I’ve deleted 60 posts

Have more to delete, so if you think any posts have gone, you would be right.

It’s my blog and I wanted them gone.

I will be deleting more and merging some.

Some topics I’ve posted about have been deleted entirely.

More topics may dissappear depending on how I feel.

I got a lot off my chest that was therapeutic but has no place in this blog with how I feel now.

I do feel different, I feel strong, I feel like it’s all over. I don’t even think I feel angry about it anymore.

I’m still passionate that people need to know what happened and that what my children went through is acknowledged and all the right things are said about our story.

I also would like this whole blog to be a learning tool for how not to treat service users when things go wrong. It’s a great case study for that.

I’ll do my moral duty and raise concerns against some of the social workers I’ve written about, what happens once I’ve done that is not my concern.

I also view those mentioned here as rather pathetic and lacking in integrity.

Four years and extensive damage caused and not one sorry which was all that was required.

Gavin Jones I cannot understand, even though he’s a nasty piece of work, surely someone at his level would have reasoned that giving me an explanation would have been much better than showing who he really is.

I would have taken every post about it down if I’d just got an explanation. Instead he did nothing and we all know the rest.

Surely he’s heard of damage control even if he had no integrity. I wasn’t begging for his blood, I was unwell and beggng for an explanation.

Instead a blow by blow account of myself getting sicker and sicker is on the Internet showing what he did to me, begging for an explanation that never came.

Now I’m well his choice makes no sense from a damage control point of view.

Give me an explanation and have the posts deleted, or refuse to put an unwell woman out of her misery and have that documented and read by anyone who finds this blog.

The posts dealing with me getting sicker and sicker because of it were written when it was happening so are more powerful.

It’s only now that I’m strong and well that it occurred to me that instead of giving me an explanation and the matter and all record of it, ending, he chose the opposite

My choice would have been the explanation, obviously as I even put a phone number, but now I’m through it and stronger because of it, I’m just left scratching my head at why he took the route he did.

He could even have put the explanation into song form, my need for that explanation was that desperate.

An explanation doesn’t matter now, but that he let me suffer instead of helping me does matter and is important to show the public who he is.

I didn’t think I’d make it through that at times,

There is a lot I’ve left out regarding why I’m so much better, it was a year laying the groundwork and then some other stuff, and then things changed rapidly.

I am mentally healthy now and looking forward to the future.

Now it’s really bugging me as to why he didn’t chose the delete everything option. My opinion is and has always been that he enjoyed watching me suffer. From a purely business point of view I would have thought deletion would have been his first choice.

That is really going to bug me now I’ve thought of it.