Mentally and physically exhausted, I’m busy absolutely done.

I’ve spent so long fighting that I’ve lost faith in every single public service in Essex because those in charge, including elected members, only care about themselves and their egos.

there is no care or concern for families like mine,we have to fight for any morsel of help and its never enough due to the local authority saving money being more important than children’s lives.

I cannot fight any more, the situation I’m in is making me ill, really ill, it’s now affecting me physically which people said would happen and I brushed it off as it can’t happen because I haven’t got time for that.

I am now physically really unwell, I’m disabled and it’s been made worse along with the physical symptoms of exhaustion.

I am really unwell.

I had a legal thing yesterday and gave evidence for 2 and a half hours, I talk an awful lot. I was under oath and take that very seriously.

was easy as it’s just saying things that happened and giving context around that and being asked questions.

I can now talk about it, but won’t, its connected to this blog but the way it was handled from start to finish was with my families best interests at heart.

the outcome is none of my business, so if you have found this blog then that is that, its done, I won’t be writing about it.

I am so exhausted and burnt out, the burn out I was warned about if I didn’t get help.

I just can’t cope anymore, I’ve been broken down and attacked more times than I can count by ecc.

I’ve been lied to, threatened, mocked, everything inbetween those things, solely so they can pretend they didn’t harm my family.

I believe they would have preferred my children had all died so they could spout out the ‘lessons learned’ rubbish and move on to the next ego bolstering award.

they are all truly repulsive, and yet are still stating they put children first.

I’m too ill and to burnt out to do this anymore, I am really unwell and struggling to do the basics.

so congratulations to ecc you broke my whole family, you can drink that champagne you’ve been keeping on ice.

I’m too ill