Gabriel Lowrie

Gabriel Lowrie is a manager working in assessment and intervention as a social worker in Harlow.

He was a senior practitioner but Kiran Box, his service manager, promoted him to manager.

I was sent a list of every single social worker in children’s and families at Essex County Council, along with their job titles and email addresses. Hence why I know about the promotion.

I need to update this more, especially as its one of my most searched posts. Looking at this post reminds me of a simpler time when I just put what was in my head into the keyboard.

That was before I’ve got some people who would give a kidney to, find out my name and what I look like and someone who could have literally touched me we were so close. I was filming him for 20 minutes. Then the next day he posts a photo with me in it, didn’t find it as funny as I did when I revealed why I was there. I’ll be seeing him again in 3 weeks, same place. Also, when I do get the time eventually I plan to be one of ‘those people’ doing the JSO protests in that London, they are currently doing that slow marching thing. Bit of an important cause, I’m more than a little bit concerned about my children because we are refusing to act on the climate thing which is rather a huge issue unless we have another planet we can go to which I’ve missed.

We have about 7 years worth of planet killing reserves in the UK, plenty of time for us to totally switch to renewables. But hey, let’s not listen to those nutters stopping traffic and go live on the moon or whatever.

My family were unfortunate enough to be assigned Gabriel Lowrie to assess us after I asked for help.

Most of this post will be regarding my opinion of him based on facts. I will go into what he did, and didn’t do, in another post.

Gabriel Lowrie arrived at our home with Billie Faulkner who he introduced as a social worker, she wasn’t, she wasn’t yet registered. Gabriel Lowrie was Billie’s supervisor.

What I know is that Gabriel and Billie were involved with each other during September and October 2018. I have no idea if they are still together, I hope not, solely because Billie is a good person and deserves better. Gabriel has recently become a father to a baby boy, no idea when he would have been born but he will have been born by now. I have no idea if Billie is the mother to the child. Part of me hopes so, part of me, for Billie’s sake, hopes she’s well away from him. The best type of mother that the mother of Gabriel’s son could be is a single mother, hence why my reticence at not completely wanting Billie to not be the mother as I feel she would be a good mum.

They were flirting while trying to hide it. An incident where I heard giggling from outside, I initially thought someone was outside and drunk and there was a ‘shushing’ noise. It was like in movies when people are drunk and giggling and shushing each other to be quiet. In the ICPC on the 24th September 2018, they were playing footsie. To be exact, Gabriel Lowrie was rubbing his foot against Billie Lowrie’s ankle. Which is very professional.

In my opinion Gabriel Lowrie has poor self esteem, he is a people pleaser who wants everyone to like him. He is a coward.

He is very skinny, I can comment on this as i’ve seen a photo online of him naked. Different people have different body types. His Pinterest is or was open and he was all about getting muscles, so many different exercises for gaining muscles and other things to gain bulk.

His pinterest was how I found out he was going to be a father. Given the times, the baby must have been born by now. Something that shocked me was his absolute lack of knowledge regarding babies. There was something regarding feeding schedules for babies, how often they should feed, how many hours apart each feed should be.

The problem with that is that newborn babies cannot read so they cannot follow a schedule. They cry when they are hungry and that is how you know how it’s feeding time. With breastfeeding you can expect to have baby on the breast for most of the time in the early days. You cannot put a newborn on a schedule, it’s harmful.

I was shocked that he lacks even the most basic knowledge regarding babies.

One of my children discovered his facebook page in December 2019, a lot of it was public, and it was disgusting. I made a complaint to ECC, which was upheld, but no apology. Given that a lot of the content was sexual and he had told my children he thought that their Dad had sexually abused them, it was damaging to my children. One of them seriously self harmed as a result of what they saw. I had to further complain to the LGO just to get an apology from ECC.

I reported it to the social work regulator, SWE. The posts were 8 years old, but really really disturbing. One of the posts he used the homophobic slur “Tranny”, describing how he felt shortchanged after seeing a Tranny willy on Channel 4.

This was in November 2011.

Gabriel Lowrie left university in May/June 2011 and moved back into the family home.

Gabriel Lowrie told the regulator that his university housemates would regularly post things on his facebook to embarrass him, obviously Gabriel Lowrie was totally unaware you an delete content on social media, and that if your friends embarrass you in that way and you feel it is not acceptable, then better friends may be a wise choice.

It is clear that some of the posts on his facebook were made by others, it is clear which ones they are and which ones are made by him.

There are some posts that are clearly made by him. One of them involves the police being called being he was verbally abusive to a train conductor. Another involves him being a misogynist after seeing a woman walking home dressed as the joker in the morning and saying “Lad points for whoever stuck it in her”.

Another is the Tranny comment.

In his submission to SWE Gabriel Lowrie stated that he was at university in a house share with 4 other males until the end of November 2011, which conviently covered the time that post was made. His facebook page shows clearly that he actually left university and the house share in may/june 2011 and was living back in the family home hundreds of miles away from university in November 2011.

He lied because he’s a coward. He also stated that when the posts were made he was 18/19 and had just left home for the first time. Another lie, because he’s a coward. He was actually 21, in his third and final year at university, at the age when social workers usually start working. He had also gone abroad on many occasions with friends, at least 3 times. He was not someone who had just left home and was nervous and desperate to fit in, he was a grown man.

I’ve used the slur ‘Tranny’ before to describe someone who is transgender. I don’t think i’ve ever used it on social media just because by the time social media was a thing, the term was known to be offensive. Though it is certainly possible I have. When you know better you do better. I was ignorant and at some point someone has educated me regarding it being a slur and I have not used the word since. I’m not proud of myself for using the word, but as soon as I was educated regarding the word, I have not used it.

I am going to guess the same happened with Gabriel Lowrie, in the same way it’s likely happened to most people. He is a coward though, instead of admitting he used that slur, accepting he was wrong, and saying he was uneducated regarding the word, he made up that he was in the house share just long enough to conviently cover the time that post was made and claiming one of his housemates made the post. While his facebook showed clearly he had left the houseshare when he finished university, and moved back to the family home hundreds of miles away.

He is such a coward that instead of stating the truth, that he was ignorant and has since been educated and is horrified he ever used that word, he couldn’t admit it was him.

I’ll finish this later.