legal action at some point, probably to scare me into doing what they want me to do, I just have to continue to tell the truth as I will be believed.

The CEO of Essex County Council is such a coward that he couldn’t even give me an explanation of why he liked my Tweet, instead he decided to abandon his Twitter account. Is that someone who should really be in charge of paid service at a local authority? Someone who hasn’t even got what it takes to explain his actions to a resident but instead runs away from the situation?

Not someone I want to be in the hot seat fighting for what is best for myself and the rest of the residents of Essex.

He had a choice of ways he could contact me, through social media, email, phone call, text message, he chose to give up his Twitter which had thousands of tweets on it, both detailing his professional life and personal life, lots of memories, and he chose to give that up rather than give an explanation to a resident.

It shows the contempt he has for residents, and the lengths that ECC will go to so they can avoid any responsibility for anything.

I’m still upset by what he did and then him treating me with contempt, but even I can admit it is amusing that he deleted his account rather than lower himself to talk to a resident as an equal.

There is already enough on the blogs which shows what they are like.

I could go to the papers with it all, and I did approach them, when it came for further information, you just initially give an outline, I didn’t respond.

One reason is my political leanings and the newspaper which does not match with my politics at all. Another is that I want our story in our own words to be out there.

I’m not naïve and I know it will likely find it’s way into the papers, I can even take a guess at when, but it is what it is.

Via social media I have managed to reach a wider audience. The most popular posts are the ones about Gabriel Lowrie lying and the ones about Gavin Jones, especially the open letter post. Kiran Box posts are popular as well, which I cannot work out why.

Social Workers lie, i’ve already proven that beyond all reasonable doubt. If they want to take legal action against me for saying that Gabriel Lowrie is a liar, they won’t have a leg to stand on, the evidence showing him to be dishonest while acting in his role as a social worker is solid and cannot be argued with.

That they also knew he is dishonest and have known since January 2020 is also solid and cannot be argued with, he lied to ECC as well as to SWE. That they are more than happy having a social worker who lies working for them is a reflection on Helen Lincoln’s values when it comes to service users.

Does Gabriel Lowrie get results? Yes, because he lies, it may not be the correct result and he will harm countless children along the way, but it looks good on paper so they overlook the fact that he cannot be trusted. In any other organisation he would have been dismissed for gross misconduct when they found out he had lied to them during his disciplinary, lying about his age and when he left university to make out that he was a vulnerable 18 year old who had never been away from home when he was in his last year of university and had left university.

They have a dishonest social worker working for them, if what i’ve been told is correct, he is now a manager, which doesn’t shock me, dishonesty is what they look for in their employees, reputation is more valued than honesty. Yes, i’ve raised a concern regarding his dishonesty, no idea if it will get through.

I have the option of raising more concerns, Kiran Box for one, for throwing away that document/timeline, and the Kiran lying her way through two child protection meetings when i’d already given her medical evidence that disproved what she was saying. She too is dishonest, hence why she is now a service manager.

The investigation into that had just one line regarding how Kiran Box knew all of the medical evidence, well if she did, why did she lie so extensively? Or is she lying about knowing the medical evidence? She told me she didn’t read anything I gave her, which was medical letters, yet claims to have known what was on those letters, yet she pretending in two child protection conferences that what was on those letters didn’t exist.

I have the option of raising other concerns, I don’t know, it’s the things you don’t think about regarding regulatory things, like what if the person ends up with a severe sanction? Did you do the right thing, or do you feel guilty about having raised the concern? It’s not easy and once it’s with a regulator you hand over all control. Great in a lot of ways as it’s then none of your business, but they have to follow legal things regarding everything, including sanctions.

How can she state that one of the things they were worried about was a child with vaginal discharge and who wiped themselves with an antibacterial wipe when medical records show that child had antibiotic induced thrush and wiped themselves with an antibacterial wipe because they couldn’t read because they were three years old at the time? Which means that she extensively lied in two child protection conferences, her only motive would have been to purposefully harm my children.

At the time of that investigation she had been offered the Service Manager Job, so of course ECC were going to do anything they can to protect her.

The truth is that Kiran Box is a liar and dishonest, and now she’s a service manager so she can harm even more children. In my view she get’s off on power, which is why she lied extensively, about things there is extensive medical evidence that proves she lied. If it was her who then promoted Gabriel Lowrie to manager, if that is true, then that wouldn’t surprise me as they would have joined together and protected each other while lying in those child protection conferences. Only right that she promoted him so that he would never come clean about the extensive lies they both told so she would be protected.

If either one of them even ever hinted that the evidence they were spouting that got my children put onto a child protection plan was wrong, then the other one would also be in trouble, so they protect each other.

Then you can struggle with the ‘it’s my fault that happened’ even though all you did was raise a concern, a member of the public cannot foresee what will happen. Once it’s done it’s done, and even as the complainant, it’s not your business what they do even if you feel it is. I cannot say a sanction is a bit harsh, well I can, but nothing can be done about it because legally it’s all solid and I can understand why.

I don’t know if the concern against Gabriel Lowrie will get through, the evidence is solid, he is clearly dishonest, but I don’t know if lying to the regulator counts or not. Not my business anymore, if it does get through and then gets investigated, my part in that will be non existent as it’s all on paper. Gabriel will probably fake paperwork to say he was 18/19 in 2011, and fake paperwork to say he was still living in Leeds in November 2011, despite his own facebook stating otherwise. He really takes being dishonest to another level.

I honestly don’t know if i’ll raise more concerns, it’s a difficult one. What I can do is just submit them and then state to them I don’t want any further correspondence on the matter unless needed for a hearing.

I may do one regarding Kiran Box because she is dangerous, especially in the position she is in. Though i’m still unsure if Kiran Box is Kirnvir Kaur Box, I think it is, but i’m unsure.

So all of this when all that was needed was an apology and an acceptance that things had gone horribly wrong. Would have made things better for my children, avoided a suicide attempt, and things right now would be so much better.

Essex County Council’s view is that having two blogs, and the truth of what happened plastered all over the internet is preferable to them actually admitting that i’m telling the truth. Gavin Jones prefers to disable his Twitter rather than offer an explanation when he harmed a resident.

All that has happened is that a huge amount of people now know exactly how ECC is run, and know just how terrible the people who run it are.

Gavin Jones is meant to guide the whole council, instead he runs away from giving an explanation, literally that was the choice he made. How can he guide the council when his instincts are to hide rather than confront things head on? Not what you look for in a leader.

Then there is the members, Louise McKinlay especially, who threatened me with legal action, in effect called me a liar, I explained fully why I was not lying and why, she ignored me. She is just someone with just enough power who thinks she can do what she wants and likes to bully vulnerable people. She saw an oppurtunity where a vulnerable family needed her help and decided to threaten legal action instead of doing what was morally right.

Morally right would have been asking the council to investigate, she chose to protect them, and herself as she was cabinet member for children and families at the time, and threaten me with legal action. Something which at the time of threatening me she knew that she could not follow through with as I was telling the truth.

She should not be a politician, and i’m glad this blog will be available for a long time, especially when it comes to the county elections in under 3 years time. Though our story, and her threatening me, will probably have been in the papers by then. She won’t ever say she was wrong to threaten me, because in her mind threaten a vulnerable woman is absolute fine to protect her own interests. Her own interests being solely her political career.

So, all this because of the absence of the words “We are sorry..”.

This has got to be the biggest case of escalation that ECC have ever known, we needed a simple apology, they refused to even investigate most of it, lying through their teeth all the way. Making me and my children feel like nothing. For refusing to give us a simple apology, even though they themselves have the evidence from further assessments that the whole child protection thing was wrong and harmful, they get all of this, that will never end.

Not a lot they can do about it, as i’ve already stated, an apology now would be worthless and meaningless and laughable, I actually don’t trust them enough to change the way they do things even if they said they would, and the maximum compensation they can offer is about £1500. Even if I took legal action, the max compensation would be about £20k, if that, and would interfere with benefits so much that it would be pointless.

So there is absolutely nothing they could offer us that would even come close to making good what they did to us, not to mention everything they have done to me when I tried to get them to take what happened to us seriously. The extensive harm that everything they have done to me trying to get out of investigating and getting out of giving us a simple apology has been incredibly damaging to my mental health and wellbeing and contributed to me almost killing myself.

Robbie Watson-Levey describes himself as a customer engagement professional, yet almost killed a ‘customer’ because he didn’t even know how to do his own job and refused to investigate when legally, and morally he should have investigated it.

Louise McKinlay describes herself as doing everything she can for the residents of Essex, she almost killed a vulnerble resident by not only refusing to help, but using threats to that resident.

Not to mention my childs suicide attempt which none of them actually care about, they are too busy making sure they look good.

Then we have Gavin Jones, i’d actually still like an explanation for the tweet liking thing, not going to get that. Or an explanation as to why he ignored my email I sent him to ask him for help to get my complaints investigated in the first place.

Then there is Helen Lincoln, more interested in OFSTED than she is in the safety and wellbeing of children.

Three little words “We are sorry..”.

Because they didn’t want to say those, it’s escalated into all of this.

I spent over a year desperately trying to get them to investigate, every single thing I tried they refused, despite the fact I was right all along. They bullied me, they were rude to me, they treated me as if I was nothing, treated my children even worse.

My child attempted suicide, was telling a social worker what caused them to attempt suicide and the social worker couldn’t even acknowledge my child was telling the truth because ECC had refused to investigate, I cannot even begin to explain how harmful that was to my child. A child telling a social worker about severe emotional abuse they suffered at the hands of social workers, and nobody even accepting that the child, who just attempted suicide, was telliing the truth.

I’ve been in counselling for over a year now because of all of this. My children need long term counselling as well, mine is cheap, though still an expense I could do without, my children’s counselling is not affordable, not even a little bit. Every single bit of available help is always short term when they need long term intervention for mental health.

This is why i’m not backing down, this is why despite carrying on with this, while causing damage to my mental health, is the right thing to do. I’m not after anything, ECC have nothing they can give me. They don’t want to listen to a nobody like myself or my children, they just want to listen to the praise they give each other.

This is why I consider this a long term thing, in three years when the elections are happening I will be there publicising the threats that Louise McKinlay made to me, together with the proof that what she was saying was completely wrong, including what I replied to her with, and also what her own Monitoring Officer stated regarding the legalities. Did she apologise? Did she try and put things right? Did she insist they investigate when she had rock solid proof that I was correct when I said they should be investigating?

No she did not, the threat she made of legal action still stands. She didn’t suddenly think “Oh no, this vulnerable family are saying they went through the unimaginable, a child could have died, still could, and I was wrong to threaten instead of help, i’ll reach out and see what I can do to help”.

Nope, silence, well silence to us, i’m going to imagine she had a lot to say to employees, those in the legal department demanding they take legal action against me, before being told that i’m actually telling the truth so that would be difficult. So I wouldn’t be shocked if she is an active part of covering this up, wouldn’t be shocked if records have gone missing, things have been deleted, that kind of thing, not by her, but because they are so desperate to cover up that a child almost died.

So all they needed to do was tell us they were sorry, and admit that things had gone wrong, that is all that was needed, absolutely nothing else. They totally and utterly failed us, not only at first, but then in trying to cover it up and not investigate, it has caused so much more unnecessary harm to myself and all my family, but even when my child attempted suicide and they knew that another child was suicidal because of what happened, they refused to back down.

So i’m not backing down, not now, not ever, i’m going to keep on doing what i’m doing, telling my story, being vocal about what each person did, being vocal about how they cover things up.

Telling the truth over and over again, it has to be the truth as none of what I say can be contradictory to what i’ve said in the past, and I write and say a lot, so it all has to match, and the only way that can happen is to only tell the truth, so what I wrote two years ago, will be the same as I write today.

It would have taken 20 minutes to give us an apology.

I wonder if any of them wishes they had just said “We can see now from further assessments we got it very wrong, you were all significantly harmed, we apologise and we are going to record that the child protection thing wasn’t needed and that there were no child protection worries with your children. we are so sorry for all the harm we caused’.

Even up to the point I created this blog and stopped posting on the old one I would have accepted an apology and something to say they’d gotten it wrong.

I do wonder if they wish that they had done that instead of closing ranks to protect themselves, because instead of an apology that would have resulted in a satisfactory outcome for my family, the taking down of the original blog when I was still battling to get them to investigate, they would now be in a situation where none of the people who are in this blog would even remember our names because the whole thing would have been resolved with nothing but an apology long ago, even if it was just a year ago.

From my own selfish point of view, as the one who has to work on the blog and do the social media thing, and everything else, I wish they had, I really wish they had. If I could have given a limb in return for an apology I would have done. What i’m doing now with the blogs and social media is not the best thing mental health wise.

That’s all the past though, apologies and/or anything else would be absolutely pointless and insincere, not acceptable. So carrying on with blogging and social media is the only way forward for this, with maybe more concerns with SWE if I feel I want to go ahead with that. My concerns regarding going in that direction are solely for myself, it’s a tough process to go through as a member of the public.

The papers will catch up with me at some point, and that’s fine, I won’t have sold out my principles for our story to be in the papers, it’s a public blog, they can print what they like.

I still have lots of things to write, and lots more to do, I just don’t have a lot of time and i’m exhausted and burnt out, but i’m resilient, and committed to seeing this through to the end. Well not the end, there won’t be an end, just one day i’ll be done and everything will just be left on the internet for people to find.

It’s taken longer to write this than it would have taken for ECC to apologise, it’s will have taken longer to read this than it would have taken for ECC to apologise.

That right there is some next level escalation.