Email to Helen Lincoln

Dear Ms Lincoln,

I have already sent you previous emails regarding this matter, including links to my blog.

The purpose of this email is for myself to end this matter with regards to yourselves.

When I use you that includes yourself and anyone who is employed by Essex County Council and therefore acts at all times as a representative of Essex County Council, their views, and ethos.
I also want a written record moving forward that I have gone to every effort to make you aware of how yourselves are comfortable with how things have been dealt with.

My complaints have not been fully investigated.  Yourselves have spent the last 15 months coming up with excuse after excuse as to why they cannot be investigated, twisting the law, changing the narrative, and finally, outright lying, to avoid doing so.

One of my children attempted suicide last July, my child told various medical professionals, two social workers, and anyone else who would listen, who caused them to attempt suicide.  An accusation by a child who had attempted to take their own life has not been investigated by yourselves.  You cannot state that you did not cause my child to attempt suicide, all you can say is that you have no idea because you declined to investigate.  Given so many excuses as to why, including that all of my complaints have been fully investigated, easy for you to do when you control the narrative and are protecting yourselves.

So an attempted suicide by a child on a child in need plan, who repeatedly stated who and what caused the level of  trauma that caused the suicide attempt, has gone wholly uninvestigated by yourselves.  Not just uninvestigated, but you have repeatedly gone over and above to avoid investigating it.  I made you aware of this months ago.  At that point you could have asked for evidence of the investigation that was done into this matter, and double checked for yourself that my childs voice at the time of the suicide attempt had been recorded, that what my child had said had been robustly investigated as a  serious safeguarding issue, and a report was made.  The LADO should have been made aware and the LADO should have done their own investigation given a child could have died.  Given that the trauma and issues that caused the suicide attempt are still there, my child may try again.

One of your employees caused that, you are complicit in covering it up,  You are complicit in making sure no investigation was carried out.  Something as serious as that should have immediately been referred to the LADO, it was not.  You controlled the narrative and your narrative was that all of my complaints have been fully investigated.  Couldn’t have been further from the truth, but when the alternative is that you caused a child to attempt suicide, then I imagine it was an easy choice for you to make.

None of my complaints have been investigated fully by Essex County Council, there is plenty of evidence to prove that, along with plenty of evidence of maladministration by the complaints department which is still ongoing.  Your monitoring officer, Paul Turner, may be able to give more details regarding that.  The latest is that my complaints weren’t investigated because they were submitted late, which is far from the previous narrative that all of my complaints having been fully investigated, it’s also not true, i’ve posted proof that isn’t true on my blog.

So I now have enough evidence to prove maladministration by the complaints department, evidence to prove that my complaints haven’t been investigated.  Evidence to prove that when you found out my child had attempted suicide and made serious allegations against a social worker as being the cause of that suicide attempt, absolutely nothing was done.  No investigation, not referred to the LADO, i’d also be surprised if this had even been put in my childs social care notes.

Your public narrative is always regarding how wonderful your department is, how you put the child at the heart of everything you do, how having an outstanding OFSTED proves this.  All it proves is that you study for the test.  Tick all the checkboxes to pass the exam, and that is all that is important to you.  A huge sign of a good organisation is when they have robust frameworks for when things go wrong.  Any organisation who acts like nothing ever goes wrong is dangerous.  This is what you’ve done.

You caused my child to attempt suicide, and instead of being horrified and desperately wanting to understand what had gone wrong, what could be done to put things right, what needs to be done to stop this happening again, you covered it up.  Stating over and over again that my complaints couldn’t be investigated, then stating they had all been fully investigated, now stating they were submitted late and weren’t investigated because of this.  You cannot even keep your own story straight.

Not even making a report to the LADO when a child on a child in need plan attempts suicide and makes serious allegations about a social worker.  Then spending the next year changing the narrative time and time again as to why.

It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that a child attempted suicide, a child made serious allegations against one of your employees and it suited you to not do a thing about it.

You cannot say that one of your employees didn’t cause my child to attempt suicide, all you can truthfully say is that you don’t know as no investigation has taken place.

The same with the allegations I made against Laurette Robertson and Alison Barnes when they brainwashed me into believing my husband had abused my children.  You cannot say that didn’t happen.  All you can truthfully say is that you don’t know because you have spent the last 15 months changing your narrative constantly to avoid investigating.

You force women to disclose intimate details of sexual abuse over the phone with children present leaving them with PTSD.  You cannot truthfully say you don’t, all you can truthfully say is that an allegation was made but you spent 15 months and various narratives to avoid having to investigate.  

You have a lot of serious allegations against yourselves which you are not in a position to say they didn’t happen, as you have gone over and above to avoid investigating yourselves and any chance of finding any failings on your part.

Any investigations by Linda Hooper do not count as I pulled out of the process due to your refusal to investigate serious allegations.  The reasons you gave for those refusals have now been found to not be lawful by Paul Turner, your monitoring officer, but now you are saying that they weren’t investigated because I submitted them late, i’ve provided proof in my blog to show this latest narrative isn’t true.

So this email is for two reasons, one to put an end to my involvement with yourselves on these matters, and also to make sure that I have proof that you have been informed of everything, even though I have sent previous correspondence to you regarding this.
My plan moving forward is to finish writing my new blog, which will be shorter and more to the point than the old blog.  Then contacting organisations who will be able to help me publicise what yourselves have done to my children.  I’d like to say I have faith that the organisations i’m planning on contacting may be able to put pressure on yourselves to change some of the things you do, but after 15 months of trying to get you to investigate serious complaints, you are resistant to change.  You have your outstanding OFSTED, it doesn’t matter if you are failing families, if you are causing children to attempt suicide, you have your outstanding OFSTED which you can show off to people.

Relevant links to my blogs are below:

Please be aware that i’m not asking for anything, i’m not asking you to investigate, given how much time and energy you have spent refusing to do that, any investigation would consist of as much maladministration as the excuses you’ve give to refuse to investigate have.  This email is solely for me to get things off my chest and have written proof moving forward that there can be no doubt that you are fully aware of everything that I will be going public with.
This email will be published on my new blog, which is a very slow work in progress.  I have 4 children, 3 of them have a  diagnosis of autism, they are all suffering from significant trauma and mental health problems,  two of them are still expressing suicidal thoughts, and i’m dealing with all of this by myself along with my own trauma, so time to do it is in very short supply.