Ahana Kalluri – Children’s Social Work Service Manager at Essex County Council

She is absolutely morally bankrupt, and thinks service users are stupid.

I was perusing Linkedin and I found the following post from her:

Ahana Kalluri Social Worker Service Manager

Here is the article she’s talking about:


So a service manager at Essex Social Services is wondering whether public money should be spent on suing a TV programme.

It’s apparant service users as being too stupid to be able to differentiate fact from fiction.

Does she think we are all sitting here thinking that Superman is real and thinking he will save us if we ever fall from a tall building?

Does she think that we are all terrified of Godzilla attacking us?

The same as the social worker who wrote the article, getting asked by a service user if she would take her children in the same way Fizz from Coronation Street had her kids taken.

That article is the epitome of why there is such a great divide between service users and social workers. A whole article about how social workers are portrayed on TV, two incidences of social workers being portrayed on TV, in this case both soaps are mentioned as proof.

With the Eastenders one she states

Surprise surprise it was apparently the same stale old storyline this week on EastEnders and I didn’t even need to watch the scene to know how we’d been portrayed.

So she is using a scene on Eastenders that she hasn’t even seen to prove her point about how social workers are portrayed.

Then on to Coronation Street:

A year or so ago there must have been a storyline about social workers on Coronation Street and a parent I was working with at the time said, “are you going to take my kids like they did to Fizz?” (I think it was Fizz anyway, but feel free to change this if you know better!). I had (and still have) no idea who Fizz was or why they were taking her children from her, but I knew it wouldn’t have been good.

So she clearly hasn’t watched it then, and has written a whole article around those two instances of social workers being portrayed on TV, and she hasn’t watched either.

I haven’t watched either, I still know who Fizz is though because she’s been on Coronation Street so long that the actress who plays her has been in the showbiz news multiple times and while I have never read the articles about her, you would have to live under a rock to not know who she is and that she is a character on Coronation Street.

It is clear from the article that the secret social worker. Maisie McDonald sees a huge divide between herself and service users. Soaps are obviously something that those beneath her watch. Service users are so completely stupid that they think acting is real life. I’ve had that ‘you’re stupid’ impression from social workers, that i’m less than they are and that I know nothing and am completely stupid.

I don’t watch soaps and i’m a service user, I just don’t have the time with three autistic children to watch a lot of TV and I definitely don’t have the time to get invested into soaps. Because that is what happens, it’s human nature, you start to emphasise with the characters the same you do with people in real life, you know it’s not real and as soon as it’s finished you stop thinking about it. Soaps draw people in because they rely on us having feelings for other humans.

Ahana Kulluri thinks that soaps and any other TV programme that shows social workers should be sued.

“How does the profession stand up for itself and reach a larger audience? ” States Ahana Kulluri while she’s in effect calling service users stupid.

Ahana is saying that in response to the article by the secret social worker, Maisie McDonald.

I’m not a social worker, i’m not trying to form a relationship with a family, i’m not trying to connect with a frightened mum who is terrified that her children are going to be taken away from her.

It too me 5 seconds to type “why did Fizz get her children removed” into google

In less than a blink I now know that “Fiz has kids ripped away from her by social services over Hope’s abuse lie”.

I didn’t even need to click on a link.

The secret social worker, Maisie McDonald who wrote that article couldn’t even be bothered to google it in an attempt to connect with the mum who said it to her. She’s ranting that service users believe what they see on TV when they are trying to help them but did not even have enough respect for that mum to even bother googling to see what had happened with ‘Fizz’. It’s quite clear she didn’t, because she states she still doesn’t know who Fizz is, and she spelt Fiz wrong.

Ahana wants to know how they can stand up for their profession while showing everything that is wrong with the way social workers view service users.

I’ve seen enough shows and films with Doctors in that show them doing really bad things, murder, child abuse, trying to turn the human race into monsters, and lots else.

I had an injection yesterday, I forgot to ask the Doctor if he was going to turn me into a monster as part of his plot to rule the world.

That mum was likely terrified, couldn’t find the words to describe what she was scared of, so borrowed someone elses experience to say she was scared that would happen to her. Did one of her children accuse her or someone in the family of abuse and mum thought it was a lie and would get her children taken away?

The social worker who wrote that article will never know because she absolutely refused to try to connect with mum using mum’s frame of reference and language for what was happening to her family.

That poor mum instead got a social worker who treated her as if she was stupid and couldn’t tell fact from fiction, the mum would have been well aware of this when the social worker didn’t connect with her over what she’d said and explore what the mum was thinking using the mum’s reference point and language.

Then that social worker wrote a public article telling the world how stupid that mum was, pointing out that mum to all social workers as someone who is beneath all social workers.

Then Ahana, a service manager at Essex County Council, reads it, is totally on the social workers side and agrees wholeheartedly with the secret social worker, Maisie McDonald.

States that how social workers are depicted on TV as “absolute bollocks” and then puts forward an idea that these shows should be sued.

The best bit for me was that both the secret social worker, Maisie McDonald, and Ahana Kulluri think that service users are in the wrong for not already knowing the steps needed to remove a child from a family.

How are we meant to know that if nobody tells us? It’s not something we learn at school, and it’s not something we are told when social services become involved.

I was told by Gabriel Lowrie, a senior practitioner working at ECC that they were thinking of putting one of my children into foster care. Second time I ever met him, no explanation on what steps have to be taken. I was under the impression that they would just take my child.

Not from anything i’ve ever read or seen, solely based on what i’ve just written as that is all the information i’d ever been exposed to regarding social services and removing children.

I knew nothing, I wasn’t told anything, nothing about the child protection process, I had to google everything.

How about making up some kind of child protection fact sheet that tells us what to expect during the child protection process including the steps necessary to remove a child from their home?

How about a factsheet covering both child in need and child protection? Give that to the parents and children if age appropriate, at the first visit?

How dare both Ahana Kulluri and the secret social worker, Maisie McDonald mock that poor mum for not having an indepth knowledge of the processes involved in removing a child when nobody has ever told that mum.

The social workers know all of this information regarding the steps that have to be taken, service users do not, yet we are expected to know without anyone telling us.

Then because we don’t know, social workers, including Ahana Kulluri, an A&I Service Manager in Basildon, in effect calls us stupid and think we only get our information from TV.

With regards to the Mum that everyone is attacking for being stupid, that is likely the only reference she has of social workers and children. You want to educate mum’s like her, then hand them a piece of paper with how things work at the very beginning or spend ten minutes telling her.

It’s not service users faults they don’t know all of this, it’s not the fault of the BBC or ITV that they don’t know all of this, it’s the fault of social services who are the ones responsible for giving this information to service users.

Of course all your peers already know, they have all taken the same degree course you have, service users have not.

I find it very interesting, and extremely worrying, that instead of doing the obvious, Ahana Kulluri started swearing and threatening to sue.

I see the same questions posted in facebook groups about what is going to happen to someones children, because service users aren’t told.

We are the ones that do not matter. That children being the most important is a load of absolute bollocks. If they were then at the very start of the process a leaflet outlining absolutely everything to do with the child protection process would be handed to each and every service user involved, including children who are old enough to understand.

Or they can carry on threatening to sue and worrying about how the public view them. Who cares how the public view them, it’s not about ego, it’s about the children, well it should be, it’s not, it is actually about the ego, and Ahana Kulluri’s ego can be seen from the ISS.

How do I get all of the professionals who i’ve written about in this blog to like me? How do I get them to understand i’m not just a crazy person venting online?

I don’t, because I don’t care, because this blog isn’t for them, it’s a public interest blog, and it’s to expose bad behaviour and also provide other service users with a place where they can read and think ‘it’s not just me’.

Try to connect with us on our level, we are not stupid, we just have never been told. A factsheet would be a great help, and cheaper than using public money to sue, a factsheet, or any knowledge whatsoever of anything to do with the child protection process would be invaluable to service users. It would empower us, information always empower us.

One of my autistic children assumes that I know everything regarding what happens to them so they don’t need to tell me. If they hurt themselves in another room without me present then I should instinctively know and they won’t tell me and will get upset that i’ve done nothing despite them being hurt.

This is the same type of situation, we are getting mocked online by the secret social worker, Maisie McDonald, and Ahana Kulluri by resharing the article and adding to it, because we don’t know something we’ve never been told.

I will utilise Ahana’s own vocabulary to describe what she has written when she reshared that article on Linkedin, it’s a load of “absolute bollocks”.

As for raising the public profile of social workers, why does that matter? I’m focusing on children’s social work here, it really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what Clive who works as an engineer in Manchester thinks of social workers if he has never come into contact with them, he likely never even thinks about them.

Most people do not until they are involved with them, and then it would be easy to educate them if social workers actually gave them all the information regarding the child protection process instead of us being absolutely terrified. It would help parents immensely to do this, and in turn it would help the children.

I kept on getting asked questions by my children that I just couldn’t answer, it’s a horrible experience when things are being done to your family, things are happening around you, and you haven’t got a clue what is going on.

Ahana Kulluri, her Director of local delivery, Gaye Cole, and even Sukriti Sen, Director of local delivery in Chelmsford, are all on board with what Ahana has said. Gaye is her boss, and Sukriti liked Ahana’s post.

I feel like i’m banging my head against a brick wall here, what we need is information not to be made to feel stupid, to the extent that Ahana shares a post that indicates we are stupid.

I did feel sad reading that article that we are looked upon in that way. Especially parents who are incredibly vulnerable. I want to give that mum in that article a big hug. She tried to connect using the only point of reference she had and was met with a social worker who thinks she is so stupid she ended up writing an article about how stupid she thinks she is.

You don’t need to raise your public profile with anyone, it doesn’t matter, nobody cares, you’d only be doing that for glory, that shouldn’t be what being a social worker is all about.

Nobody even thinks about social workers until they are involved, which is really how it should be.

I think paramedics are awesome, I literally never think about them until a couple of weeks ago when a loved one was being taken off in an ambulance. I only give a passing thought to the state of the NHS until I was in the hospital and the one nurse in the cubicles was stating how she was the only nurse there as they are so short staffed.

I use my vote to vote for the party I feel will do the best by the NHS, that is really all I can do.

So stop trying to get glory, stop trying to boost your egos, social work should be solely service user based. Any glory or ego boost should come directly from helping children, not getting good press or being portrayed the way you think you should be on a fictional TV programme.

Abuse against social workers is never because of how they are portrayed on TV, nothing will ever stop that because of the kind of job it is, and because of some of the people social workers come into contact with.

I absolutely guarantee that nobody has ever abused, threatened, or even shouted at a social worker because Fiz, a fictional character, had her children removed on a TV show.

What is the problem is that social worker managers in Essex, like Ahana Kalluri, are narcissistic and have a desperate need for attention and admiration.

Ahana is angry and sweary because ‘state sanctioned broadcasting network’ did not portray her profession, and therefore herself, as being someone worthy of sainthood., going as far as to want to sue the aforementioned ‘state sanctioned broadcasting network’.

If that way of thinking wasn’t harming service users i’d think it was the funniest thing i’d ever read.

Someone so full of their own self importance that they are wounded by a soap opera.

Absolutely zero resilience, if people aren’t patting her on the back and telling her she’s brilliant, she cannot cope.

She should try being a service user, why isn’t she threatening to sue to raise our profile? We are treated like rubbish absolutely every, including by people like Ahana herself. Ahana has just implied we are so stupid we cannot tell fact from fiction, yet there she is stupidly wanting to sue the BBC and swearing profusely over social media.

You are a social worker, you aren’t always going to be liked, even when you are actually doing the right thing, get over it and concentrate on the job instead of your image.

Sukriti Sen liked her post which means she agrees with the sentiment.

They really are all narcissists, they want everyone to give them lots of praise, it’s really disturbing.

I’ll be exploring ECC’s need for praise in another post.

Until then i’ll be drooling in the corner attempting to count as high as my single figure IQ, i’ll probably fail as i’m so stupid.

The most stupid thing I’ve ever done is ask social services for help.