Gavin Jones – People in a position of power

I wish I was one of them, or at least someone important.

I’ve spent all day refreshing my inbox in the hope that Gavin Jones will contact me with an explanation of why he liked my tweet.

Truthfully, i’ve actually been waiting ever since he did it, as it would be clear to anyone that liking that tweet with the content it contains by the CEO in charge of the person that did that to me, would be harmful. Most people would have apologised straight away.

You make excuses though, because you do want to think that people are inherently good, like maybe he is busy.

Then I noticed he’d banned me on Twitter. Which makes it clear he thinks i’m the bad person.

Then I went to my real profile and saw that his account no longer exists and mistakenly thought that meant he had banned my real profile as well until someone told me that meant he had deactivated his account.

I am not stupid, my guess is that he’s telling people that i’m some kind of crazy stalker who is making up things that happened to her children and that i’m bullying him, or something like that.

All i’ve ever done is tried to get justice for my children. I tried to do this the right way, I got 5 different excuses as to why it couldn’t be investigated.

My child attempted suicide, still hasn’t been investigated, never will be, neither my child, nor myself, are in a position of power, and neither of us are anyone important.

I started the blog to get our voices heard, I then also moved to social media to get our voices heard by even more people.

I am not in a position of power, I found that out by the refusal to investigate what happened to my children.

All I wanted was an apology and an acknowledgement just to help my children get the help they needed, I got lies and and a local authority who gave me five different excuses, all false, as to why they cannot investigate.

I contacted every single person in a position of power I could think of, including Gavin Jones, I wanted that investigation so badly for the help it would be to my children.

I got ignored, because i’m not important, so they can.

Gavin Jones has an image in his head of who I am, he couldn’t be more wrong.

My children come first, you harm my children and I will not stop until I get justice.

I am not a bad person, i’m not stalking anyone, I am literally doing every single thing I can to get our voices heard.

I just have no power and i’m not important, so i’ve been instantly dismissed by those in power who had the ability to do something at the time, like Mr Jones.

It is the most horrible feeling.

Something went terribly wrong, my children were harmed, i’ve got more than enough evidence, but those in a position to do anything don’t want to because the truth is inconvenient and we aren’t important.

That is the place where Gavin Jones is coming from, CEO of two councils, he was in effect headhunted for the Slough CEO gig. He turned Essex CC around, saved them millions, reorganised, everyone thinks he’s amazing and treat him like he’s some kind of Local Authority God.

The concerns of people like myself aren’t even on his radar.

He is untouchable and unapproachable, this I know, I approached him almost a year ago and he just ignored me.

That isn’t what power should be about, you shouldn’t only be approachable by those who are going to worship you and say all the right things, that helps your ego, but is actually a weakness.

Real power is engaging those who disagree with you as you learn more from those who challenge you than you do from those who agree with you.

He didn’t contact me, i’m writing this post over two days.

It’s been 15 days since he liked my post, I think it’s time to give up any glimmer of hope he is going to offer up an explanation.

It hurts, but i’ll get over it.

As a resident of Essex he is not a good leader, harms me then doesn’t even offer an explanation, not to mention didn’t even acknowledge the email I sent him last year.

I’m still hurting, i’m still upset, I think that after 15 days I need to give it up, which I will do as it is me it harms by keeping on about it. Gavin Jones is pretty much untouchable.

I wish for those 15 days i’d been someone in a position of power, someone that Gavin Jones considered to be important.

I’m not, i’m just a lowly resident, not worthy to even acknowledge that I exist, let alone actually converse with me in any way. That is how it feels, that is the reality of how i’m feeling right now.

He will have his people telling him he has acted beyond reproach and is absolutely the best person in the whole world, i’ll get nothing.

That is the way of the world, the gap between those in a position of power, those who are rich powerful, and mostly men, and those of us like myself, is as huge as it ever was.

It’s just how society works.

Feeling rather sad about the whole thing, have a horrible feeling the the pit of my stomach that once again, the local authority has proven that both myself, and my children are nothing.

There is absolutely nothing I can do about this either. I cannot suddenly make myself into someone in a position of power, I cannot suddenly make myself someone important.

I’m just me, just a resident of Essex, one of the statistics.

This will hurt for a while, especially as Gavin Jones will be back on Twitter soon and of course he’s banned me from his account.

So that is that I guess.

Gavin Jones doesn’t care when he harms someone if he deems them not important and beneath him. It’s been 15 days now. 15 days in which he could have sent me a short explanation or made a short phone call.

Need to let this go, which will be hard with all the emotions I have regarding it and the way it’s made me feel. Time will help with that.

I’ll just keep doing what i’ve been doing.