Complaint to Essex County Council regarding the refusal of help after a carers assessment.

I literally have just been filling out the online complaint form regarding the refusal of any help for me as a carer given that i’m caring for 4 different people with no help and I can’t cope.

I’ll post what the form says and then what i’ve typed under it:

Please give a brief subject for your complaint that will help us to report and handle it

Refused help as a carer (There was a letter limit here so couldn’t write much)

Please write your complaint as clearly as possible, where appropriate giving dates, times and locations. Please do not include any personal details here

I had a carers assessment done and was refused help as a carer despite meeting all of eligibility criteria in the care act 2014.

On Thursday 10th November I had a meeting with an adult social worker from Harlow called <name redacted> who told me I wasn’t going to get any help because there isn’t enough money. She then said that if I wanted any help that I would need to pay for it out of my PIP.

That’s all I can put.

The name i’ve redacted is just a first name, I don’t have her second. I’ve redacted it because it’s not her fault, it’s the local authorities.

That’s it, that is the only information i’ve got, the rest of the form is just filling out my name, my address, and whatever.

This is a complete and utter shambles. All i’ve been told is that i’ve been refused because there is not enough money and I should pay for help myself.

I started on the complaint, well did the complaint, you can’t really start something when it took less than 3 minutes to do, because i’m falling apart and can’t cope any more. Something has got to give and it’s going to end up being me.

I’m utterly utterly exhausted. Not to mention i’ve just failed my youngest child in the most spectacular fashion, i’m going to have to homeschool because we are out of options.

Well not out of options, out of time. Not the schools fault, not at all, they know I don’t blame them. I blame a lot of people, but not them.

So i’m feeling pretty down, plus my child is going to have an incompetent teacher with an attitude problem from January.

I’m caring for 4 people, 3 of whom who have autism. I cannot even get to the point where i’m helping two of those with autism thrive because I don’t have the time or the energy. If there were another few hours in the day, then yes, but there isn’t and I apparently need to sleep.

I have a head full of things I want to do, and not enough time to do anything. I’m not interested in dating, but there is something i’ve heard about where you meet up with other humans might be nice, I think they call it meeting up with friends?

I highlighted what part of the care act applies to me here:

Maybe I should write out exactly why those parts apply to me and send them? But surely it should be the local authorities to say why they refused with regards to the care act instead of just telling me there isn’t any money for it?

Of course none of it will help, even if I do press send on that complaint i’ll just get a load of rubbish back.