My list of demands to Essex County Council

Here is a detailed list of demands from myself to Essex County Council with regards to everything that is in these blogs and on social media.

I will detail why I demand that Essex County Council acts on each demand and will detail my reasoning behind each demand. It will be a numbered list.

  1. Nothing

That is all.

I want them to do absolutely nothing, I want absolutely nothing from them, here is my reasons why:

There is absolutely nothing they can do that will be of any benefit to my children, myself, or the children’s father.

An apology, which is what I desperately wanted when I started blogging would not be of any value and would not be taken seriously by anyone in the family after all this time and after all the effort I put in to trying to get them to do an investigation. They could have just apologised without an investigation, they already have enough solid information to have done that 2 years ago when it would have helped immensely.

It would not help with the children’s mental health after all of this time, they have autism, adhd, and various mental health problems, they aren’t stupid, an apology after this length of time, especially after the amount of times they told employees of ECC in detail of the abuse and trauma that ECC put them through, would not be sincere.

ECC cannot put things right, something on paper 2 years ago, that stated the whole child protection thing was wrong, or that you now had evidence, which you did, that proved there were no child protection concerns would have been utterly priceless.

I haven’t lied in this blog, everything I have said is the truth and will continue to be the truth, including this, I would have happily had a leg cut off for ECC to have put something like that on paper, it would have been a game changer.

It would have brought about endless possibilities for my children, both with regards to their mental health, their physical health, especially regarding suicidal ideation, and the suicide attempt wouldn’t have happened, but also with regards to education, to life choices, just so many avenues would have been opened up for them that were closed.

Those were the two things I wanted, that was all I wanted.

It would also have prevented my own breakdown, a contributing factor was that I was fighting so hard to get things investigated, contacting everyone I could over something that ECC eventually concluded that I was right about.

Given that ECC know all of their rights and none of their responsibilities, they still managed to get out of investigating, even after they proved themselves that they should have investigated everything from the start. You can only have a proper investigation if you look at everything, you cannot look at bits and pieces, it’s all or nothing, so nothing is what ECC deemed my family was worthy of.

Compensation was never what I was after, although it would have been nice to pay off the huge amount of debt I still owe because of the child protection process and treat my children, and do up the house and buy them things they need that I still cannot afford because of the debt, I can’t even afford to buy them basic things.

Again, that is something that cannot happen now as it’s too late, this is also why i’ve opted for blogging instead of legal action.

The biggest reason is obviously that with legal action the case would likely be settled before court as the evidence I have would be overwhelming and ECC’s insurers would realise that and realise they could not win in court. This would involve us not being allowed to talk about what went wrong and there would be no admittance from ECC that anything went wrong.

What I tend to do with professionals as there is not the piece of paper from ECC stating that everything went wrong because they refused to even investigate, is to send links to relevant pages from my blogs.

The best I can work out from what I read about suing a local authority with regards to social services mistakes, is that there isn’t that much money in it.

A payout of £20,000 is considered a huge payout. It is a lot of money, but even if we got a payout like that, we are on benefits, so it’s not counted as extra money.

I would want to use the money to make life better for my children, long term therapy for three of them for a start, at least a year each, would likely be at least £60 per session, and that would be extremely cheap, probably more, never actually looked as I know I can’t and never will be able to afford it.

If you receive over £16,000 in money you have to come off benefits, anything over £6000 and they start to take money off your benefits, the amount of money they take off will rise until you get to £16,000 and then you get no benefits.

You will then not get benefits until the money dips below £16,000 and your benefits will be adjusted accordingly until you have less than £6000 left.

You cannot just spend the lot straight away, that is called deprivation of assets, we would have to live off that money, use it for food, rent, council tax etc. Only £6000 could be spent on something without it having to be living expenses, £6000 wouldn’t be enough for therapy costs for long term.

I wouldn’t be able to get a job and not claim benefits and thus keep all the money for the therapy costs as I cannot work due to my caring responsibilities.

Suing isn’t the big numbers people think it is, plus ECC would not be involved in it at all, it would be the insurers.

If we were talking something like being able to buy a house big enough so I don’t have to share the living room with one of my children, then I probably would have gone that route, the council can’t rehome us, big enough houses only become available every few years so all the points in the world isn’t going to get us a bigger house.

No solicitor would take that on a case for that amount, the insurers wouldn’t settle for that amount, while in court the judge would side with me, the judge would award roughly what the insurers first offered and the solicitor would need to pay costs in a no win no fee.

I did the most basic research ages ago, found out the amounts, worked out that wouldn’t be money I could spend on things that would make a difference to my children due to being on benefits, and discounted it.

Suing Essex County Council is the question I get asked the most by those who read my blog, this is why it’s not something I have ever seriously considered as an option.

The council itself never pay out more than about £1000 out of it’s own pocket for compensation, anything more than that has to go through their insurers via legal action.

At first when I started blogging I desperately wanted a proper and full investigation, fought with everything i’ve got for 18 months, contacting everybody and anybody, I would have done literally anything to get that investigation.

I was absolutely desperate for an apology, I would have done literally anything for an apology, something for my children to show that their trauma and abuse was acknowledged, instead they refused to even investigate.

I wasted 18 months and had a mental breakdown trying to get them to investigate. A year of that was before I started blogging. Blogging was a snap decision when I got the case examiners decision, i’d made plans to end my life after receiving that. SWE do not make a finding of fact until a hearing when they hear full evidence, the investigation was absolutely botched as i’ve detailed, and Essex County Council refused to investigate, they were in effect a hostile witness in the SWE process, protecting their employee by not doing an investigation of their own.

The reason they were giving has now been proven to have been wrong, both Shamsun Noor, and Robbie Watson-Levey are completely incompetent and I know more about complaints then they do, and my experience working in complaints was over 20 years ago and it was for the NHS.

Obviously their staff are all poorly trained because you have both the manager and the head of the service who have absolutely no idea what they are doing, I always picture them with the Benny Hill theme tune playing in the background because their department is a farce.

So i’d planned to take my life, was planning that for two days. The time from when blogging entered my brain to starting my first post was only as long as it took to sign up for a wordpress blog, I had the idea and I just did it. I was so desperate for ECC to investigate and I knew the reason they were giving me as to why they wouldn’t was complete rubbish, and I was proven right. I just didn’t want anyone else to go through what Laurette, and Alison put me through, but it’s clear from the extremes that ECC went to so they could avoid investigating that what they did to me is standard practice and they deliberately didn’t investigate when the case was with SWE so as to derail the fitness to practise case.

I was told that the concerns I raised were the only concerns they had dealt with where the employer refused to investigate the concerns against the social worker, an employer usually does that immediately as if it’s severe enough to get through triage, it means that the social worker could be a danger to the public and it needs a full investigation by the employer.

Something I didn’t plan on when wanting to warn the public is that if any of the social workers do anything like the concerns I raised that ECC wouldn’t investigate, or even if any other employees do them, the service users involved could sue them and get big money because ECC were informed and refused to even investigate. We aren’t talking small things, we are talking huge things, things that almost killed one of my children and still could, as well as kill another one of my children, which is still a possibility. Last night we were talking about the reasons they utilise which mean they don’t kill themselves, because the urge is still there, caused by ECC and investigated because they think my children are worthless.

That information is easily found on my blog.

Here are the blog posts I started with, I need to transfer them over to this blog but it involves reading them, and just writing about them brings back a slew of emotions I don’t want to feel.

I’m good with SWE now and I now know how to raise an effective regulatory concern and what to include, especially when there has been no investigation by the employer. Obviously I didn’t mention that at the time I raised the concerns as I just assumed that Essex County Council would investigate when I complained to them, they should have done, not only for legal reasons, but because they failed my children when they had a duty of care to them and all I was reading about was how they put the child at the centre of everything they do. It never occurred to me they wouldn’t do anything they could to help my children, even how they talk about complaints makes it sound like they want to put things right when they go wrong, in reality what happens is they refuse to investigate so many cases.

Everything absolutely anyone involved in this has ever said in relation to putting the safeguarding and wellbeing of a child over everything is talking complete bullshit.

They were all content with my child attempting suicide, even now, considering there is absolutely nothing stopping them from investigating right now, it was a corporate complaint, they can investigate the same complaint 50 times if they want, they are happy to watch my children suffer and would be content with two of them ending their lives.

I don’t want an investigation now, for a start it would be as corrupt as the bits they did do, and even if they did do it properly it would involve myself and my children having to say exactly the same things that we have all told many professionals, including those at ECC for the past 2 years.

Having my children talk through the trauma that destroyed their lives to those who they know don’t care, would cause additional trauma, the same with me. I don’t want anything like that, I don’t want anything, I don’t want any contact from anyone at ECC with regards to my complaints, my blogging, or anything.

I only want to talk to people about what happened who care about my children and myself, i’m in a good place with my mental health and further contact with anyone at ECC with regards to any of this is a huge risk to my mental health. I cannot deal with anymore of their complete lack of compassion, my child attempted suicide and everyone I came into contact with at ECC regarding the cause of that just made me feel worse, being informed over and over again that the organisation who caused the suicide attempt couldn’t care less, is heartbreaking and damaging.

I desperately wanted Gavin Jones to explain why he liked my post, his actions caused me a lot of damage and I was in a bit of a mess over it and I just wanted an explanation, I was desperate actually.

With hindsight and now moving on, i’m so glad he didn’t, it would have just increased the damage.

No contact is best, which includes myself not contacting them. Sometimes I wish I could send them a post to read, but they wouldn’t care anyway.

They know my blog exists but I would be extremely shocked if anyone from ECC has read any of it, they certainly will not be reading it now.

They know what i’m writing about, they know it’s true, hence why no action has been taken against me to stop blogging, they have probably written me off as some crazy bitter woman and that is what they tell anyone who asks,

Any contact with anyone from ECC regarding any of this is not in our best interests as there can never be any benefit to any of us.

They caused extensive trauma initially, then caused more traum by refusing to investigate, then more trauma when I contacted those who could do the right thing but they either refused, or just ignored me despite what I was saying regarding every single one of their reasons for refusing to investigate, there were at least 5 different ones, was correct. Then you have Louise McKinlay who not only lied through her teeth, but also threatened me. Then Gavin Jones mocked a serious traumatic incident that gave me PTSD. Not having any contact with any of them is self-care.

I forgot about the 5 different excuses, this is how unbelievably incompetent Robbie Watson-Levey and Shamsun Noor are, 5 different excuses as to why they couldn’t investigate, every single time I had evidence to disprove what they were saying they suddenly changed it for something else. The whole department is corrupt and incompetent, they are only following the head of the department and the manager though who I would be shocked if he could give any insight into the differences between his buttocks and elbow, I suspect he believes that both are the same,.

It does give me a sense of freedom knowing that there is absolutely nothing that I want Essex County Council to do, solely because there is nothing they can do that would have any positive effect on my children, it’s too late.

It means i’m no longer fighting, no longer desperate for someone to listen, no more hoping, no more desperation because time is running out for anything to have a positive effect.

The whole matter of what ECC can do to put things right is null and void, there is nothing they can do now, so I don’t need there attention, their help, or anything at all.

I no longer spend almost every moment of every day trying to think of something that would get ECC to help my children, it is such a relief knowing that door is closed.

I did the right thing in trying, I did everything I could to try and get them to investigate and to help my children, I should have given up earlier but I made sure I left no stone unturned, it’s just that while doing so ECC were throwing those stones at me and working diligently against my children.

I’m going to write the blog post about Kiran Box over the weekend, with evidence, and with a list of what professional standards she has broken with regards to the regulator, along with the proof she has broken those professional standards.

I say over the weekend, but I am pretty busy.